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rj777 2010-03-18 10:11:42



We are currently in USA and moving to Hyderabad in mid May. Our son is currently in Kindergarten.

I would like to get info about good 1st standard schools near the Hi Tech area.


As they teach him only English here, he doesn't know how to read or write either Hindi or Telegu language. So how do we deal with the interview and written exam?


Some schools are charging a huge amount as non-refundable admission fee. Do we need to pay this fee during the application process itself or only after he is admitted? Do they give you any info about the vaccancies in the school?


They don't mention about donation but I have heard that without donation it is tough to get admission. What's the experience of parents who have been successful in getting admissions for their children?


I would really appreciate any help in providing me answers.





mickey 2010-03-18 14:01:05


Hi Rashmi,

There are many schools in and around Hi-Tech city.  How long are u planning to stay in India ? It would be better and easier  to suggest the schools depending upon ur stay and ur budget too.

In case , u plan to move back to US , you can opt for a IB school. No fees should be paid during the application process. Please do it only when  your child's admission is confirmed. Donation is not a compulsion. It  depends upon the school. Yes, some schools ask how much u can pay in a column ,when u fill the application form and priority will be given accordingly . But it is not followed everywhere. There is a general admission fee ,caution deposit which is refundable and the term and annual fees.

Mess and transport would be optional as per our reqirements. Most of the parents do opt for these for the sake of convenience.

There are schools like Chirec (IB ,CBSE),DPS(CBSE), Oakridge International (IB and CBSE),Sentia -Global (CBSE), Silver Oaks , Future Kids(ICSE).

Sreenidhi International (ICSE and IB) and Orchids International ( CBSE and IB ) in Jubilee Hills. 

It also depends upon your budget. There are schools like Kennedy Global (45K),Genesis International ,The Creek(55-60K) around Miyapur which is also near Hi-tech city.

You  have good schools like BVB and Jubilee Hills Public school in Jubilee Hills and Meridian in Banjara Hills.

 Once u quote as an NRI , there will be hike in donation under NRI category. My of my NRI friends has paid 1 lakh in DPS ,Gachibowli and another friend of mine from Hyd has paid 50K in the same school two years back.

You can also go through these links to know more about schools near Gachibowli,Miyapur,Kondapur. I have written about a few schools




rj777 2010-03-19 09:13:17


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your detailed reply. It was very helpful.

We are looking for schools near the Madhapur area. Jubilee Hills and little to the south would also be fine. We haven't decided about the exact location where we would rent an apartment, but it would be near that area.

We are willing to pay upto 1 lakh in annual fees (including tuition + food + transportation etc). We are also ready to pay some donation, if required.

One problem we have is our son's current academic here in US is ending in mid May. So we can be there in Hyderabad personally only after that. Many people have advised us to not wait until that time and start the admission proceeding now or as soon as possible.

Normally, how does it work out in cases where the kid cannot be present for the interview and the written exam?

Thank you very much again for your kind advice.



mickey 2010-03-19 10:29:17


Hi Rashmi,

In that case, u can talk to the school management , tell ur relative to take  the application form and block your seat by paying some minmum amount. I was told the same by an International school. Generally getting admissions in International schools will not be a problem as you are ready to pay the donation.  You need to talk to them.

You can talk to Chirec , Oakridge ,Orchids ,Sreenidhi , Jain International  and DPS Gachibowli. In DPS and Chirec ,admissions will depend upon the availalbility .Fees will not be that high as International schools. DPS is only a CBSE school whereas Chirec has CIE curriculum.(Cambridge International Curriculum).You must be aware of this curriculum.

You can know more about CIE from

You can get the phone numbers from the websites of these schools.

You can contact Ms. Swapna on  040-32525252  in Jain  International at Kondapur.Fees will be around 70K without transport.

Your child is only in Kindergarten. You don't need to worry about your son's entrance exam. He can manage with Maths ,English and some general topics to get admission. Once he joins any school ,he can pick up any language easily.

Only state schools have Telugu from Kindergarten level. The  schools which follow  CBSE and ICSE ,it is optional and can be chosen as a second or third language at a later stage if interested . Students also have  different  foreign languages  to choose  from as their second or third language.

So pl do call up the required schools  or write to them and  don't  land up paying huge amount to block a seat. Kindly verify the credentials or get it done from a  friend or relative whom u can trust and then pay.





rj777 2010-03-19 10:34:06


Hi Mickey,

Thank you again for your advise and providing me detailed information.

I am going to follow your suggestions and call these schools.




rj777 2010-03-23 18:38:29



I have read the info at their websites and talked to some of them. But I would like to get more info from parents who have kids studying at the following schools or know someone whose kids study there. Please provide you input regarding the quality of teaching, facilities and the admission process:

* Orchids International School

* DRS International School

* The Creek International School

* Jain International School

* Glendale Academy


Some other schools like Oak Ridge, Sree Nidhi, DPS etc are way too expensive. How do the above mentioned schools compare with these expensive schools?





mickey 2010-03-23 18:57:26


Hi Rashmi,

I have seen the same query in a new dicussion started by you. I was waiting for some parent whose kids are studying in International schools to respond. Anways, lemme find out about DRS Int. My daughter's friends are studying in this school.  

I have some inputs from Lydia too about Jain Int. and Glendale as she has visited the school's camps recently.

Please go through this link

Actually DPS is cheaper than Glenadale, DRS and Orchids.

I'll get back to u  with more details.




rj777 2010-03-24 03:14:20


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for responding. We called Orchids, Creek, Glendale and Sentia because they are within our budget. DRS Intl and Jain Intl are gong to be pretty far from the place we decided to stay near Madhapur area.

As we cannot visit the school personally, we rely on the reviews posted by the parents on this web-site. I must thank you for the great and useful service you are providing for parents like me.

We are confused right now about reviews Of Sentia School as some parents complained about spanking and other punishment, while some other parents said it was a very nice school. I also read about many complaints regarding Glendale not having good teachers.

We have zeroed in on Orchids Intl, Euro Kids and Creek School. We are not able to find many reviews about Orchids either positive or negative. Same with Euro Kids and Creek.

It would really help us in making the final decision if we can get some more info about these schools. I would really appreciate it.



mickey 2010-03-24 15:10:16


Hi Rashmi,

I understand your confusion and indecisiveness. You should not totally rely on the reviews bcoz everybody's perception might differ at times. You can select a school which is having more positive reviews/vibes than the negative ones.

1.Euroschool is till 8th grade and they are planning to extend it till X and XII too.

But the school doesn't have a playground. The school is planning to shift students from 7th and higher  grades to a bigger campus at Gachibowli. Lydia , a parentree member has visited Euroschool  for her brother in class 7 and was told the fees would  come up to 1,02,500 for the first time, otherwise it's 11,300+4000(food)+5000 (uniform)+5000 (transport).As your son will be in first  grade ,the fees would be a bit less.

As such its a good CBSE school. My daughter's friend studies in the same school.

2. In Orchids  International,  u can have French, Hindi, Telugu as second language in CBSE stream. They don’t have IGCSE. In Orchids International, fees is 1 lakh 41K .You will have to pay 1 lakh 15K and then remaining in 2 instalments. Admission coordinator is Ms  Deepika.(25k admn fee+ 18K  trans+18K mess +3K application,registration+23k *3 term fees + 5k caution deposit )

Orchids International in Jubilee Hills is a four storey building without any playground. Lydia has visited the school two days back and doesn't have the school on her list.Such high fees without any playground is not worth it.

3. The Creek is a new school. It has a lush green sprawling campus and looks quite promising from its website. Lydia has visited the campus and had to drop bcoz of lack of transport till the city. I am awaiting a reply about Creek from Lydia. When I enquired from the school ,they told me the fees would be around 60K

4. Glendale ,DRS Intl , Global Intl  , Indus Intl will be too far for you.

5. Actually you can consider Sentia and Kennedy High Global. The other day I met a girl from Kennedy High Global school at a b'day party. She has returned from US and is studying in class IX and likes the school.

6. Meridian too would be very good for your son as u r ready to spend 1 lakh, but far from Madhapur .Its in Banjara Hills road no 7. It should be half an hr drive from Madhapur . The school also has transport facility.

You can also go through this discussion with Lydia

Dont be in a hurry. You will surely find some good school in vicinity. I will let u know about Creek soon.





mickey 2010-03-24 15:27:42


Hi Rashmi,

Forgot to tell you that Jain Heritage at  Kondapur will not be far from Madhapur as u mentioned. Fee is around 80K. It's very expensive for a school without even a playground or any sort of campus. Lydia has visited this school and gave me the feedback. Good reviews have been written about this school in other sites.




rj777 2010-03-26 04:38:15


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for providing valuable information.

We have shortlisted Glendale, Orchids, Sentia and Creek school.

Orchids is asking for Rs. 3000 as registration fees.

Other 3 are asking at least Rs. 25,000 up front to hold the seat for my son. As we can personally be in Hyderabad only at the end of May we cannot wait that long. We need to somehow book / reserve the seat.

We are leaning towards Glendale Academy and would like to make a final decision in couple of days. After paying 25,000 as non-refundable admission fees, we won't be able to change our decision about the school later.

I wish we didn't have to pay a big sum of money even before personally visiting the school.

We would like to get some more useful info about these 4 schools about kids studying in the 1st standard. Any information about these schools from a Parentree member would be greatly appreciated.





rj777 2010-03-26 04:43:01


Hi Mickey,

I have another question about Glendale's fee structure.

Glendale doesn't mention the amount for admission fee on their web-site. It says that it varies based on the class. For me they are asking for Rs. 50,000 as admission out of which 25,000 needs to be paid up front for provisional admission.

Is the 50,000 fee a standard amount for all new students in 1st standard at Glendale?

Or is it another form of donation and amount varies based on circumstances of the parents?




mickey 2010-03-26 16:54:03


Hi Rashmi,

Glendale's 50K admission fee is common to all the classes. I called up today. It is nothing to do with the NRI status. She told that admissions will not be a problem till May end. I don't think you have to pay 25000 for the same. It will be 30-40 min drive to Glendale from Madhapur from Outer Ring Road

I called up Sentia too and spoke to the Chairman on 9985188821 and 9985199921 The new academic session has already commenced from 25th March. There are a few seats for class 1. There is no entrance exam for grade 1. The school will have an interactive session with the child and parents  and see his previous performance. You can block it for Rs 5000. I find this school appropriate  as it will be near to your place.

Orchids International doesn't have a playground. You will have to pay 1.41 lakhs for a 4 storey building which doesn't have a playground. Lydia has conveyed this to me after visiting the school.

The Creek is also good. I spoke to Mr. Ravi Kumar on 91-9490149231. He says admission in May end will not be a problem.

You can fill the enquiry form in the website ( and a detailed fee structure will be sent to you. He told me for the first grade,fees would be around 45-50K and another 20K for Mess and Transport. But their trasport is available till Miyapur X roads and Malaysian Township and not till Madhapur.

So i feel ,only Sentia would require you to block. I think this also can be avoided ,if you speak  on the above given numbers and manage with a token amount by  submitting the application form  through one of your relatives. Don't mention at the first instance that u want to block ur seat by paying some amount. Just wait for their response and act accordingly.




rj777 2010-03-26 18:29:19


Hi Mickey,

Thank you very much for your kindly advice and detailed information about the schools. I will call Sentia and try to block the seat.





Feather 2010-04-21 19:38:03


Hi Mickey,

First of all thanks a lot for taking time and helping out lot of people with all the useful information about lot of things.

We are planning to move back from the US to Hyd for the academic year 2012.I have a daughter who will be 5and 1/2 yr old by then.She will be ready for her frist Grade. I plan on moving with the kids in Jan of 2012 and begin the settling process. Since she will be in the Kindergarten at that time and will be half way through , Do any of the schools take kids half way through UKG and let them  finish their year?My parents live in Secunderabad and she might probably finish up her UKG there.But later on we plan to move to the Hi-Tech city area , when the school year begins and when my Husband would join us in India.

I did go through lot of group discussions regarding CBSE schools. I was particularly interested in BVB,JHS and KV Gachibowli schools.I myself am a product of KV P,but have no idea about how KV Gachibowli is. If you have any idea Can you throw some light on these 3 schools,depending on academics , infrastructer, sanitation(little concerned about this), teachers...etc. I am not  interested in sending her to any international schools as of now. 

Thanks a lot


mickey 2010-04-22 11:01:14


Hi Feather,

2012 is quite long enough. Many new schools which are mushrooming around Hi-tech city would establish themselves by then. You have to choose a school which will be easy for your daughter's transition from US schools to Indian schools. You should be very careful in selecting the appropriate school so that your daughter should look forward to go to school without creating any fuss.

You can get forms for  grade 1 in the month of Mar/Apr/May of 2012 . For Lkg/Ukg admission forms will be given in the month of Nov/Dec 2011. But you don't have to try admission for UKG in well established schools. If at all u want her to continue her UKG in India , put her in a near by playschool like Bachpan , Kidzee ,Roots or Smart Kidz near your parents house so that she prepares for  her entrance test for first grade. Many schools these days take oral interview. Only a few take witten test for class 1.

KV Gachibowli will not be suitable. It will be like  a Zilla Parishad school for her taking so many factors into account. It was told by Savitri too in this forum. You can try BVB or JHPS. You can also try Sentia -The Global which will be near Hi-Tech city  where the interview will be oral. Your daughter will like Sentia as there are parents who have come from US have opted for this school. The teaching methodology is also very good and different as it uses audio-visual aids. You can read the review of this school by Vamshi in the following link.

Fee is unlike International schools. It will be around 1 lakh or so . You can try in Manthan Intenational which does not have exorbitant fee like Oakridge or Sreenidhi. You can also write to Renu in this forum in the following link to know about Manthan.

You can get in touch with me before u come. I have added u as a friend in parentree's inbox.





lat 2010-04-28 13:11:57


Hi Rashmi,

I personally feel u should think twice before taking decision. My Elder Kid studies at Glendale.There r lot of issues unresolved. The Transprtation at glendaleis really worst and I sincerely suggest u don't opt this school if at all u want transport facility. It so happened that we had to shift our house in the mid of Jan. we requested the Transport officer for the rescheduling of the route. He did not agree to the new route saying that it is not possible to send inside. My house is just half a km away from the main route. It hardly takes 2minutes time for them to come inside but they r not agreeing to this. we some how requested the neighbours to make my child stay in their house in the evening and we used to pick her up from there. since it was a matter of two months we requested and took trouble as both of us r working. In the next academic year( Apr2010) atleast we thought that they would change the route bcoz i cannot let my child walk 1/2 a km from the main road considering the safety. But still they r not agreeing and they r just telling that we can quit the admission if we r not able to arrange our own transport. My child is studying since KG and this is the response i get. I am still fighting with them for transport. God should help me out with this problem. I am clearly stating this problem so that it will be helpfull to u in case if u r looking for admission.  


mickey 2010-04-28 16:34:52


Hi Lat,

I am very sorry to know your plight. That is too much. Whom did u speak to? I think you should write to Mr. Babukhan who owns this school. You can also talk to the lady who manages Glendale Edufun at Somajiguda.  I don't remember her name. She is a relative of Babukhan.I had seen her when i went to enquire regarding admission for my daughter into pre-school. It is a very minor issue which actaully doesn't require their interference. But if the management is so rude and insensitive towards you and your child, you can definitely take it to the founder's notice. I am sure it is going to be resolved.





pankajjiya 2011-08-16 05:16:55


Hi Mickey,

would you be able to help me with some feedback on unicent schools. their website is



mickey 2011-08-17 15:03:58


 Hi Pankajjiya,

Unicent school at Miyapur is 3 yrs old. Not much is known about this school. 
It is right now till class 6 and the fee for class 1 is 
10K (admission fees) + 3* 10K (term fees) + 5K (books&uniform) + 8K or above transort depending on the distance

i.e 45 K excluding transport. For higher classes, the term fees must be slightly more than this.

You can have look at the school after 3:15pm.

The one at Nagole is till class 8.

The website looks quite promising though. Pl do visit the school and talk to other parents too whose kids are studying here.




pankajjiya 2011-08-18 14:49:12


Thanks for for your inputs Mickey would have an idea about Manipal hill side academy at jubliee hills. I did visit the school and it looks promising but couldnt speak to any parents


mili1 2011-08-18 21:24:02


Hi pankajjiya,

uniscent school in Miyapur  started this year only.......actually they sarted their school in the  old Bachpan building......they had taken franchise 3 yrs back  and now BACHPAN opened their own school in Miyapur  so they opened their school in the same building as uniscent.....the staffs are same.....i spoke to one of the teachers....she told syllabus is better than Bachpan.....but i know many kids left the school and joined have to go and check personally




rockie 2011-12-06 17:01:26


 Unicent is a good school. Fees is reasonable and there is no donation. Proper care is taken to the children with regular Parent teachers meeting. They make sure that every child is participating in extra curricular activities. Teachers are also good. some teachers are not up to the mark (ukg and 1st std) but i think they are improving. Complete CBSE curriculum and they follow it strictly. A good school for those who don't want to shell out hughe money for lower classes.



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