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pvrkrishna 2010-03-20 21:56:33


Can any one help me in providing the review/first impression on the Radcliffe school at Balanagar, Hyd.

I came to know that this is the first year that they started and it has couple of other branches in major cities of india.

I am looking for a good school near by SanathNagar for my two kids into CBSC and came to know about this school.


Thanks in advance.


mickey 2010-03-21 12:52:54


Hi Ramki !

Don't know about this school. You will have to go personally and do the survey to get some feedback about the school. It seems to be quite promising after seeing the website of radcliffe schools   (http://www.radcliffe.in) Radcliffe School is a pan-India network of schools from Nursery to Class XII and provides a Holistic education.

There are a couple of good schools near Sanathnagar. You will have to go till Kukatpally. DAV Kukatpally , Sri Chaitanya Techno School , Sanghmitra and Vikas.

Sri Chaitanya will have intergrated curriculum of SSC,CBSE and ICSE. Its good from if u r looking for strong foundations in Maths and science.




If Radcliffe is near to ur house and u r convinced with its campus, staff , amenities & acitivities , i think u can go ahead. Generally new schools will strive more to prove themselves. If  u r looking at  primary level , u can go ahead without any second thoughts if the fee structure suits you. If its for higher classes , need to do  ur homework !!

Happy and fruitful  surveying ....






rajendray 2011-01-19 13:59:42


Hi Mickey,

Do you have any additional information now? considering that its been more than 8 months since you gave this feedback. Do you have any updates abt this school? Can you please let me know.





mickey 2011-01-19 14:22:03


 Hi rajendray,

I know two parents whose kids are in this school (class 1 and LKG). Both are quite happy. My neighbour's son is in class 1 and  she is quite happy with the academics and extra-curricular activities.  Each classroom has a computer and projector to keep children's interest alive.  The school is easy on pocket too. I think, the fee is around 30-35K .




rajendray 2011-01-19 16:00:05


thanks Mickey. Appreciate your help very much.


pin 2011-02-26 19:56:56


Radcliffe school is a very good school. my son is studying in LKG,he is progressing well. As it is a new school it proves itself.


beldona 2011-12-28 13:16:16


As per my concern the School is very good. My son is studying in 2nd class. I joined him 1st class. Their method of teaching is very good and academic books also fine.

They will teach the children conceptual wise. so every one can understand. They also take care of slow learners.


 Former member 2012-01-25 16:20:28


Hi all ,

i understand this about radcliffe school i visited the school,i liked it but only problem is till 3rd its fine but after that higher studies kids cant go with another schools criteria ,ant get the pace i think, can anyone suggest regarding this.



beers 2013-01-11 15:14:51


This for updation, I went to this school on last Monday, was holiday to school, but  administrative people were working.

Positive side

Administrative officer is very good, just for enquiry he showed complete school. Ambiance is very good. 

They have nicely designed (own design) books till 5th class and later they are using NCERT books for CBSE. Each demo class has LCD projector. They showed me some LKG class room which was very neat and quite good. They have decent play ground and small kids play area and good parking place,

They told that they had increased class till 6th. One more good thing from this school is you can take tranfer to your kid in between the year to other cities with out paying any money (provided if they have branch in that city). Fees also economical.

Nagative side

It is in between industrial area and we need to mind the pollution which it cause. i got a little doubt on communication skills of the students who are studying. Administrative person told me that to come and watch during school timings to take decision.

I need to visit again to get more clarification.

It will be very helpful to me take decision, If any body share more details in this.




grm 2013-04-13 23:20:12


Dear Parents,

I am one the parent where my kid joined for UKG in this school and completed 2nd std. Year on Year my confidence gone down and finally I took out my kid from this school and planning to join in a better school.

Radcliff school started with high expectations 3 years back and for the first year it was really proven. Mrs.RamaDevi who is the principle for the first year started it with high standards and high values.

From the 2nd year where she moved out, nothing going good in this school. I believe it is in the worst phase for the current academic year.

The real problems of this school

1. 3 years - 3 principles changed - Very strange case for any start up school – Not sure what is the issue here.

2. The current principle is very arrogant and lot parents had bad experiences with her (Even me too L)

3. Infrastructure & play ground is a Plus but real core (Education & Standards) totally missing.

4. Teachers - High percentage of resignations (even in the middle of the academic year)

5. Teacher's communication skills are very poor.

6. Lack of coordination between teaching staff and the principle

7. Teaching staff is low in motivation as their pay has not been revised in last 3 years.

8. No backup staff, resulting children outside class rooms without a teacher many times.

9. No respect towards parents and their feedback.

10. Finally, it is a franchisee where the management never available.

My request my dear parents, that Radcliff hyderabad is not a good option for your kids education. Pl.. dont take a wrong decition by just for infrastructure.


apkr 2014-09-19 18:18:26


thanks for your useful feedback since I thought to get an admission to my daughter for next academic 


vraju 2014-10-11 22:07:16


Radcliffe school is doing pretty good this year, I have my two kids studying here, School has a balance curriculum with a blend of 21st century learners.
Academics and other activities are very nicely done.  My children are learning and enjoying the school activities. This year I could see many changes and lot of improvement in the learning environment also.

Will Suggest to go for it.


Larisaditi 2016-02-10 20:33:08


Overall I have a very good experience with the school. But due to some reason I had withdraw my both kids name from the school as we were moving to different place. And then my problem started with the school. My kids left the school in Jan 2015 and now it's February 2016. I am still waiting for my caution money which they call it as "refundable ". I called multiple times as well as I email multiple times but no response. After one year effort I got caution money for only one child as per the school clerk Bangalore Radcliffe is not sending money for my 2nd kid. Come on, I mean you are calling yourself an international school and you don't have 5k to return which you had promised to return. Even the principal is not showing courtesy to respond to my emails

raazs 2017-03-18 20:11:06


Hi vraju, this year I am planning to join my kids into lkg n 1st class.i need ur feedback ant the school..Can I go for it??. Early reply will help me lot...plzzzz

Naren12 2019-02-19 07:24:08


Hi All, I'm planning to join my kid into Grade 1 in Radcliffe Hyderabad school. Could you please let me know whether can I join my kid? Quick reply help me to decide. Thanks in advance. Naren


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