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146vis 2014-05-13 10:56:24


Hi Guys, Wanted to check the reviews and fee details of this preschool called kinderkare in gachibouli, hyderabad. 

 Former member 2014-10-13 11:55:14


Hi 146vis,
Did you get any details about KinderKare, can you please share the fee?

 Former member 2014-10-20 12:22:20


Hi Guys,

Everybody is busy, so i helped are fee details that i checked with Kinderkare personally..
for Toddlers and Play Group:10.5K/month(full day10hrs)+3k (one time registration fee)
Every year they increase by 10-15% 
Fee should be paid in 2 installments 6mnth and 6 mnths.
You kid joins inbetween, they adjust on per mnth basis.
They refund if you have any reason to move out of Hyderabad.
For Toddlers and Play Group, they have one room for each group..same room is used for eating and sleeping. For playing- same room + one big hall + sand pit area etc
Max 10 kids in each group.
They serve 5-6 meals/drinks a day
Staff is quite friendly
When you go to KinderKare to get details: Better go on Saturday- sat/sun is holiday+other holidays... otherwise on weekdays they are very busy. I think we understand that, if they are busy with you-- how they will take care of the kids.

I have one kid at home and i don't like people to come to my place at anytime, because it disturbs my kid's routine. Once kid will be able to understand and adjust to the changes, then I can do anything.

Thanks and have great time.



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