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ravip 2010-03-04 13:57:11



                       can anybody knows about genesis school madinaguda that is near to miyapur how is it can i join my daughter in that school    please advise me as early as possible.




mickey 2010-03-05 18:23:38


Hi Ravi !

I have replied  to your query addressed to me in another discussion thread about Euroschool and Genesis. Posting the same thing here.

Euroschool is very good. Fees will be around 50K inclusive of transport and mess.

But they are shifting to another place . One of my neighbour's daughter is studying in Euroschool,Madhapur in class 6. She is quite happy with the school. The school gives equal imporatnce to extra-curricular activities .Tomorrow the school is having  Parent -Teachers meeting, i told her to find out  the details regarding admissions.

By the way, in which class you want  to get your daughter admitted ?

Genesis is a new school. Seems to be good from website details. Don't know much about it .

From I to V        CBSE board

VI to X               SSC board  (as given in their website)

My friend visited the campus of Genesis once and said there is no  enough play area for children. She wasn't satisfied and decided to join her daughters in Sentia. I spoke to her regarding Genesis now. She visited the school last year and suggested  to visit again to check if they have expanded the campus as it seems to be good now with many facilities.

But if you are in transferrable job or plan to move out of Hyd after  three yrs or so , do opt for a pure CBSE school and not a school having a combination  of CBSE with State Board curriculum. In X you will get a certificate from SSC board. Do confirm this with school if you are opting for Genesis.




nihsi 2010-04-06 19:08:28




Hi ravi , this school is good in academics they really pay lot of attention in studies .........but no extra activites .....they teach every sat some art and craft but my son never brought anything to home of art and craft ..........i m satisfied as far as academics r concerned but  not with sports ..........


kish1234 2010-11-11 15:06:22


Hi ,

Can i join my kid in Genesis school





JaiJai 2012-01-01 20:17:58


You can ...but try option with Sancta Maria which has been rated more Postively by other team members


URP 2012-04-20 16:12:32


Sacta Maria is NOT a school rather its a 5 STAR HOTEL and asking 1.5 lacks rupees for a pre-primary kid !!! What they are doing there ??? Rs 1.5 lacks for a pre-primary kid .... totally ridiculous



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