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Sunitha7774 2010-03-15 20:01:35



My Kid is now studying LKG ( 4 years old) at a school closer to home. This school is upto UKG only. Either I need to look out for a school this year or next year.

I have a few questions regarding a montessori schoool.

1. Is a montessori school (pebble creek) good for a kid who has studied LKG in a regular school. He now can write numbers 1 to 100 and A to Z etc. And I heard that at montessori school, they only start to write from age 6 (1 st grade)

2. After a few years, in case we move to another location, would it be difficult for the kid to get admission in another school ?

3. In the long run, how advantageous is it for a kid to study in a montessori environment ? Is their anyone who has studied in a montessori school ?

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Sunitha7774 2010-03-19 11:43:55



Does any one has any information regarding the above queries...


Still waiting..




mickey 2010-03-19 13:45:51


Hi Sunita,

Seen ur query long back. Just wasn't finding time to talk to my friend who runs a montessori.  Pebble Creek is very famous and is very well known in Sec'bad.

Studying in montessori  is considered to be very good. I'll let u know soon ,if possible  by  tomorrow with more details.




mickey 2010-03-20 19:57:16


Hi Sunita,

Montessori education has many advantages. Its something different from the conventional method of paper and pen.There are many advantages of montessori training. Learning is activity based. Children are given individual attention. Children become independent bcoz of the tasks which are given to them in school . It also builds their confidence level ,develops their intellectual  skills , creativity and at the same time inculcates self discipline.

1. Coming to your first question about  Pebble Creek, the school generally admits children from 2 yrs of age. Children from 2 to 5 1/2 yrs come in one group. However  they are separated according to their mental abilities. Advantages are innumerable. You can read more about this methodolody in the below given sites.

The school generally don't take children who have not joined with them in the beginning. But you can always try if interested.

You will have special orientation classes once your son joins in order to understand this system and also be at comfort level with this kind of teaching.

They teach writing from 4 1/2 yrs and not after 6 1/2. They teach much more than u specified in a very fun oriented way. So u should not have any problem. The transition from montessori to a regular school is very easy as children are better equipped than their counterparts from regular schools. I am told that in an entrance test out of 150 students, only 7 were selected and  among the seven students, one was from Pebble Creek.  Anyhow, after seeing their child's performance , the parents dropped the idea of changing to another school and are continuing with Pebble Creek Montessori.

Currently Pebble Creek has till 4th grade and have got affiliation to SSC. They are trying for CBSE too and planning to go ahead for higher grades as well.

I have personally seen a girl from Montessori doing very well in entrance exams with excellent communication skills for her age.(Los Ninos Montessori in Kapadia lane at Somajiguda ). I had aproached Los-Ninos when my daughter was 2yrs and was told to come when she would complete 2 1/2 yrs. But  by then , all seats were blocked in advance and I missed the chance.

Transition is not a problem at all in either way. If you approach the school ,the teachers will be able to guide in a better way and also explain u their ways of teaching and give you orientation if ur son is selected.

2. I think you got the answer for ur second question too. There is no problem about securing admission to other schools at a later stage. Children are taught reading and writing from 4 and half yrs in a very different way that they pick up very fast than the conventional way.

3. I  have not personally studied in Montessori but my younger sister  had studied  for some time . I have seen some children too who are performing very well in other exams too. Its purely a personal choice. Please understand the methodology, visit the school ,meet the parents at school , I am sure ,it will   help you to decide. If u want to know more advantages and about Montessori ,u can visit these sites.

If you are interested in Pebble Creek and its methodology  , do visit the school as admissions are going on for the beginner's batch. The school generally takes from 2 yrs of age.They might consider you too. You can meet Mrs. Moiza Rafat, Founder and Director of Pebble Creek and take my reference ( Kiran and not mickey) if required. I spoke to Mrs. Moiza Rafat today.





Sunitha7774 2010-03-22 12:44:46




Thanks Mickey for the very detailed response. Within a day or two, I shall visit pebblecreek school.

thanks once again,




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