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Hasu 2010-03-22 15:48:17


I came recently to kphb colony.  My son is 4 and half years old.  Can anyone tell me details of playschool near kphb colony, which is good and any music and dance classes near kphb colony for the same 4 and half years old boy. 





mickey 2010-03-22 16:17:47


Hi Hasu,

Four and half years is too old for a play school (i.e pre nursery). Are u looking for LKG or PP1 in a  pre-primary school ?

I think Pavani has suggested you to join ur son in Bachpan playschool in Kukatpally in the following discussion thread

Did u visit that school ? Howz it ? She gave a good feedback about this school as her child is also in the same school.

There is also Bubbles Playschool, Smartkidz , Sparsha babycare and Playschool ,Tiny tots, Kidzee , Sat Nav Preschools ,Kids R kids in KPHB and Kukatpally.

Little Einsteins, Rainbow Kids , Tendril preschool ,Blue block Preschool in KPHB

You can get other details from google.

But before joining any playschool , parent's reviews need to be considered as the kids are too small and need a good and healthy environment to start their schooling.

U can drop in to a nearby playschool and talk to some parents. I am sure ,you will find details about some music and dance classes. U will get home tutors if u look for DC classifieds , sunday edition.






Hasu 2010-03-22 16:35:41



Thanks for the information Mickey.  Bachpan kukatpally they dont provide transportation upto kphb colony they told.  So I dont know whether mainroad Bachpan is ok or not, and in a confusion which playschool I have to join him, because we came recently to Hyderabad, kphb colony, I am teaching my son in home only so wants to join him for one year in playschool in ukg and then plan for school in 2011.  He is well in oral, but little bad in writing so playschool they dont strain too much the kids, for that reason I want to send him for one year to playschool.

Some playschools I got bad feedback that they allow the kids to watch more TV and they are not good for kids.  So I dont know which one to select, can you suggest one or two playschool names which you mentioned, it will be really helpful for me.









mickey 2010-03-22 19:26:04


Hi Hasu,

You can try in Kidzee. The other branches of this school in the city are quite good.

Shop #HIG 76, Balaji Nagar, Kukatpally
Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072

You can contact the Principal ,Ms Soujanya directly on 9849468797 . There are 3 kidzee schools in Kukatpally area and she will suggest you one close to  ur place. The school also has a transport facility. I think the fees would be around 20K. She didnt disclose the fees.

It is 21K in Mehdipatnam where one of my friend's daughter studies. The fees varies from area to area.

Anyways ,it shouldn't be more than 20K.

You can also try Smartkidz in Kukatpally. You can call on 9849927994  to get more details. If its feasilble ,u can visit this school.


Sri Venkata Sai Enclave, Plot No. 34,

Nizampet Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072

U can also try Bubbles.




Hasu 2010-03-22 19:45:33


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for the information.  I will call them tomorrow and find out the details.  Once again thanks.






pavanisrinivas 2010-03-23 17:03:58


 Hi Hasu 

I have seen this discussion just now. Firstly u visit the schools which ever u consider and compare the facilities provided in different schools. My suggestion is don't opt for kidzee ( that was the school where i had bad experience - kidzee located at bhagyanagar colony i.e., opp. kphb ). 

Did u visit bachpan at kphb or at kukatpally ? Kukatpally branch provides transportation to areas surrounding kukatpally - balaji nagar, sangeet nagar near metro, ramaiah nagar, prasanth nagar etc. whereas bachpan kphb covers bhagyanagar colony, housing board areas.  There is one more branch at nizampet road.

There is DRS Kids in vasanth nagar colony ( opp. to nizampet road near hyder nagar). It is bit expensive than other schools but its worth it. I visited that school also. 

Do visit the schools with ur kid and observe his like or dislike which helps ur decision too.


mickey 2010-03-23 18:26:15


Hey Pawani ,

Thats nice of  you to  have given such a timely reply to Hasu. I have been told by Ms Soujanya that there are three kidzee schools in Kukatpally area. May be the Bhagyanagar one gave u a bad experience.

May i know why u didn't like this school. Kidzee schools at other places in Hyd are generally having a good reputation.




Hasu 2010-03-23 18:50:50


Hi Pavani

Once again thanks for your reply.  Today I went to 1) Kidzee bhagyanagar colony which shifted from balajinagar, 2) Smartkidz near Maharastra Bank,  3) Bubbles in vasanthnagar, and 4) Bachpan near kphb main road not in kukatpally.   Now I have to decide which one to select.  My husband is telling we have to look 

1. Teachers Quality 2. Location and Distance 3. Fee 4. Facilities ( spacious, Have toys)   anything else or these are enough Pavani.  May I know your son age.  My son is 4 and half and little hyperactive.  Can you guide me if anything more I have to take care in selecting schools.  I will be waiting for your reply.  Almost all the schools are asking me to pay the admission fee now to reserve the seat.   Regards Hasu

pavanisrinivas 2010-03-23 23:23:51


 Hi Hasu

My son became 4 yrs old last week. He is completing nursery now. Will be in LKG from june this year. Even my son is too active. What ur husband is considering r ok. 

Whatever schools u r considering r fine. U can choose any one among them based on which school u feel would be more interesting for ur son. How did u feel after visiting kidzee? Are u satisfied with building, classrooms, staff etc. ? Is it the double bedroom independent house in the lane straight after crossing sai baba temple? That is the last house with a compound hall on left beside an apartment.

U said u visited Bubbles in vasanth nagar, u can check DRS Kids also in vasanth nagar. It is better than bachpan and little expensive too.

Hasu and Mickey

Problem with kidzee was that they did not follow what all they explained to us. Mrs.Sowjanya was the only capable person there. No others are that good when i joined KOMAL in playgroup. During the admission the teacher who was introduced to be the class teacher was not exactly the person who was taking care of the class. Even the caretakers (aayamma) did not take good care of kids. There were two teenagers who were assistants to teachers as well as aayas. They had no experience, no patience and were simply saying lies for every little thing.

Kidzee was really a bad experience. What i expected was not at all met.

I could not get transparent and proper information regarding my son's eating habits or behaviour. ( upto 2 months)    After 2 months what my son was daily saying about his class experiences never matched with what they were saying. That was what i faced - three more kids' mothers shared the same feelings with me. We daily met at the school since we were dropping and taking our kids from the school.

Only Mrs.Soujanya would respond properly if we had some queries.

May be Mickey......... the persons who undertook kidzee franchises at different areas r maintaining it differently.  I guess Zee group is just permitting the franchises to expand its branches and providing some basic and preliminany material that will be common; but they are not imposing any minimum pre-requisites  to run a kidzee school.        


mickey 2010-03-24 13:36:50


Thanks Pavani ....So now your child is in Bachpan and u and  ur child both r happy.. ..right ?? thats what is needed..

A bad experience to start with ......but allz well that endz well....





Hasu 2010-03-24 17:26:39


Hi Pavani,

What you told about Kidzee in your experience, same my friend also had in one school.  That is Sunrise play school near fifth phase.  There they used to keep continously TV cartoon network, tom and jerry that's all.  She told me to take care of the school before joining because daycare is also very horrible there she told and one more thing is that she told about the teachers that she wants to speak with them once then the management person told they are busy with students and should not disturb the class, but they are having more aayas than teachers and you dont know who is teacher there, so she told take care before joining whether the teacher is there or only aaya is handling the class with the help of TV and rhymes cds and CN channel.   After joining there her baby spoiled a lot, she used to watch continously cartoon channel and she forgot alphabets which she taught her kid before joining in school and when she spoke with the management person about the sylabus and books he is very rude with her and he told everything will come from US, they are having a branch in US, all fake stories and lies finally she shifted her daughter from there to Eurokids, because that person is the van driver there, he is the incharge there, he is the accountant there, he is the principal, he is teacher there, she was surprised what is that it is school or any drama she used to tell me some months back very shockingly, by seeing the name of the school and spacious building I am attracted and became fool, but now she is happy.

With her bad experience about sunrise playschool, I became alert about my son.  So I thought I have to take more care before joining about the staff and study material etc.  In Kidzee when I asked soujanya about the sylabus and asked her to show me the books, she did not show me the material, she showed one excel sheet in system that they will follow this.  I told ok, but in Bachpan and Smartkidz they showed me the material.  I have to plan now Pavani which will be best.






mickey 2010-03-24 23:06:42


Hi Hasu,

Its really shocking and surprising to know that such schools exist and have been thriving so well.

Showing TV shows to kids in a playschool and making them addicted to it  is  really ridiculous. Parents in that locality should boycott  the school and bring the school management to its senses. Just one complaint to the higher authorities in  the State Education Dept. in Secretariat  will bring them on the right track.

Most of the parents don't really get involved to avoid any kind of stress and bcoz of this laxity , these schools keep duping parents and  continue their saga.

Please do get convinced with the school , its environment  and management  before joining your child.

All the  Best !!





Hasu 2010-03-25 04:32:30


Hi Mickey

After hearing such cases only I was worried because my son is very active, he likes watching TV a lot, but I allow him everyday only one hour not more than that, but we dont know what it happens in school know.

We teach our kids 40% of the behaviour with others, eduction, etc, but another 40% they learn from school only and 20% by watching our surroundings.  How much good you teach they learn slowly but if anything bad or misbehaviour or something odd they see, they get attracted more on that than good things.  So I want the school and teachers also to be atleast 60% best from their side, no one cant give 100%.  For that reason I am showing little more care on his school.






saketchiaai 2010-03-25 09:40:40


Hi All !

I read the discussion. It is horrible. I just cann't think of such kind of school. Thanks! I definitely enquire while admission for my son (2.6).

By the way, Pavani, what about the donation? did they return it or just gave up? If not you can call "Consumer court".



mickey 2010-03-25 09:56:44


Good thought Hasu.... Mickey.


pavanisrinivas 2010-03-25 13:19:17


  Hi Hasu

Whatever u have expressed is right. Think twice and take a decision. 

 Hi mickey

The reason we dont get involved in doing something big against such schools is 

 Firstly, we get concerned of what to do next for our child as we face such bad experiences. I am a practical example. Because, to change the school, i took most of my time to search and check all other play schools.

Next is, we do not have the dare to mess up our personal time and works by bringing the point into the notice of a slowly / lately reacting government.

 Hi saket

Actually I just said that i was not satisfied with the school and am changing my kid. Anyways Donation was non-refundable. We did not demand the payback either. Paid around 4000 as donation. 

But Bachpan did not take any donation. We just paid part of I term fee to confirm admission. 


dotingmom 2010-04-12 22:33:05


Hi Hasu, Pavani and Mickey,

I just went through your hot hot discussion on play schools and your concerns of admitting your child in a good playschool.

It is not a surprise that almost all mothers go through all these experiences while taking a very important decision like admitting their child for the first time in a school. It is indeed a very difficult decision to make and most often we tend to make mistakes unknowingly, like Pavani did. I too faced this problem of admitting my child in Samskar Kids. Don't even ask me how horrible the experience was. It was in fact horrendous. I took that decision after reveiwing many play schools in the surroundings like Kidzee, DRS, Euro Kids, Smart Kidz, Bubbles etc... It is a tiny place - a 2 bed room house with no proper infrastructure.

At that time we didnt know what to check for, what to ask for and how to judge a good play school.

But once we realised that the child was not given proper care, not fed the breakfast and lunch and diapers were not changed in time etc we decided it is time to change the school. Once again we went thru the same old routine and ultimately settled for Bubbles Play School. I haven't seen their school advertisements much outside like banners billboards etc so haven't heard much about it until then, unlike others who spend lakhs on the advertisements.

The management of the Bubbles school very patiently explained all the details pertaining to their curriculum, their approach towards the kids, their infrastructure, facilities etc. In fact, they provide a complimentary breakfast, pick and drop facility is provided at a nominal cost and when they showed the class works of the school children I was astonished. I didn't see such curriculum anywhere else. And, they are running in a 2500 sft premises with a covered play area with lot of ventilation, lot of play items and very caring aayas. They dedicated each separate room for each of the nursery, day care, LKG and UKG which itself shows their approach.

Today, I am a veryhappy mother who is relaxed and relieved of this particular tension. Now I go to work with lot of peace of mind. When I return in the evening to take my daughter I see a bubbly fresh kid who is smiling and unwilling to leave the place. I am very happy to have decided on Bubbles. I wouldn't say this is the best as I cannot judge without experiencing others but yes, I am very very happy with Bubbles.

I would recommend you to have a think about it.

Hope this helps.


Hasu 2010-04-13 05:05:26



I took admission for my son in Bachpan play school last week only.  But thanks a lot for the advice.   Bachpan I did not hear any negative feedback so I proceeded to that.  Regarding summer camp yesterday only I decided on colours.







saketchiaai 2010-04-13 07:35:03



May I know where is the "Bubbles Play School" & what is admission procedure & feesetc.




Hasu 2010-04-13 07:45:20


Hi Madhavi It is in vasanthnagar.  I am giving u phone number contact them.  40262702, 9908288873, 9441161619



mickey 2010-04-13 07:59:32


Hi Dotingmom,

Thank you for letting us know about Bubbles.




 Former member 2010-04-13 17:11:13


Hi Hasu,

You can go for eurokids - atleast there are no such problems in Madhapur, tolichowki n Upparpally branches.

At such a small age, kids need family, mom-dad, grandparents etc and friends nearby home to play - that's enough for them. Unless very indispensable, plz don't opt for daycares - they can never take good care of ur child, more than you. A 3 hr preschool is sufficient for a 3-4 yr kid. Whole life they have to study n struggle - why not give them some time at home?

I've taken break from job and right now fully @ home with my kid. I'm much satisfied.


 Former member 2010-04-13 17:18:20


hi !! thanks for the bubbles school feedback. Can you please tell its location?



dotingmom 2010-04-13 23:21:22


Hi Tuhi,

Here is the full address of Bubbles playschool:

Bubbles Play School
Plot # 368, Bhagat Singh Nagar,
Near Vasanth Nagar Colony (Besides JNTU),
Kukatpally, Hyderabad (AP) - 500 072

Phone: 040-40262702, 9908288873, 9441161619



I am directly copy pasting this content from their posting in You will find many of their ads in the local networking sites. I believe their website is still under construction.

I am not sure about their present fee structure. But I suppose it is far economical than many other play schools like DRS, Kidzee, Bachpan, EuroKids etc that too with complimentary breakfast. For me it looked like worth our money with their good quality infrastructure and curriculum.

Good luck!!!


 Former member 2010-04-16 00:23:28


Thanks a lot !!


Bujjigaadu 2011-05-05 12:38:29


My daughter  is going to bubbles.the teachers are good and the fee structure is economical.The education is up to the mark.




Ravinarala 2012-06-20 22:42:57




How is BAchpan in KPB colony road no:1, Please suggets, I am going to join my kid there for Nursary.

Please help me.



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