Which is the best - TIME KIDS or HELLO KIDS or ESPARANZA in Kondapur, Hyderabad?

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irreddy 2014-11-05 18:47:53



Which one is the best - Any suggestions on these preschools - TIME KIDS, HELLO KIDS and ESPARANZA in Kondapur, Hyderabad?

Madhu87 2015-01-18 22:54:14


Hi Don't join in hello kids kondapur.... My daughter is in lkg in that school and I observe that they don't encourage the kids....she always says that they don't appreciate her for anything she does.... We were in secunderabad for last two years and our kid did really well in pratyusha pre school near secunderabad.... After joining this school she's disturbed and underestimates her caliber.... We have observed the same favourites in their annual day function also they don't have a defined set of awards for all classes and give awards at random to the students they wish to.....it is taking a extra effort from our side to protect our child just waiting to change the school.... Teachers always speak hindi which is actually spoiling our kids fluency in english... Hope this review was helpful

uday2 2015-01-20 14:58:00


 I have visited Hello Kids and Esparanza as well before finalizing Time Kids. I didn't like Esparanza because of their facility with very minimal ventilation. My daughter has been going to Time Kids for more than an year. I am pretty satisfied with her overall development.


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