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nanditaiyer 2010-03-21 17:31:33


Hello Parents!

Our son Atri will be 16 months old on April 4 - We are in Hyderabad for now and due to his extremely clingy nature plus lack of kids to play with in our vicinity, I'm planning to enroll him into a playgroup starting May.

I've shortlisted one 3 week summer camp in Kausalya Global Banjara Hills - and visited Kausalya & Esperanza for the playschool / playgroup for one semester as I'll be moving to Bglr in September.

Also I plan to visit Euro kids, DPS playschool and any others that you recommend.

Any parents who have done research on playschools in Banjara Hills and have kids of similar age group - please advise - as I am totally new to this and clueless.

Between Esperanza and Kausalya, I preferred the latter. Also admission fees are as high as Rs.10K, is this normal? Being in this city only for a short while, I find this to be impractical to pay up such amount plus 'annual fees' in addition to term fees just for a playgroup.

If I had some moms and toddlers around in the locality, i'd gladly take turns playing with the kids :) Atri seems to be so interested in kids his age and older, it's a pity we know no one here with similar aged kids. Would love to connect with any such parents on this board!

Thanks and regards

Looking forward to your replies.


mickey 2010-03-22 12:52:45


Hi Nandita !

I feel its too much to pay for just 4 months. I have put my daughter in Nasr Play school at Somajiguda last year. Its  pretty good  with 2 classrooms , a play area and a neat washroom with good ayaas ,care takers and teachers too. Its actually in the same campus of pre-primary Nasr school at Somajiguda. I called  up now  to find out if they  admit kids from 11/2 yrs of age and they are ready to do so. I have seen kids from of 2 yrs in this playschool and thats when i joined my daughter. One more reason for me joining in this school was to get admission into main school easily.

As u don't have to think much about further admissions in Hyd ,any decent school where ur child can play and spend some time happily can be preferred.

DPS playschool at Somajigda charges(33K) exorbitant fees even for a play school where a child is there for just 2 hrs !!  I will definitely not advise u to do so  for just 4 months.

In Nasr ,admission fees is Rs 5000 and per month you will have to pay 1000.

But I am afraid , the school will be closed in April . Got to enquire. They also having daycare ,so some children will be there in the playschool as well.You can enquire by calling on these numbers.

040-32991526 (play school) 040-23311526 (pre-school). You can speak to Mrs. Sara who is the director of playschool and know more details. It will be easy on your pocket too.

In fact its better not to send kids  to any school till they complete 21/2 yrs. As their immunity levels are low ,they end up catching cold/cough and become sick very often. My  doc was very wild when i joined my daughter in playschool when she was of two years.

I had the same problem which u were facing ,hence thought of joining her early.

Ofcourse ,its our personal choice and depends on us and our kids too. We can't generalize.

If  u r not  interested in Nasr, Kangaroo kids ,Roots to wings (road  no 14 BJ Hills)  ,Euro kids ,Kidzee,DPS ,Bachpan  (rd no 2 BJHills  ,9347 275 306, 040-32 444 683. Fees  is 28K per annum.) are good pre-primary schools.

As u r planning to stay only till Sep , u can talk to these schools and pay only for one term ,if they agree. Most of the playschools ,i think will reopen in June again.

If you want your son to enroll from May, u need to look for summer camps or daycare schools.

Hope this helps you...








nanditaiyer 2010-03-23 22:13:05


Hey Mickey,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Today we surveyed four schools with playgroup facility - all on Road 10 Banjara Hills

Prime Years


DPS Playschool


While KidZee and DPS are charging 10K admission fees (almost) DPS agreed to give us 5000 discount as we were in only for 3 months...however I found the attitude of the teacher too strict to the small kids around, and only one unconcerned ayah around.

KidZee lady was too preachy - and said we'll have to pay full 33K or so, for a year which will be transferred in case we move to another branch in Bglr or refunded if we do not go further with their franchisees. I found it crowded and noisy.

Kaushalya and Esperanza both high end - while Kaushalya people at least made an effort to show me around, the latter did not even bother that.

Surprisingly I found the not-so-hifi Prime Years very homely, our kid immediately got comfortable there, did not bother to find us as we went around the premises. Found the ayahs caring and they had just the right number of kids around. They are open in May too :) Their fees for the playgroup is 2000 a month - and they were to enquire about reducing the admission fee which is not much either.

For me it is very important that the first steps of my little one outside the house are to a home-like warm place and not to a military regimen type uniformed facility.

I think I have made up my mind on Prime Years.



nanditaiyer 2010-03-23 22:19:52


Hi Mickey,

How old is your daughter now? Would love to connect with you.




mickey 2010-03-24 11:35:27


Hi Nandita,

Thats good to know.  I too feel  that the first school of our kids should be homely and welcoming where the kids can connect with others easily including the teachers and care takers.

If u feel Prime steps is the right choice , don't delay. He will have some nice time before you  relocate to B'lore.

My daughter is in Nasr playschool. She has got admission into Pre-primary too this year. There is a separate interview and other formailities to get admission into the main school.

Though DPS Playschool at Somajiguda is very near to our house , I didnt find it worth to invest 35K for one year and came across Nasr , when I dropped in to meet someone. Nasr never had playschool /daycare before. They have started recently.

I found it very good as the director herself was very welcoming. My daughter used to cry a lot initially. She cried for more than a month .I felt too guilty and  thought of sending her after 6 months or so when she would turn 2 1/2. But she insisted not to discontinue and attended herself and seen to it that she stops her crying saga!

She has learnt many rhymes ,does very good colouring , understands English fully and started speaking too. Its not only about English or rhymes  but  the warmth which the children are showered with has made me choose this school.

Its not only with my daughter ,there are many such children in that school who have adjusted very soon. Its pretty decent and not so hi fi.Hence I recommended this to you. I am sending you an invitation. Just check out  your inbox in parentree.







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