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lalithakiran 2014-06-17 00:16:08


Hi mickey

i would like to know about the possibility for kids of civilians to get a seat in kendriya vidyalayas. Also what are the reviews of kv picket and kv thirumalagiri..how are the academics and communication skills..will the kids be on par with all these fancy schools which are emerging day by day..kindly let me know as fast as possible..depending on your reply i have to decide whether to join my toddlers who are 2.3yrs , in a play school first and wait for an admission in kv or join them directly in some good cbse school

valuable suggestions of all the parents are welcome

thankyou for your time

Vidur2909 2015-08-13 16:33:14


Hi lalithakiran.. Just saw ur post.. Can you tell me what was your feedback about KV picket or KV tirumulgerry vs other private schools... Please guide. Awaiting your reply. Veena

lakshlucky 2015-08-14 12:33:59



All the KV's are equally good but the only difference come s with the Performance So if you see that rankings - Uppal KV,  KV picket or KV tirumulgerry, KV Gachibowli always topped in Hyderabad.... if you want to get a seat- you need to see the notifications which will be released on Feb 2016. fee Structure is Affordable and minimal... ( Own transport+ 2500/- fees Per Year)

Other international Schools ( CBSE/ICSE Schools) they charge heavy but also equally good....to KV schools...
So if you are intrested to compromise on the financial end - go for good schools..... Getanjali, Nazr, Niraj International, DPS, Chinmay Vidyalaya... ( One Lakh In hand)

One thing if for sure-- Either of the parent/Grand parents MUST be always watch their actions, sit with them and check their actions, If we Provide all the facilities like ( Mobile, TV, Internet, bike) there are lot of chances he / she may incline and it would be difficult later stages. Let give them all but slowly and make sure they give importance to relationships rather than this plastic things.

Its better we our self sit and make them study or later repent.

So iam not much worried about the schools but will sure think about moral values, English standards, Praticals, Physical activities.


Vidur2909 2015-08-14 18:40:31


Hi Suresh! Thanks for the reply.. Really appreciate it... I stay near tirumulgerry, dairy farm road... What is your feedback about St. Andrews Bowenpally branch... That is the nearest school from our place... We visited suchitra academy but the fees is very high and so not very keen about the same... Was OK with Andrews fees structure which comes to about 62k... Hows the school in terms of education and extracurricular activities... Any feedback will be of great help. Thanks a ton. Veena

lakshlucky 2015-08-17 15:31:22


Hi Vidur

St. Andews is one of the best schools. One of my very close friends kids are studying there from a long time and he said the education is good and even the extra circular activities... you can go ahead with this school.


SunithaMurthy 2017-09-15 18:00:11



I am planning to join my daughter in one of the KV's from 8th standard. Till 7th she studied in so called good schools(charge more fees and not very keen on studies), now from 8th i am planning to put her in one of the KV's. Could someone tell me the best KV's in Hyderabad. We stay in Attapur.


ketankokil 2017-09-16 23:55:27


KV Uppal is one of the best. It is in top list.

Two areas of caution;

1- They will not get such good infra and language skilled teachers and classmates.
2- I m sure that you must be aware still Admission is tough, as they prefer Govt employee's kids only.


20162022 2021-11-27 19:36:12


Hi all, I want to join my kids in Kendriya vidyalaya in coming year. I am employed in autonomous body under Ministry of science and technology, under central government. What are the chances to get the admission in kvs Which is the best kv among Uppal 1, Uppal 2, and Thirumala giri KV. Reply for these are very helpful for me Thanks in advance


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