Sainikpuri - Indus Universal School or Foster Billabong at Saket

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raakella 2014-10-30 15:12:04


My kid is currently in Bhavan's Sainikpuri in 1st Grade. I am not happy with the school.
I am looking for an alternative.
Can somebody provide some reviews on the following schools:
  • Indus Universal School - Seems like this has been there since quite some time. But I have seen good reviews(reviews that are few years old) on this site. Seems like the management has recently changed.
  • Foster Billabong High School at Saket - This is a farily newer school. Appears to be a good option near Sainikpuri/Neredmet X Roads area.
  • Niraj International School - have heard good reviews about this school But this school is quite far from Neredmet X roads. Any parents who are sending their kids from this area? Your reviews are greatly appreciated.
  • Suchitra Academy - Same are previous one. little far from our place.
Please suggest if there is any other school close to Sainikpuri/Neredmet X roads area?
I am looking for a school with:
  • Good Academics.
  • Gives importance to extra-curricular activities - sports as well as arts.
  • <1h commute from Neredmet X roads.
  • Good transportation
  • Has ample space- for playgrounds, assembly etc.

Aahiri19 2014-10-30 17:49:26
You can check this school. Transportation is good. The school is excellent!


deeps81 2014-10-30 18:51:53


U can try DAV safilguda, its near to Neredmet cross roads. And if u r willing to send ur kid till marredpally, u can try St. Andrews. But from 3 or 4 th standard, u need to send to bowenpally campus or keesara campus.

deeps81 2014-10-30 18:55:29


Forgot to mention St. Martin's at Malkajgiri is also a good school. My kid is studying there in 1 st class in Cbse. They have small but good play ground, swimming pool and extra curriculuar activities are also given importance. Academics is also good.

raakella 2014-10-31 08:56:21


Deeps81 and Aahiri19. Thanks for your inputs. I will explore these options as well.
Any reviews on Indus and Foster?

Sri0301 2016-12-30 16:00:43


Hi deeps81..need suggestion frm u..v r in search of same good schools like u lkg..v enquired at st.ndrews..infact done wid interview..n selected but dey say no transport facility till in join or not..hearin frm u..abt st.martins which is near by..n probably seem gud review frm ur kid der frm kindergarden..if its really gud as per ur experience..i wud go fr it..ur reply is valuble to me..thanks in advance


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