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Aahiri19 2014-10-31 17:02:51


I live near ECIL Kapra area and I really liked one of the discussion thread which questioned the efficacy of the elite branded schools. It inspired me to share my story of how I found the perfect school for my daughter and son. This is my story of school hunting.
I started searching for a "good" school for my children from 2007-2008 when they were not even born. My daughter was born in 2011 and son in 2013. The reason why I was so paranoid about finding the "perfect" school for my child was my own experience as a student in an elite school. I studied in a "branded school" (It was a Birla school in one of the Metropolitan cities in India) which had excellent infrastructure (very similar to the international schools in Hyderabad now) two huge play grounds, basketball court, a huge football ground and many other extracurricular activities (no swimming though). The teachers were good, the results of the school was excellent both in ICSE and ISE (12th). Most of the students of our school got through IITs and other prestigious engineering and medical institutions. Those who didn't prefer these also got very well placed in life. The school did not burden students with too much homework or projects etc. till class 7. It was a new school then and I was only the 4 ICSE batch.

Even though the school I studied in has a very good reputation and is indeed a very good school by normal standards I had harrowing experiences and memories of adolescence. Just like some of you have mentioned though we had all facilities (AC labs, AC library, AC computer lab, big play ground etc) how much time could we actually spend freely in experiencing the beauty of sports or even reading good books?Most of our time was spent in the classroom sitting on the benches listening to teachers and taking notes. Sports period was twice a week for 30 mins each. Is 30 mins enough to play for a child who is a kinesthetic  learner?We used to be punished if we were found "loitering around" in the school. The feeling was always of "fear" of punishment because of breaking "rules". It was a suffocating environment for me. Though I participated in debates, elocution, drama, school annual function, sports yet I was never very happy with my school. The teachers were also extremely partial and biased.
 I used to wonder can't we have schools were children are given freedom and trusted by adults? Can't we have schools were teachers don't always TELL, Instruct or force students to do what THEY feel is right for them? Can't children just be allowed to explore, learn and grow in an environment of love and natural enthusiasm and motivation which comes from within rather than artificial force from outside?
As a research scholar working in Education I was determined to find a school where my child's mind would not be restricted but allowed to bloom naturally, where students could play in the play ground or paint or do music classes if they really wanted to or do Math or Science or languages according to THEIR interest, where teachers would respect their students and not be objects of fear, where joy of learning would be the primary goal!
So I started my research from 2007 even before my children were born. I thought of Vidyaranya school, Chinmaya, Mission, NASR school, DPS Nacharam, St. Anns Convent Secunderabad, Bhavans, Kendriya Vidyalayas, The Waldorf schools etc. I ruled out the international schools because many of my friends worked as teachers in good international schools and I knew how these schools mint money from the parents and focus on increasing their business. They want to sell education to make profit. What values can I expect from the products of such schools. When we grow up, who cares if we had swimming or horse riding in school or not? What matters is whether we can respect people for what they are and form good relationships at work, personal life, with children, parents and so on. A successful person is always positive, optimistic and happy.

Vidyaranya suited my requirements to a great extent but they do not encourage any kind of competition at all. This was a little unacceptable for me. Then in 2011 my daughter was born. I still was not sure about which school would be good for her. She also turned out to be a receptive and sensitive child like I was in school. She started speaking at 7 months (her very first words being Leela, Thatha, flower etc.) She could tell her name on her first birthday when someone asked her "what is your name?" and started speaking in complete sentences at 1 and half. She could narate her own stories by 2 years! I was all the more convinced that "normal" education would stifle her creativity and natural inquisitiveness to learn. 
So i started visiting schools personally, spoke to parents and teachers of the school and tried to figure out how the school would be. I ruled out St Anns because of the strict discipline, pressure on students and inflexibility. I ruled out Bhavans because I did not want the teachers to speak in Telugu, I ruled out Kendriya Vidyalayas again because they were very structured and did not offer much space for creativity and freedom, NASR was ruled out because it was a girls school and I wanted co-ed. Shloka waldorf was too far from my house and was out of the question.

DPS Nacharam looked exactly like the school I had studied in. From outside it looked perfect: big campus, good infrastructure, presence of extra-curricular activities good results etc. But from experience I knew that these schools are like a book with a nice cover, maybe even the preface and first few chapters are interesting but when you actually read the book till the end you would be totally disappointed and feel its a complete waste of money!

I was left with Vidyaranya, Abhaya Waldorf and Diksha waldorf. Again Abhaya Waldorf was too far from my house (as I said I live near ECIL) So I was thinking of putting my daughter in Vidyaranya or Diksha Waldorf. Then I read a post from Mikey on this site about Pebble Creek Montessori for parents who live near sainikpuri, Neredmet, Tirumalgiri, ECIL area. She said that the children from this school were out performing children from other schools even though the school followed a Montessori method of teaching and was very different from the normal schools. So I attended the Annual seminar called "Parvarish" conducted by the school every year on Dr. Maria Montessori's Birthday to spread awareness among parents, teachers, gradparents and caregivers about the beauty of the Montessori environment for a child. In this seminar I was convinced that this was the school for my children.

 It was started by a lady who was unhappy with the education system prevalent in Hyderabad and believed that a good school must "Follow the child" instead of forcing the child to follow the school (as is the case in most schools). She started the school with a few students in her house. She was convinced that what she believed was practically possible to achieve with the Montessori method. The school has now grown into a full fledged CBSC school till class 10 (though the first batch has not passed out yet) and has some excellent students and parents patronizing it to do better and grow bigger. They have two campuses now one at Dr. A.S. Rao Nagar (Montessori till grade 3) and high school at Thumkunta (8 km from sainikpuri, half hour drive). 
I can vouch for this school as it is the most beautiful experience of learning that any child can ever get. The infrastructure is good but not like international schools. It has a 2 acre campus. 1 Acre for the school building and play ground and 1 Acre for a sports complex (which will come up in another 2 years time). This is the link to their website

So this was my experience of searching for a "GOOD" school for my children. In my opinion those parents who are sensitive to their child's needs and want their children to be happy and yet learn well and do well in CBSC exams and then do well in life alternate schools like Waldorf, Diksha (Thumkunta), Prerna(Gacchibowli), Shloka (Jubilli Hills) and Abhaya(Kompally, Sec'bad), Vidyaranya, Chaitanya Vidyalaya, Chinmaya (for a little more focus on competitive exams) and good Montessori schools are very good options.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find the "perfect school" for your child too! 

8885 2014-11-02 10:53:49


Thanks Aahiri19 for sharing this wonderful piece of information..... I went thru their website n it seems quite a gud school for kids....
I too am looking out for schools for my 2 yr old son near APPA junction for nursery in the batch 2015-2016.....hope my search for 'the perfect school' too ends on a better note😃

Aahiri19 2014-11-02 16:47:47


Hope you find what is best for your child! Best!


Srixlnc 2014-11-14 12:25:50


can a child cope up with the needs of exams / high marks etc by going to montessori. please share ur thoughts. ur views/ feedback will be of immense help. I have been thinking of taking admission in DPS / Jhonson Grammar. But found varying inputs on these schools. Iam very sensitive towards my sons education. hence, please share ur thoughts.
my email id is


Srixlnc 2014-11-14 12:39:51


the school in thumukunta has classes till class 10. while the one in AS Rao nagar is only till VI. Is this information correct?

AbhiAmma 2015-03-25 12:49:25


Hi Aahiri19,

Great Review. Helps everyone who is searching for a good school for their kids.

If you have any idea about Sunshine Preschool and Daycare , AS Rao nagar, could you please share your review.
I am looking for my 2 years boy.
Also if you have any idea about schools which provide daycare facility after Nursery, kindly let me know.

snehalkiran 2015-03-25 13:31:23


Thanks for such beautiful insight on your "Perfect School" mission. As a parent it gives a great pleasure in watching your little buds blooming into beautiful flowers and most importantly into finer human beings. In the present world of competion and commericial education, its really a tough task to find a school meeting our idealistic (some people might call it as 'Old-fashioned') requirements. But its really important to understand that we need to have schools where children are given freedom and trusted by adults. We need to have schools were teachers don't always TELL, Instruct or force students to do what THEY feel is right for them. Children should just be allowed to explore, learn and grow in an environment of love and natural enthusiasm and motivation which comes from within rather than artificial force from outside.
Me and my wife also went through the same exercise (actually my wife did all the major work), when we were in chennai and landed up taking admission for our little one in a pre-school named "Tatva"...the perfect school by all means for us.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts which I am sure would be beneficial to a lot of fellow parents like me.


kirthiharish 2015-04-09 07:27:43


Hi Aahiri19,
I have been looking for a good school for my 2 year old kid and finally decided to join a Montessori school. I reside near yousafguda and wanted to know if peeble creek has any transport facility from here. 
thank you

vibgyorma 2015-04-09 15:07:42


Hi Los Ninos Montessori in Kapadia lane somajiguda is a good one.. Visit to find out about the availability of seat..

avijaya 2015-05-03 15:23:58


aahir19 can u please  suggest best boarding school for grade 4 in hyderabad.please help

girishjain 2015-05-11 19:33:04


will you pls tell where is Vidyarnaya school located near Kapra or Sainikpuri.


19hari 2015-05-12 15:03:51


Vidyaranya school is in khairtabad. My nephew goes to that school. I like the teaching methods but little bit concerned about the language

19hari 2015-05-12 15:05:38


Hi aahiri19 
thanks for sharing ur research. Will surely check on pebblecreek school.
do you have any idea about Indus world school

madhumai 2015-05-13 15:01:38


Hi all,
Please suggest the best school near uppal. My kid is studying in 1st standard GIIS and we are not happy with the school with respect to academics, teachers response, fee etc., I want to change the school  for my kid...Please suggest me.....I want to take admission in Pebble creek but it is too far from uppal.


rajidhayalan 2015-06-15 17:07:32


 Im raji i would like to talk to u .. can u pls give ur no to contact


ANUVINDU 2015-10-26 17:17:27


Thx Ahiri for your valuable remarks on school...
I want my son to join this school. His DOB is 01-12-2012 and presently in Playgroup in Nasik. I will be shifting from Nasik to Hakimpet (Bolarum Area) in Dec. So pls let me know about the admission procedure for session commencing in Apr 2016. The class pattern is like other schools i.e. Play, LKG, UKG and then Std 1 or somewhat different? Is transport facility is available from Bolarum/Risala Bazar to Thumukunta?

Thanking you


sunravi 2015-11-30 16:26:09


Hi Aahiri19,
the information you shared is more useful for us . we live at AS rao nagar. i would like to talk to you regarding Pebble creek school . can i have your contact number

blacktulip 2016-01-21 10:37:23


Wow n thank, Aahiri. I just called them. So friendly and open. Liked that. Going for open house on sat. will let u know more....

Aahiri19 2016-01-21 13:06:27


For those of you who want your children to be satisfied adults, happy with everything they do and strive to be creators, discoverers, explorers and innovators this is the kind of school your child would benefit from:

You will not see immediate results in terms of how soon the child starts writing or reading but you will see the difference in the way your child responds to ideas and thinks out-of-the box. You will be amazed to find how independent your child is both physically as well as intellectually. Sometimes we need to move beyond "brands" and explore.....if we want our children to be explorers when they grow up. If we want to build a happy society we must have happy children!
Do check out the school if its 8-10 kms near your house. The school has excellent bus facility and warm and loving teachers and staff.

Aahiri19 2016-01-21 13:23:52


Hi Blacktulip,

glad you spoke to them...if you have any doubts you could also call me at 9676946995 / 7331132598 . My name is Brinda.


Sure you could call me on the above numbers. Would be happy to talk to you. Do watch the video on youtube I shared above. You would need to copy paste the URL in youtube :)
If you live in Dr. A.S. Rao nagar this would be an ideal school for your child!
Yes the school has excellent and affordable bus facility from Bolaram area. If you are planning to stay in Bolarum I would highly recommend you to explore Pebble Creek Life School for your child. The school has montessori year 1 (nursery) , Montessori year 2 (LKG) and montessori year 3 (UKG). From grades 1-10 its like normal schools except for the fact that half of the school time is spent in the classrooms (with benches and chairs) and the other half of the day is spent in the Montessori environment exploring and learning through "doing". This is the pattern till class 6 after which they learn the "traditional" way in classrooms. The children do not have any problems adjusting to competition and the rat race because the school has provision for students to participate in Olympiads and other exams in which Pebble Creek students have been fairing extremely well.
I hope this helps :)


Aahiri19 2016-01-21 13:25:40


Blacktulip, I will also be going for the open house on Saturday. So we could meet up if you like. Do give me a call on 7331132598
looking forward to meeting you :)


1510 2016-01-21 16:31:30


Aahiri please tell me details about ICSE schools like gitanjali.

Ansh1234 2016-03-10 15:28:31


Hi Aahiri19,
Great Review.
I am looking for a good school for my 3.5 years old kid near miyapur..........i am new to the place can you help me?

2216 2019-02-05 18:41:35


Hi brinda, Hope u can help me with suggesting a school for my 7 yr old girl and 2.6 yr old boy. Am shifting from dubai and gonna stay in nacharam also looking for stress free schools. Here she is attending cbse school but with much less stress. I found your review fr pebbel school very nice. And do u have any idea where my kids can learn arabic as well, as it is a must here in uae and i dont want my daughter to loose grip on a language.

Dev05 2019-03-10 18:34:50


Hi Aahiri ,

Can you please suggest some good school for 7th grade CBSE near 10 KM radius of HiTECH city . Please .


Dev10 2019-11-15 18:25:05


Hi Aahiri,Have you joined your kid in pebble creek and if yes how has the school been. I do stay at sainikpuri and looking for good school for my kid. Please reply


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