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mickey 2010-12-06 11:32:37


Hi Srinivas,

Yes , The school will have some oral assessment and see the previous year's report cards. If you are very sure of admitting your child next year, you can pay .

But why do you want to pay it so early ? I think , you can do it in the month of Mar or April for next academic year. Please talk to them and see if that is suitable or pay a nominal amount.



InduC 2010-12-16 14:26:17


Hi mickey,

Sorry hvn't been away for solmetime, so i wasn't in touch.

I was reading the threads on Sentia and one has complined of beating and spanking but you had clarified it. I too heard that they do not maintain a good hygenic condition for primary school. And, I was told by one parent that just don'tthink of the school. But i hv read at many places that you have a good image of the school s o just need your openion once again on Sentia Global, Miyapur. Another thing i hv read everywhere tht its expensive but i had called them once and they had told that its 40k p.a. Is there any other cost also whic h i don't know.

I got an e-mail from Chirech that there is no vacancy for PPII(UKG) and the fees was coming arounf 1.8 L excluding Lunch So i was thinking that i should not spend do much on the education itself and thougt to concentrate on the schoold between the range of 30-60k p.a. Where does your daughter study and howz that school?

I went to Bharti Vidya Bhawan, BHEL . They asked to come in Jan end to find out. Beyond that Vice proncipal didn't talk. It was not a very impressive school in terms of Modern infra but i guess students were good. I talked 2-3. Their comm skills were good and they were confident talking to a stranger like me. Beyond that i can't guess in just talking u see. But  i can't wait for this school. As they finalize in Mar and they give preference to BHEL employees and all. i got to know this from many people. Kindly suggest.

Also, I just called up Euroschool, Madhapaur. They have told that fees is just Rs 66,500 per month and Transport will be approx Rs 12,000 per month. There is no screening for Eurokids so please suggest me.

Another viewpoint on Mahaeshi Schoo. They told that their fees is Rs 25k p.a.

Looking forward to an early reply as I am planning to visit few schools on Sat.




mickey 2010-12-17 14:34:15


Hi Indu,

No idea about the current hygenic conditions of Sentia. Yes, my friend definitely liked this school when both her daughters were studying here. Apart from this, i have  received mails from 3 parents in my inbox who liked this school.

I would suggest you to visit the school personally and decide on this issue.. Currently my elder daughter is in Chinmaya Vidyalaya(CBSE), Begumpet and younger one is in Nasr(ICSE).

Yes, BVB's (BHEL) strength is too high. Euroschool is also good. It is quite stress free. The school however, does send the books home.  So please check out once again. One of my neighbours wants to change from Euroschool bcoz of the reason stated above but another friend of mine is pretty comfortable with the system.

I think you are referring to Maharshi Vidya Mandir in Kondapur. Yes, It is a good and economical CBSE school. However, you will not find a very posh look as compared to Chirec. MVM's Principal has recently received CBSE National Award. Pl visit this school tom(i.e sat). The school has been issuing forms. I don't know  the current status. Pl check out.  040-23111629, 23113196




Shyamk 2010-12-17 17:27:10


Hi Mickey/Indu,

We visited Sentia 2 weeks back. It is correct that the hygiene part seems to be an issue. The school is just 3 years old but not very well maintained. However, it didnt seem so bad also. I dont think hygiene would be a criteria (in this case) for not taking admission.




InduC 2010-12-18 20:20:39


Thanks Shyam,

This feedback will really help. However, I am going to visit Sancta Maria, Lingampalli . If I find ething , ok i will finalize that school tomorrow itself. As ths quite near to my place, good infra and I was looking for a Christian society school in nearby area as thts the fact those schools keep a focus on quality education. So far I was under impression that it is boarding school but then I called them y’day and they confirmed that it’s a day school only.




robinpatra 2010-12-27 02:01:55


Hi Indu/Micky and all,

My daughter is also 4+ & currently in PP1. I stay at chandanagar having same confusion. Just read a lot about schools in and around & discuss a lot & visited also schools.

I visited Kennedy global & silver oaks but didnt check on cement factory. To first impression they were looking ok.

I visited Oakridge but opted out bcoz of hi-fi school culture. Sancta Maria says they r like having coffee in TAJ(justification on 1st year school hi-fi fee)

I visited sentia/Chirec but found Sentia's only ground floor & 1st floor is constructed. I found building is under construction. looks like new school only.

I applied chirec & they didnt revert back saying no. DAV just saw from outside. didnt like much. DAV is opening in Madinaguda. Do u have idea when? Euroschool & DPS yet to check on. Sloka, having doubt that I dont know from 9th grade my kid will able to catch up CBSC.

Sangmitra I heard got 2 years waiting period.

Creek, I just discovered today only & will check on this. Meridian somehow I am not interested from begining.

Currently I have to check on Chirec,DPS,EuroSchool,DAV(madinaguda),creek.



mickey 2010-12-27 08:42:56


Hi Robin,

Euroschool is issuing the forms for all classes.Pl visit the school.  The only thing which it lacks is a big playground. The school beleives in stress free education.  So kindly check out,

No idea about the new DAV.

You can try for DPS  and Creek too.

U can prefer DPS or Chirec followed by  Euroschool and The Creek.



UStoHyd 2011-01-23 18:49:18


Indu and Robin,

Have you talke dto the management of Sancta Maria. What do you think of the school.We are looking for an International school with CBSE school . We narrowed in on Glendale but want to check out one more school. Not too keen on Oakridge due to the Hi Fi image and popularity with celebrity crowd.

There's little bit of inclination towards Sancta Maria thinking that since they are new and want to attrcat business they might pay  extra attention and also might hear to the concerns of parents.  Want to get opinion of others too on this. My kid will be going to 3rd grade.



hars 2012-01-17 13:16:00


Hello Sentia friendly parents,

We are moving to Hyderabad in 2 months from US and are hence looking for admission for both my children, grade 2 and pre KG. We will be staying in the hi tech city area and prefer international schools but not with exorbitant fees. Needless to say, there is time pressure to make sure we dont lose out on opportunity that in turn will affect the kids.

Can you please provide insight on

1. Admission deadlines for international schools?

2. Satisfaction rate with Sentia? What is the one thing that you dont like about the school? Is there any kind of physical punishment trend in school? How would you rate the extra curricular activities in the school?

3. What other international schools would you recommend?

Any information would help us in filtering and figuring out a school.




arati1 2012-01-20 16:23:50


 hi miickey,

  2years back no doubt sentia was no 1 school but now  everything has changed including the principal, she has no time to listen to parents problems . and the studies too is not good , the introduced xseed books which needs more activity sheets but nothing is being done . just like cooperate schools where they mugup everything .

as its strength increased this year only because of its infrastructure not any thing inside studies




arati1 2012-01-20 16:30:31










Vinayvasu 2012-02-12 06:44:19



I have visited Sentia school campus and I want to share some points that I noted about Sentia school. I am lloking for class 1 and class 4 admissions.

- The teacher student ratio is about 1:25 in all classes

- the building has G+3 floors. but I saw the 2nd and 3rd flrs are still empty.

- from interaction had with the principal, it looks like teachers are not available after the school for slow learners extra time from teachers may not be available. I also noticed that there is no proper public transport available to the location. so teachers might be using school buses to commute which does not allow them to spend time beyond the school hours.

- they were recruiting teachers for primary classes.



mickey 2012-02-12 11:14:39


 Hi Arati,

Both BVBs are different.



mickey 2012-02-12 11:22:29


 Hi Hars,
You could have a look at Sancta Maria (in Lingampally),
Jain  Heritage school in Kondapur (
Orchids , DPS or Chirec.
It will be a bit difficult to get in DPS& Chirec, but u could always try.




nos 2013-07-09 20:42:04


Acadamics in school r not really good, no revision is given tothe children before exams ,top of that they teach new topic on a day before exam. no proper planning regarding studies,no hygein at all,dont even provide soaps in the wash room all the time. washrooms r also not that clean, keep one bucket of water for the little ones and all washes their hands in the same water without soap. even the flushes r not working in the toilet.

 No proper music activity,no instruments teaching ,only wage songs without planning.


Askhi 2013-07-12 12:17:35


 I have relocated from Newzeland in 2011-12. My child is class3 at sentia, she is doing really good. Infrastructure is excellent and washrooms are neat and very clean. My daughter is quite happy. School is good for academics. There alot of progress is my child.


Askhi 2014-04-15 12:22:42


My son is in class 6 . He has been admitted to sentia in 2010. We moved from Delhi. I find the school doing good job when compared to his previous school in Delhi. Iam quite happy with the school . All communications are attended. We need to Email our concerns. We get response within 24hrs.

nandamuri 2016-02-15 15:20:51


yesterday i visited the school, campus is good but they are charging 1,30,000 for UKG>
60,000--Tution fee
30,000--non refundable fee
10,000-books and uniform
7,000--Activity fee
21,500-Transport fee,

Fees will be increased every year by 10 to 15%,


narasimha67 2016-02-19 10:02:49


initially i was also trying for sentia for my younger child, but the school did not have class X and i wanted to choose established school. my brother's daughter is studying in chirec (class IV) and she likes the schools very much. 
if you are shifting from US then i recommend looking for a school which has been established for at least ten years. hope this helps you -NS

gopal1 2016-06-09 15:25:27


Sentia is no more good school


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