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satishjv 2014-09-26 17:10:53


My daughter would be completing her PP2 and we will be seeking admission for 1st STD next academic year. I have been doing the exercise of scouting schools, researching etc., for quite some time now, however - I am not keen on schools which dump the child with tons of classwork / homework in the name of studies and boast their results unmindful of the child's' suffering. 
I have seen lot of parents discussions on various schools on this forum and I am hopeful that I'll get some directions.
I am looking for a school which will let the child learn things experientially rather than stuffing by the teachers. I don't want my daughter to lose her childhood in the mad race of ranks, marks etc., 
We live in Secunderabad and I am looking for schools within about 20 to 30 mins of travelling time. Not sure whether I am being too hopeful!!

Gaurav2015 2014-09-28 17:12:07


oakridge and sancta maria .. few international schools like chirec  etc u can try 


2904 2014-10-02 07:50:17


Vidyaranya High School, Sloka Waldorf school

sonikam 2014-10-10 12:32:41


Hi All,
Even i would like to change the school for my 5 Years old son as he have been detected with mild ADHD and is not able to cop up with the SSC Syllabus and weekly exams pattern.
I am looking for stress free education with overall development.
Can anyone help with the school (Fee not crossing 80K). I am staying at Malakpet but can look for school in and around banjara hill,jubliee hill etc...

hitaishi 2014-11-10 17:03:46


Yes, there are..Akshara International School is the best where the student don't get stressed...

Mum2Mum 2014-11-10 19:59:40



harishr 2014-11-11 06:46:42


Hitaishi could you please give us more detailed information as to why Akshara is less stress environment for kids. I stay at walkable distance from that school, and if the school is really good that would solve many problems for our kid.

hitaishi 2014-11-11 19:07:13


Hi Harish,

Actually one of my cousin child is studying in that school and I have seen a good improvement in his studies including some extra curricular activities. Also, they are teaching with some new techniques which is making a good impact for the school.

I would suggest you to go and meet them personally to have a clear picture about them.

satishjv 2014-11-11 22:52:03


Hello Mum2Mum
Thank you so much, that thread is indeed very helpful.


satishjv 2014-11-11 22:56:00


Hello Vibs01
Thank you for the suggestion, I live in Trimulgherry area. 


momofadhdson 2016-03-03 19:34:26


hi mam

 iam also searching for a good school for my 3.8 yr  adhd son.....

hav u joined ur son in any waldorf school??
im planing to put my son in prerna waldorf as i stay in kondapur

my son went to two different schools for playgroup and nursery but in both the schools he was just playing outside with a cycle or car as due to hyperactivity he comes out of class and the school staff never bothered..

he needs more stricter environment to learn anything.... im worried walfdorf system will be too lenient for him..
 it would be great if u shared ur views


Melodysweet 2016-03-11 10:22:24


Hi, I'm also looking admission for my son into 1class, He has also detected with mild ADHD, but I expect no school takes exceptional care for the kids. After discussions with experts I was mentioned few points to check with school before seeking admission. But I didn't find yet any one...we are also looking around malakpet but much ready to move anywhere for his school, Waldorf schools are not economical to choose, please suggest if any finds one

Sne123 2016-03-11 14:47:31


hey Dear, I would suggest you to go for Waldorf Education. And best school for aldorf is Prerana Waldorf School. Located in Gachibowli. Its having a different method of teaching without burdening children with books and homeworks.

vidurveena 2016-03-11 23:31:20


@ satishjv.. I also stay at tirumulgerry.. Which school did u finally opt for your daughter...

iqubea 2016-03-13 13:40:10


Im surprised with Hitaish suggestion of Akshara for this case. Akshara is definitely a good school but to call  it stress free is a big question mark. They have 8 subjects in grade 3. All have written exams. As per CCA everything is graded, so worksheets, slip tests,2 SAs, 4 FAs. School timing is from 8.30 to 4.30. Saturday half day this year. Till last year it was full day. Any bandh will be compensated with 2nd saturday been kept working. Ah yes one more point the annual function is on second saturday so that the academics are not affected.


satishjv 2016-03-13 15:50:38


Hello Vidurveena

I could not find any good stress free schools in secunderabad area. Pebbles school comes closer but their campus at AS Rao nagar is not at all impressive. Finally we zeroed in on KV since they are reputed for their education, values etc.,. unfortunately within a month of admission we realised that KV has deteriorated over time and the building and facilities are in deplorable condition.

Then we moved her to Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills which is a typical corporate school with loads of portion, studies but they also have many activities and my daughter is happy.....ultimately thats what matters I guess!!


arnav12 2016-03-14 02:34:35


Hi satishjv, Is dps mahendra hills n nacharam a good school? I got to know from few parents that there is lot of burden on students n the activities are only for name sake. Please reply your feedback will be very important for me to decide... thanks in advance.

satishjv 2016-03-14 11:20:30


Hello Arnav
Yes I don't deny about the burden part, the kids are burdened with lot of homework and stuff for which I keep fighting with them at every parent teacher meet. But they do have lot of fun activities which the kids are enjoying and even my daughter is very happy with the school. 


arnav12 2016-03-14 14:38:15


Thanks u so much satishjv. As long as the kids are happy and they dont feel burdend i wouldn't have a problem as such... but how are the communication skills? Are the kids able to communicate well?

satishjv 2016-03-14 17:55:56


Yes, my daughter is a chatterbox by birth, but I found the teachers also good in their communication and teaching methods. 

arnav12 2016-03-14 18:41:47


Thank u so much... your feedback was of immense help... it seems like a very good option considering reasonable fees...

SailuPrasad 2019-05-07 19:05:38


Hi, I stay in kondapur looking for a school near by can u pls suggest


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