Tree House School Chandanagar opposite to Vidya Nursing Home, hyderabad review

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ankr 2014-08-26 13:54:27


This is review about Tree House School,Opposite to Vidya Nursing Home, ChandanagarHyderabad.
I don’t recommend this school for anyone.
Admission:They increased the fee 60% compare to last year.The fee amount is their wish,I took admission in June for 27,000/- for LKGlater admission in July 1st they gave for 22,000/-They are saying it’s an offer.It’s not share market to fluctuate fees like anything

teachers:Poor teachers and no English skills.
There are no activities for children in this school, activity gamesbooks etc.. no such things in any class, only the books they gave.
Infrastructure: It’s a residential house with small rooms.One of the Worst thing in this school.At the time of admission they told that only 14 per class later they increased to 18 and their wish.The tables used in the class are only sufficient for 10 children,but 18 children have to work on that table.My kid is not able to write anything in class because of the congested table, but at home she writes very good.
The funny part is, to go to a section in LKG you need to cross many other sections which cause lot of disturbance.This makes advantages to teaches, the teacher who teaches in last section has option to relax and chit chat with other teachers, no way principle can reach the class and check. There no option for parent to look into class to check how everything inside.
Highlight is in single hall (not big) they are running two section side by you can understand how greedy are the tree house management.
Now a days they are not allowing children to play in the play area,they are planning to start second batch in the afternoon.
If you see treehouse school website you will see very nice pictures.But don’t get fooled by that. All Tree House schools are not same
I tried to contact The actual management of School brand but I didn't find contactsPlease spread this so that other will not suffer from this school.

sriz4u 2014-09-01 21:24:26


I too agree on the same and recommend parents not to join their kids in Tree house chandanagar branch.  They are so greedy that they have a strength of around 90 kids in nursery and they divided into to 2 batches (9:00 AM - 11:30 AM and 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM), which happens in tutorials.

No individual care is taken to groom kids and teachers are not well trained. They don't even care to check if the child has eaten the snack box. 
One point which I hate the most is parents are not treated with respect even by the senior staff of the school.
They couldn't  keep up any promise  to which they committed before admission.
My kid is now not at all interested in going to school, in fact he is now scared of school.


ankr 2014-09-03 17:08:18


Yes I know this year Nursery classes are like Dark Jail rooms.
Last year when my Kid was in Nursery they even don't have chairs they made to sit on floor. I think  end of the year they got chairs and tables. But that too very congested tables.
I think now a days they are not allowing parents to see the classrooms as they have oversize all sections.
We need to spread these issues and also notify actual TreeHouse management.


sbon 2015-01-21 16:50:55


Hi All,

I totally agree with ankr and sriz4u about Tree house Chandanagar branch, it is worse Tree house branch. 

Teachers are very rude with parents, don’t know how they are with kids after we leave them.

Parents are not allowed in the class rooms.

You can’t speak to class teacher for small queries , it seems you have to stand in queue to meet principle.

They close the class rooms doors, it’s like dark Jail rooms.

To go to a section in LKG you need to cross many other sections  

Kids are not allowed to play

The previous Treehouse branch was very good.

Even my kid now not interested in going to school, I am feeling very bad for my kid.

I request and recommend parents not to join their kids in Tree house Chandanagar branch.


20101127 2016-01-26 00:59:06


Very true. The school was nice couple of years ago. Now they are money minded. They function hardly for 3 hours and half of the time teachers are noticed chatting with each other. They neither concentrate on children's studies nor activities. They just introduce the topic to children at school and expect every thing to be taught at home. If any parent raise a concern they tell that it is the problem with their respective child only. They tell the same with every parent.

20101127 2016-01-26 01:13:05


It's true that some of the teachers do not have basic knowledge about subjects they are teaching to kindergarten classes also. But the syllabus of one of the subjects is of classes more than expected. When parents ask them that the quick learning kid who answer every thing taught at home and do not answer about oral things taught at school then the teacher tells that the kids are very good in oral. Answer every thing at school. They teach oral stories and expect them to practice at home and when asked they ask to search in youtube. When we have youtube to use the technology why to send to Tree house?

20101127 2016-02-04 03:50:14


Alphabet writing is started in lkg and numbers names are taught till in ukg, which is a lot of pressure on kids

20101127 2016-08-02 13:39:39


Very true. Worst thing is teachers instead of concentrating on children's education and taking feedback from parents they conclude with every parent that the problem is with their child only and they close it by saying samething with every parent. Some parents who depended only on school education and believed the bullshit conclusion given by teachers have realised after changing the school that all that told by the school teachers n management is incorrect Thank God I have not depend on school and took care of my child studies. Else I would have been one among the parents who are suffering now

rmiskin 2017-04-11 18:21:40


Its true, pls do not consider this school. No games, no fun activities, poor English skills. many are un-qualified teachers.
School env is very bad. If your kid is absent for one day then they are not going to revise it. They simply give it as home work.
My kid teacher said to me that "If your kid is not studying well teach your self". They do not know how to teach childrens. 
They only look for fees. They remind you about the fee on daily basis once you join the school. They try to get all the fee within the 2 months. They do not give any chances to consider another school in between.
I had very bad experience with this school.


0402 2018-09-04 12:06:31


I totally dis agree with the above comments .The fee of course differ from mouth to mouth .But I can see drastic changes in my child in all the developments .None of the schools in this area does the events like tree house all in practical ways of teaching. There are no batches at all in the center. The fee is really affordable to each common man which include everything for full year. with lot of caring , attention and active staff & sub staff. Hats off to tree house play school chandanagar

0402 2018-09-04 12:16:51


I have joined my twince in this school they cry to go to this school everyday they are very happy no complaints so far .love this schoolŸ˜

Vijayranga 2020-06-02 13:23:50


Hi can someone pls explain hows tree house for 2nd standard? With fee details?? Plaaning to move my kid to Tree house. Thanks, Vijay

Vijayranga 2020-06-02 13:25:10


Hi, Can you pls help me with the teaching and fee for. 2nd standard in tree house, Chanda nagar now? Thanks, Vijay

Vijayranga 2020-06-02 13:25:28


Hi, Can you pls help me with the teaching and fee for. 2nd standard in tree house, Chanda nagar now? Thanks, Vijay


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