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zeesh88 2014-09-15 15:01:29


Hello everyone! I really find this forum helpful regarding schools. I went through few threads and would like reviews regarding best schools in Hyderabad with a fee structure for around 50 to 60k. My son is 5 yr 2 months now studying in Tara pore wala Montessori at lakdikapul, he will be going in 1st standard next academic year. I have shortlisted few schools and would like your prestigious opinions about the following schools with : School strength Fee structure Sports and academic development Faculty, etc The list of schools is:- 1.Hyderabad public school, Begum pet 2.St. Pauls school, hyder gu da 3.Little flower high school, chiragali lane 4.Kalpa school, banana hills 5.St. Georges Grammar School, A bids I'm confused as to which school is best for my child, had been to vidya rana but it didn't appeal me much, heard lot of mixed reviews from parents but couldn't decide. U feedback wide b appreciated Thanks all!

arnav12 2014-09-15 22:47:12


Hi... Of the list of school u mentioned... kalpa and hps are a very good choice... please dont go with lfhs st pauls or gorges grammer. I have read real good reviews bour both hps n kalpa.... but in the mean time can u pls tell me bout vidyaranya.... whu u dint like the school n what feedback u got from the parents??? It will be real helpful as I am going for interview at vidyaranya tomorrow... Thanks in anticipation. ..

zeesh88 2014-09-16 10:17:55


Hi arnav I had been to vidyaranya for the interview as well,what they asked was why do u choose this school and we can't garuntee u admission here u pls try in other schools as well wen my husband was a vidyaranya student itself. Moreover the atmosphere is very casual,girls r dressed in shorts and flip flops, not tht much discipline and seats r reserved more for mlas and the elite crowd. One of my family friend is a teacher there and she preffered to put her son in hps rather than vidyaranya. I would be going to kalpa to get an idea,in the meantime would like to hear more abt st pauls as I the school to be very disciplined neat,don't knw much abt studies though.

arnav12 2014-09-16 10:32:51


Thanks for the information zeesh.... st pauls is ssc that is the major draw back.... u will surely like kalpa and hps... both are good... u can even try for chaitanya vidyalaya which is at lower tankbund... it has similar concept of that of VIdyaranya....

zeesh88 2014-09-16 11:48:36


Thanks arnav for ur valueable feedback I do really want to get my son admitted in hps, tht will b d best option...did u go for the interview how was it? Chaitanya vidyalaya is a sister concern of vidyaranya and yes its similar to the same,ill surely checkout kalpa, any idea abt the fees structure and all?

arnav12 2014-09-16 12:11:30


Most welcome interview was ok for every ans we give they contradict it.... no hopes of getting it for sure.... hps I suggest u go and visit as admission in it is thru lottery system... and where as kalpa is concerned it is easy to get thru it... I got to know they start admissions in january.... even st andrews is a good school of u r looking for a strict environment for kids... disciplined and good studies. .. I niece goes there and my sister in law is quite happy...

arnav12 2014-09-16 12:14:02


Kalpa is bout 50 I guess... heard good reviews bout it... lots of activities.... and good education. ... u dont wanna apply for geetanjali.... its a good school too... around 50 k fees...

zeesh88 2014-09-17 09:38:57


I had been to gitanjali also, the seats r reserved for the alumni then other few categories,ill zero my serach and opt fot hps andd kalpa Does anyone know the interview process for both the schools? And what questions do they ask the child, oral test writtenn test?? Provide details pls

arnav12 2014-10-14 10:23:09


Hi zeesh, I wanted some information about taraporewale, I heard even that is up till tenth now.. Is it not a good option to continue till tenth in the same school... What do u feel about it?


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