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newuser 2010-03-11 09:09:07


Can any one give suggestion on how is Sentia The Global School which is located in Miyapur?


mickey 2010-03-11 13:37:59


Hi Newuser/abc !

It is very good. Teachers are very friendly and give more attention to children.My friends daughters are studying in class 6 and class 7. Fees will be around 80K.

I think Sarang , a parentree member  will be able to give u an  appropriate feedback.

He has admitted his daughter in Sentia last year. Go to this link and post ur query to him.




lyanamandra 2010-03-17 18:03:55


Dear Newuser / Mickey,

Sentia, for all it refinements, is also known for hitting and spanking children. Other minus being that the school is also not good on the extracurriculars' front given the fact that they charge a super high fee ( even more than the DPS, etc)




mickey 2010-03-17 18:38:34


Hi Iyayamadra !

Thats a strange thing to know about this school Such kind of punishments are banned legally. One would not expect such a thing from a school which charges so high fees.

Is your kid studying in this school ?

Have u brought it to the Principal's notice ?





lyanamandra 2010-03-17 21:34:00


Hi Mickey

Yes my kids do study in that school. One in the senior classes n other in the primary wing. Many parents are unhappy with this and yes, they did take it up with the principal /chairman too. In fact it appears as if the mgmt is also a great supporter of this practices.



lyanamandra 2010-03-17 21:36:44



Any idea on Chirec , DPS or future kids ?? Can you share any info that u know abt any of these schools. Which is the bst of them all ? This info would really help.




mickey 2010-03-18 12:54:08


Hi Iyanamandra,

All three are good. DPS and Chirec are CBSE schools and Futue kids is an ICSE school. But i doubt about the admissions in DPS and Chirec. You will have to go and verify. If there are vacancies available , u can make ur kids write the entrance test.

But the fees woud be more than Sentia i think.  It will more than 1 lakh.  As your children are already in CBSEschool, i think u should not put them in ICSE now.  By the way ,which classes are u looking for? If its primary , u can think of ICSE but not for middle school. You  will be unnecessarily stressing ur kids. My neighbour has shifted her daughter from SSC to ICSE.  Her child was told to repeat class 6 in order to cope up with ICSE 7th std in future kids.

Switching over from  CBSE to ICSE will not be that difficult than  SSC to ICSE.




lyanamandra 2010-03-18 13:51:36


Hi Mickey

Thanx for ur quick response.  I was planning to put my children in Chirec as i have seen that they have vacancies for a few classes for the cbse stream. For all our information,  when i verified the fee structures of both chirec and DPS, it had come to me as a surprise when i knew that both cost lesser than Sentia which is a new school. Chirec costs around 48k (ie. academic fee which includes books too) for class 2 and a subsequent 3k rise for every two classes. DPS costs 42k for the same class (academic fee) and they have mentioned it in their website itself. Overall this school move is because of the fact that i lost trust in the  Sentia school because of a few demeaning incidents.

Also i would not consider kennedy or silver oaks bcause of the high dust and pollution factor ( if u noticed, there are a few cement warehouses / factories on the way to these schools churning out cement and dust on to the roads which spreads across the  whole area )

I think being at miyapur, i would prefer chirec  because of the relatively less distance but i would like to know more abt the school because i dont wish to get surprises in future :)  Any specific positive and negative info that u know of would be of immense help.

Thanx a lot..







mickey 2010-03-18 14:11:29


Hi Iyanamandra,

Yeah, It would be a good choice in case u get admission. There are 4 children from our apartment who go to Chirec in classes IX, VI , PP1 , I .My friends seem to be satisfied. Anyway i will ask the senior kids regarding the punishments and their parents too today and let  u know .

But the fees ,i was told is around 1 lakh
(including mess and transport).  Kindly verify again.






lyanamandra 2010-03-18 14:26:55


Hi Mickey

I did enquire around a week back and that was how i came to know.

One time donation is 70k out of which 20k is refundable.  Academic fee including books is 48 k, Transport : 15k, Mess - 12k.


Rgds n thnx :)


 Former member 2010-03-18 16:12:07


Hi lyanamandra,

Would u like to share that in which class u r looking admission of ur kid? In my case, I went to the Chirec for admission of my kid in PPI, they had told us that there is no vacant seat in CBSE but in CIE, it's available. So, we had purchased the Prospectus of Rs 1000/- and then on same day they took the test of my child, my child had performed very well and then interviewed us and asked us to wait 4 one week for result. Yesterday, we got the mail that they cannot our child becz seats are fulled, and we should not come to School 2 discuss upon admission topic..

I wonder if Chirec seats were fulled then why they asked us to purchase their prospectus and took the test, then interview.

We preffered Chirec becz of proximity of our home.. and secondly i had heard a good name of the School. But please check and verify abt the seats..this i can tell u about my experience.


lyanamandra 2010-03-18 21:56:24



If you logged on to their website and saw the admissions page, there is a scroll bar saying that there are limited vacancies for classes 2 and 3 for the CBSE stream.

I dont think there are seats available for other classes.




vamshi 2010-03-23 20:59:31



Its great to know about school in hyd.

My two kids are in Sentia the global school.

We have relocated from florida in june-2009 and joined in Sentia. Inspite of different environment & academics my kids have pickedup beyound my expectation. 

They have participated in Gymnastics & Marshall arts in many inter school events & won medals & certificates.

I find the teachers are highly motivated & guiding kids in a great way .

My neighbours kids in other international schools have many complatints . But I am greatful to Sentia for all that they have given to my kids.



rj777 2010-03-24 03:21:50


Hi Vamshi,

We are also relocating from US to Hyderabad and looking for some good international schools. My son is going to join 1st grade / standard in June.

Could you please share some more info about the Sentia School. In other posts, parents have complained about spanking and other forms of punishment at Sentia. So I am a bit confused about it.

How was the transition for your kids from US school system to Sentia? In US, normally they do not have rigourous learning curriculum as they also focus on other extra-curricular activities. Was it easy for them to transition to the CBSE board curriculum?

As we have to make the final decision about the school for my son, your input and insight into this matter would be greatly appriciated.





mickey 2010-03-24 07:46:57


Hi Rashmi,

Day before yesterday I met my friend and her daughters at a  b'day party in Hi-tech city. Her  kids are studying in Sentia and asked her opinion and review  too. She is quite happy and the kids too don't have any complaints. The school will be extended till X very soon. Thats not a problem.

Yes such incidents of spanking and hitting do disturb us . Her two children are in class 6 and 7. Infact , one of her daughters is a slow learner but with the extra attention which is given to her , she is able to pick up things very fast. At home, she had to engage a special tutor who deals with such children. But now she doesn't require anybody to be with her constantly and make her learn or study. Teachers seem to be quite motivating as Vamshi  said.

I will reply to ur query too in the other discussion post ."Info abt 1st grade near Hi-Tech city'  soon.






mickey 2010-03-24 07:55:42


Hi Iyanamandra ,

Sorry to have responded late about Chirec. Yes, I did speak to my neighbours and they are quite happy . There are no such incidents of hitting or spanking. I spoke to the children too. Teachers will be a bit stern if required to deal with some kids in any school . As long as they are in limits and this doesn't disturb our children , that would be fine. 

I  would also like to tell u if u don't mind  that don't be in a hurry to change the school. You must have paid a handsome amount for both of  ur kids in Sentia. These incidents must have been some isolated ones. Do give a second thought before changing  their school.





lyanamandra 2010-03-24 08:58:30


Hi mickey

Thank you for ur feedback and suggestion. Thank you very much for your time too :)




vamshi 2010-03-28 18:30:57


Hi Rashmi,

i feel Sentia the global school is the best school in hyd . I have 4 reasons to support my arguments.

1. the school eith the student teacher ratio of 1:25.

2. best infrastructure with facilities for all extra curricular & cocurricular activities in midst of house of colonies

3. the only Global school in hyderabad founded by academician with more than 3decades of process experience.

4. My kids in euro senoir & class iv enjoy going to school ,they feel very sorry & dull on holidays .

Great school thanks to great teachers.



rj777 2010-03-28 19:22:39


Hi Vamshi,

Thanks for providing the info about Sentia.

We have now decided to enroll our son into Sentia.





mickey 2010-03-29 17:12:25


Hi Vamshi,

Will Sentia suit  a class 7 student from US ? As it follows CBSE curriculum , can the child cope up with second and third languages of CBSE ? In some CBSE schools , second language can be changed in 7th. In Meridian ,students can opt for French as second language from 7th which will be taught from scratch and third language as  Hindi/Telugu/Urdu/sanskrit. The third langage starts from class 5. So the child can cope up with the thrid language very easily .

Do u have any idea about the languages in Sentia ? Your feedback will help foreign students to opt for Sentia .





mickey 2010-03-29 17:15:01


Hi Rashmi,

Its nice to know that you could finally narrow down to a good school. Do keep us posted once you admit your son and keep posting  your valuable feedback too..



vamshi 2010-04-13 19:52:54


Dear  Mickey,

Hindi or Telugu are offered as second lang. & French as third lang in Sentia. My friends children from  US who took Hindi as second lang. have done well with liittle of extra effort for 3 months.

You may be knowing of all the syllabii today CBSE happens to be child friendly. Children with good English lang. skill couldnot find it difficult to cope up with CBSE. Planned activity in Sentia will defffiently be of great support for children.




mickey 2010-04-14 13:17:50


Thanks Vamshi.   Rgds.Mickey


MISHRAJAI 2010-04-14 18:19:50


Hi Friends,

I am looking for a school near Miyapur / Kukkatpally area . I reside in Hydernagar . She is now 2 years 7 months old. She has not attended playgroup before. Now we are planning to send her to nursery. I have been  to Bachpan (Academic Heights) at Miyapur and Sentia . I found Academic heights more convinient as of now and less costly. But would need your suggestion on other schools too in the vicinity which would be suitable for my daughter.






mickey 2010-04-14 18:41:37


Hi Jai,

Bubbles in Kukatpally has a  good review in this forum. Dotingmom has admitted  her child and is quite happy. You can follow this link and find her reply to Tuhi  on 13th april 2010 and also her review on bubbles in detail on 12th April 2010




vaishu2 2010-06-22 13:21:25


 DPS donation is very high. My kids are DPS secunderabad and I know one parent who shifted her son from Sec'bad to DPS Gachibowli. It was like a new admission again. Moreover, they were asked 2 lac donation apart from the regular fee. She ended up paying 80K donation as they tried recommendation channel.


Even Secunderabad DPS is asking for 3 lac donation from NRI parents. I don't see any value for money here. I too am planning to shift to Hyderabad next year and am enquiring about good schools. My kids will be going to 5th and 1st next year. I cannot pay very high fees or very high donation. So, am worried about it.


6 2010-09-02 17:33:47


Can any one give suggestion on how is Kidzee which is located in Nizampet?


mickey 2010-09-03 10:55:59


Hi M.Srinivas,

You can get in touch with Pavanisrinivas through parentree inbox . She had a bad experience with Kidzee at Bhagyanagar colony opp Kphb.  She will be able to tell you about Kidzee in that locality.

I heard DPS playschool at Nizampet is also good. You can also have a look at Bubbles and go through the below link for its reviews.

I have no idea about Kidzee at Nizampet road. Please take the parents' feedback whose kids are studying in that school. Please visit the school and talk to other parents and get convinced before you finalize .



Srini72 2010-12-06 11:19:30



I went to Sentia last weekend for taking admission forms for my Son who will go to 6th next academic year. I thought the school bilding and facilities are good; found teachers very friendly. We are moving from BLR to HYD

I have been told that admission test is not required as my son is in CBSE. The fee they quoted is around 60K per year to be paid in 4 installments. Also, they asked me to pay the first installment while submitting the application form to reserve the seat. Any feedback on this process from the members is highly appreciated.








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