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manukarthik 2014-10-28 09:57:50


HI All,

can anyone please share reviews about Vikas concept school as we are planning to try for admission for my kid in PP2/UKG in this school or please any other best CBSE school in and around Miyapur which has both academics and extra circular activities

drswetha 2014-10-28 10:48:13


Hi Manu,

My kids are studying in Vikas. Overall, I would say the school is good. However, I would warn you to also look at other options, since you mentioned the clsas you are looking for is PP2.
The schooling and teaching for classes 1 and above are good, but a few parents have voiced the opinion that Kindergarten could be better.
My younger one is in LKG and somehow we have had a few issues which we feel could have been easily sorted out by the teacher, which was unfortunately not the case. Looks like a few of the primary school teachers could do with some more training. I will however say that, my elder one who is in class 2 is doing very well and the general opinion of parents is that the teachers for class 1 and above are good.
I would suggest you to go talk to all the teachers personally in the class you are seeking admission and then make an informed decision.
Fee structure wise it is relatively well priced and not exorbitant. Though the managemrnt sayd admissions close early dec, you may be able to get an admission even uto jan ending or Feb also.

manukarthik 2014-11-03 16:56:04


Hi drswetha,

Thank you for your feedback...

We are planning to shift for PP2 as screening and interview process for 1st standard would be more difficult and donations as well would be high... so planning to shift my child from PP2 onwards so that she can continue in the same school from now on for long.

can you suggest any other good CBSE schools for admission into PP2 in and around Miyapur? So that we can apply in few schools and check where we can get the seat...


nanduu 2014-11-16 23:04:08


Hi drswetha,

we are in search of school for mu kid for grade 1. Can you tell us more about vikas (academics, activities and sports). our doubt is that in kids will gets stressed more (as soon as we hear these corporate name). Any other detailed information will help us to choose.

I even saw couple of your posts regarding Creek, Share your thought on that school also.

Thanks in advance.




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