need feedback on EuroKids Chandanagar

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challa2007 2014-05-27 23:51:50


Hi, we want to join our kid in eurokids chandanagar . need feedback on this branch from parents , whose kids studying there. 

chessplay 2014-07-02 23:21:18


Hi Challa2007,
Did you get you kid joined Eurokids chandanagar? ever otherwise, would you mind sharing your findings?

bhk12 2015-12-21 17:52:57


Hi, My husband works in bhel. On transfer we shifted Hyderabad last year August. After reading good reviews about Eurokids, we joined my daughter lkg at Eurokids chandanagar. We really got disappointed with this school. Teaching process is slow. Teachers r the most worst part of the school. Toilets r too bad. Bus service also not good. We stay in bhel quarter. Its just 20 mins drive from school. But They start around 1:30 p. m and my daughter reaches home by around 3 p. m. By that time she had a nap for 1 hr and her clothes were wet because of heat in the bus. Also she use to vomit 3 times Atleast in a week. The grt part is. The helper in the bus doesn't even bothered about cleaning her hands or face. About teachers : only the principal has knowledge about subject or how to treat a kid. But she was busy with her personal work and out of reach most of the time. Others r not trained teachers. They don't even concentrate on individual kid. They r very good at blaming parents if we question them. Final Output: My bright kid was afraid of school and lost interest in schooling. This year we hv joined her in Bhel BVB and we r very happy with her activities, confidence and teachers. My daughter is back with her hyper activeness in every field. Though strength of a class is relatively high in BVB. It clearly shows the meaning of quality education with highly trained teachers.. I suggest u people before u join any school, just don't go by name or colorful infrastructure. Check the teachers and discipline of the school. They r the one from whom our kids learn and sometime imitate. May be Eurokids has improvised this year(i hope may be). I m writing this review because i dont want any other kid suffer like my daughter. As I said, check the faculty and school discipline of ur kid class personally before choosing the school. All the best parents......


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