Schools in Hyderabad - Equivalent to schools of Chennai?

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crazytrek 2014-05-14 10:45:51


Hi Parents of Hyderabad


I have recently relocated to hyderabad and i have a 2.5 yr old daughter. Being new to the city, am finding it tough to sort good schools.

Am looking for a school which has a very high reputation in the city.

A very old school with a lot of happy alumni.

Huge campus with lot of space for children to play. (Few acres at least)

A school which focuses more on extra curricular activities and not stress kids on high marks, just to showoff thier pass percentage.

And definetly a school which is not business minded!

I would highly appreciate and be thank full to every parent, who replies and helps me out.. please also share links of previous that i could get info from them.

Thanks a lot.

BePositive 2014-05-14 14:10:26


Check this one!!, BVB.


crazytrek 2014-05-14 16:12:38


Hi tx,

I did chk BVP...its there any more schools? with less fees and good education??

Ashwin2014 2014-05-22 18:46:12


BVB fee is almost like free education compared to other schools in Hyderabad. But the old gems were St Pauls, Basheerbagh (Boys school), St Georges Grammar, St Andrews, HPS Begumpet, Little Flower (the IIT school once upon a time) and St Joseph.

Tough to know how they are doing these days. But they were classic during their times. Being a native of Hyderabad and having been in Chennai and Bangalore, I have to grudgingly accept that Hyderabad is ...ahemm.. a little on the inferior side when it comes to providing holistic education like the ones you are suggesting. The demand for schooling has far outstripped supply and the space has been filled by edu-quacks, intent on making quick buck cashing in on the desire of parents to provide quality education. Few of the older schools of this genre, who started in the silicon belt of Hyderabad (nizampet, miyapur kondapur madhapur),  have become cram schools, masquerading their 10.0/10.0 students. Specifically woeful in Hyderabad is the lack of quality teaching staff. The cram schools are intensely for-profit and want to break-even quickly post which they want to treat the school (business) as a cash cow. The teachers salaries in this case are the first to be hit and are the lowest compared to Chennai and Hyderabad. Another factor is the respect given to teachers by school Management by the new genre schools in the silicon belt. May be due to the fact that a large proportion of the schools have been started by builders who made it big in real estate, somehow teachers and teaching staff are treated like menials and this has roots in the parochial perspective typical of feudal roots.

Please try Montessori schools including taraporewala, which might help you meet your requirement of stress-free holistic education.

I don't intend to paint all schools in this area with the same brush and its an insult to the management and teachers of some of the schools like Sanghamitra who are dedicated, but for every kid who gets education in Sanghamitra, there are about a 1000 who don't get a seat. And the edu-quacks with their multimedia boards and 10.0/10.0 photos splashed across brochures are ready to trap you to promise you a cram-filled future.  And frankly my opinion after doing lot of research is that maybe its good. Our kids get a taste of real life in India which is singularly based on "elimination", which means either your percentage marks or your marks on the qualifying test. The reason being, the number of applicants trying to get a job and make a life is so huge that it does make sense for the hirer (TCS, Infy, IBM, Oracle, Accenture...) to really see the artistic capabilities of applicant. Who has the time - a simple test for those who score above 80% throughout can apply and after millions take the test, about a thousand are selected and given a job. This is the realism. And the edu-quacks to their credit are focused solely on this result. To hell with liberal/fine arts and creatives. Its for those who are inferior in some sense !!


crazytrek 2014-05-24 11:55:28


Hi Ashwin

Thanks a lot man for the detailed reply.

The current scenario of education is really pathetic, not only in Hyderabad, but also in other cities like chennai and blore as well. There are only few schools which still concentrates on value based education.

What is more important to the upcomming generation is Ethics and cultural values. Oflate, schools and parents, with so called broad minded thinking,  seems to forget to instill these, in young minds.

Whatever the kid may be educated into or which ever high funda school or university the kid goes to, end of the day, if there is no ethics or cultural values, instilled, the end result will be only a machines, is what we created.

So, am highly considered about schools which gives, this as importance. I dont want a school which has flashy boards showing 10.0/10.0, but i would give preference to a school which has huge play grounds and happy staffs.

Thanks again ashwin, i will definitely look into the schools you suggested.

Happy living
Varun :)

vibgyorMom 2015-02-17 08:40:36


Hi craztrek Which school did u zero in?

vibgyorMom 2015-02-17 08:44:39


Hi be positive Which Montessori is good in and around hitechquestion

crazytrek 2015-02-17 10:25:49


HI vibgyorMom
After a serious research i narrowed down to the following.. 

1. Vidyaranya
2. Gitanjali
3. Bhavans - Jubilee hills
4. Obul reddy
5. Sloka & Chirect (but they were slightly expensive)
Finally through lottery system my child got an admission into Obul reddy school.

Use this link to understand better... this organisation does authentic research... and many schools use thier research as a tool..



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