which school in hyderabad is better for 1st standard admission?

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dramit 2010-03-12 16:53:44


which school in hyderabad is better for 1st standard admission?we r really cofused-whether to choose concept schools / traditional?

which concept  school is better for std.-1?

we r looking up for approximate 1-2 year stay here in hyd.

then we may go back to gujarat.

mickey 2010-03-12 18:48:15


Hi Dramit !

It would be easier to suggest if u could specify where u stay at Hyd.





dramit 2010-03-13 10:50:27


i stay in shreenagar colony- my kid already studying in Kaushalya Global but there is no co-currcular activity specifically outdoor (no play ground at all)- can u suggest any good school? how is euro school ? are they mainatain a good standard in teaching and play both??


mickey 2010-03-13 11:06:10


Yeah Dr Amit , Euroschool is good.   It follows CBSE curriculum. Are u talking about the school in Madhapur ?

Admisions are going on. Fees will be around 55K. It will be far from Srinagar colony.

As  the school has transport facility , u can send ur kid .

My neighbour's daughter studies in the same school. She is quite happy with the school with academics as well as activities.




mickey 2010-03-13 11:08:56


Hi Dr Amit, You can call on these numbers and find out  about  Euro school Madhapur
040-65888855, 040-64523377 



mickey 2010-03-13 12:55:11


Hi Dr Amit,

I feel ,if u are leaving for gujarat in next two years or so ,there is no need to invest a lot in school.

Sri Chaitanya Techno school in Ameerpet (opp to Sarathi Studio) will be near to Srinagar colony .(within 3km radius). School has Star Kids -Pre-primary school as well as High School. Its from Nursery to X.

From class1 to class V ,the school follows CBSE and from VI to X ,it follows integrated syllabus of SSC,CBSE and ICSE. However the X certificate is from SSC.

Sri Chaitanya is known for its good results in EAMCET and different entrace exams.

As ur kid is too small and u r  planning to stay here for only two yrs ,u can try this school as i feel it will be better than Kausalya Global as

1) It is  near to ur place

2) The fees is also reasonable 21K + 3K admission fees + 8500 transport optional.

21K can be paid in three instalments as it is the term fees .

3) School also gives importance to extra curricular activities which u r looking for .

U can call on 040-64634770 (Ameerpet Branch). There is some science fair going on in the school. May be u can call and visit tomorrow.



You can also try in Sister Nivedita CBSE school in Ameerpet. It is also a good school.The fees here too would be economical. www.snschool.com

U can try Chinmaya Vidyalaya ,Begumpet. U can have  forms in the last week of March for a few seats for 1st std in Chinmaya. Admission purely depends on ur  kids performance in entrance test. There is no transport facility . But there are school autos and vans available.Getting admission in this school would be a bit difficult , but u can always try. Fees is economical. 040-23418012




dramit 2010-03-13 22:44:40


i am really happy for the suggestion- does your answer mean that i should not much concentrate in changing the school- in kaushalya global also the basic stuff is good - only thing it's a modified apartment converted in school - so there is no play ground and all... so how is your overall review ? anyway i will go to Sri Chaitanya Techno school..soon and enquire... but please clarify whether shall i change the school or not?


dramit 2010-03-13 22:46:56


in k-global fee structure is anyway 48k...!!!!!! they have 8-10 pupils in a class..


mickey 2010-03-14 11:47:49


Hi Dr Amit !

If you have already  spent that much amt ,i think there is no point shifting ur child for one yr , just for the lack of play ground. Let him play after he comes home . May be you can enroll in some activity school near your house.I  don't know much about  K-Global.

If you are paying around 25-30K again for class 1 in this school ,u may think of changing to Sri Chaitanya or any such school which fits your budget else continue in the same school.




dramit 2010-03-14 15:46:21


okay- i think that is what we should consider, to stick up to same school for time being...thanks dear mickey-your inputs have really helped us-by the way how u have got these much of knowledge about diffrent schools..? it is phenominal


mickey 2010-03-14 17:54:29


Hi Dr. Amit ! I think its a wise decision to continue in the same school for the time being. Your child would again have to adjust to a new school and its envt and then go through the same process after an yr or so when u shift to Gujarat.

There is a very good  coach for children for badminton  at ICRISAT school near Scotia bank ,Nagarjuna circle. It on the road towards GVK mall,Banjara Hills. Its near to Srinagar colony (2-3km ). If u have time ,u can take ur child there. They have tennis too.

My daughter went there for some months when we stayed near Nagarjuna circle.

There is also Chitralekhanam in Srinagar colony where children can enjoy drawing and singing.Its near Satya Sai Nigamam.





dramit 2010-03-14 18:17:50


its really great feedback you gave, one more updtae i would like to give you is- i contacted sree chaitanya techno school,i liked their approach but they told me that they are purely state sylabus-no CBSE...SO WE DECIDED TO CONTINUE WITH THE SAME SCHOOL...Anyhow we will concentrate a lot in school when we will go back to gujarat..till that couple of years let it be same school..


Balla 2010-03-26 12:57:03


Hi Mickey,

I  very much apperciate your suggestions to every one.We are new to hyderabad and planning to stay near SR nagar.I would like to know the cost of living , House rents, scholol which admissions are in progress..fee structure . Iam looking for schools with good activities.


Thanks in Advance




mickey 2010-03-26 13:21:23


Hi Vijaya,

I don't have much  idea about rents in SR Nagar. Yes , it would be almost the same as that of Ameerpet. A two bedroom house would be around 8 to 10 K and 3 bedroom would be around 12-15 K or even less. It also depends upon the locality and facilities. The rents  have come down now. In Kondapur and Madhapur areas too  which are near Hi-tech city ,rents are 12-15 K for a 3 bedroom area. However it is double the amount , if u move towards Somajiguda, Begumpet and Banjara Hills.

Cost of living in SR nagar would be economical unlike places like Begumpet ,BJ Hills ,Somajigda and Jubilee Hills.

If u r looking for CBSE schools , you will have to go till Kukatpally. You can also go for Sri Chaitanya Techno school . The school follows CBSE till class 5 and has an intergrated curriclum of CBSE,SSC and ICSE in higher classes . The X certificate is however from the State Board.

You can also see CBSE schools like DAV Kukatpally , Sanghmitra and Vikas. Their fees is quite economical. You will have to check out for vacancies. This is the right time to approach the schools. In Vikas too admissions are going on. But you haveto contact these schools immly. Vikas also would be a good choice with an economical fee structure and a good campus .

You can go through



to know more about these schools.

There is a new Radclifee school at Balanagar. PVR Krishna is looking for his kid's admission in this school. You can also try this school.


Hope this helps.





Balla 2010-03-26 13:38:40



I hope sri chaitnya and Vikads are more focussed on studyies  as per my knowledge.I am looking school with all kinds of activites like sports ,music,creative world of activities............Is there anything  like that  and is that good ought to  look for such kind of school..........


mickey 2010-03-26 13:57:12


Hi Balla/Vijaya,

But Vikas seems to be good with extra-curricular activities. You can try the new Radclifee school at Balanagar. They are laying lot of stress on activites.

May i know , in which class are u seeking admission for ur child ?

If you can send a bit far towards Madhapur , you will have Sentia -The global where admissions are available . I called up today to enquire. I was told their new session has already startedA few seats are vacant. Fees is 50K+ transport. 50K can be paid in some instalments.

You can go for Kennedy High Global school and The Creek too ,if u r able to pay around 50-60k.

Maharshi Vidya Mandir  in Kondapur ia also good and has transport facility from any part of the city. Fees is also economical with many activities.






Balla 2010-03-26 14:13:42


Hi mickey,

Thank you do much dear for lot of information.

I am seeking 1st standard admission for my son.Can you please provide me the phone number of sentia and Radclifee school at Balanagar and do u have any idea on what kind of activities those schools have.

You are doing so much research on schools...out of curiosity in which school u;r kids are studying as I have great impression that u definetely opt for best school.




mickey 2010-03-26 14:29:30


Hi Balla,

You can reach the Chairman of Sentia on 9985188821. The other number is 9985199921. There are mixed reviews about this school. But weigh the positive ones.

My friend's daughters are also in the same school and they are very happy .A lot has been discussed about this school.



Radclifee school Hyd


6-30, 31 & 32,
Opp. IDPL R&D Centre, Balanagar,
Mobile : 09346176330, 09346008801,
09346008802, 09346008803, 09346008804

Phone: 040 – 39137900/08/09/10
email : admissions@radcliffe.in
SMS : RSE to 58888

 My elder daughter is studying in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet and the younger one is in Nasr Playgroup at Somajiguda. 





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