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kannat 2010-03-02 10:25:40


Please suggest me the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad/Secunderabad.We are shfiting from Chennai.My son is 3.5 yrs old and we are looking for admissions to LKG.(preferably montessori method of teaching).

Also,please inform me on the schools which have not closed their admissions.

Please, parents give me your valuable feedback at the earliest.

Warm Regards,



mickey 2010-03-02 13:35:52


Hi Kuleena,

Pebble Creek is a very well known Montessori in Sainikpuri,Sec'bad.You can know the details in its website

The choice of a school should depend upon the place where u are going to stay.It would be easy to suggest if u are looking in and around a particular area. A Hyd or a  Secbad school  will be  poles apart in terms of distance.

Generally the schools which i am mentioning below except for DPS pre-primary do not follow montessori method of teaching purely .They follow Froebel ,Montessori and some integrated methods.They are good at pre primary  and very good at primary and secondary level .

Chinmaya Vidyalaya (Begumpet), BVB (Jubilee Hills), Jubilee Hills Public School , P Obul Reddy Public School (Jubilee Hills), DAV (Banjara Hills), Sister Nivedita (Ameerpet)  ,Vikas -Concept school (near Kukatpally) are good and best CBSE schools  in the given order in Hyd.

There are other good  CBSE schools too with a high fees structure like Meridian(Banjara Hills),   DPS (Gachibowli(hyd) & Mahendra Hills(Sec'bad)),  Chirec ,  Sentia -The Global school (Miyapur i.e near Hi-Tech city),  Kennedy -Global School (Bachupally -near Miyapur) , Oakridge International School (CBSE in Hi-Tech city) . DRS International (Kompally),The Creek planet school( near Miyapur -a new school),SVIS (Sadhu Vaswani International School at Kompally).

DRS International pre-primary is at Begumpet,Sec'bad.

In Chinmaya,BVB ,Chirec admissions are closed. In JHPS too ,it would have closed by now for LKG.

You can get admission in Sister Nivedita in Ameerpet (12000+2500+admission fees(which will be told by Principal)).I have enquired . Admissons are going on.Schools website is .

You can  try in P Obul Reddy Public School, DPS (Sec'bad), Sentia ,Kennedy , DAV Public school, VIKAS -Concept School ,SVIS ,DRS International ,Oakridge (obul reddy school)    (DPS sec'bad)  (Sentia Global school) (Around 80K)   (The Creek ,Planet school)  (around 55-60K)  (Kennedy Global school) (around 45K)   (Vikas Concept School) fee structure is also mentioned  for KG and all classes ( 21K excluding Mess and Transport  for KG .   (International sadhu vaswani school at kompally )

There are also good KVs(Kendriya Vidyalaya) like KV Picket ,Golconda etc but only for 1st and above .

Hope this will help you.

Please decide a school in vicinity and you should approach the schools you are interested in ,  this month (i.e March).





mickey 2010-03-02 13:39:47


Hi Kuleena,

Admissions are going on in Meridian too.





kannat 2010-03-02 15:44:09


Thanks Mickey for your elaborate reply.Guess you have done a good research of all the schools.

Actually,what we thought was find the school and then decide the place to stay.My husband's office is in Banjara Hills Road No 1.

How is St Andrews School(CBSE)?

I am looking at a school where they give importance to extra curricular activities and studies.


mickey 2010-03-02 17:18:36


Hi Kuleena,

Yes , I did my homework  for my daughter's school !!  Well, St. Andrews is also a good school with extra -curricular activities.They were offering SSC before but now they are into SSC as well as CBSE. It has two branches in Sec'bad. Normally they issue admission forms in December and follow first come first serve basis for Kindergarten.

My cousin did her schooling long back from St.Andrews and is well settled after doing her MBA from a reputed institute.Students from this school have very good communication skills. I told my cousin to find out  the current feedback of the school.  ( fees )

The schools which i have mentioned too give equal importance to extra-curricular activities. But i think commuting from Sec'bad to Banjara Hills would be too tiring for your husband in Hyd traffic. It would be better for you to stay around Banjara Hills ,Erramanzil,Khairatabad,Somajiguda ,Mehdipatnam ,Punjagutta , Ameerpet  or Begumpet .May you can come down sometime to Hyd , see the distance and then decide the school accordingly.




kannat 2010-03-02 17:47:27


Any good schools around Khairatabad,Somajiguda ,Mehdipatnam ,Punjagutta , Ameerpet  ?


mickey 2010-03-02 18:32:53


Hi Kuleena !

Sister Nivedita in Ameerpet and P Obul Reddy and Meridian school will be closer to the areas you mentioned. Chinmaya ,BVB, JHPS, DAV BJ Hills are also closer but iam sure admissions into LKG must have closed by now. I know abt BVB, Chinmaya and DAV BJHills. Its closed. Nasr is also a very good ICSE school but its for girls.You are looking for CBSE school for your son.

You can try to contact the numbers on P obul reddy school's website and Sister Nivedita too. Sister Nivedita is also a good school . You can opt for Meridian if you can shell down around 80K. P Obul Reddy's fees will not be that high. You can also find a comparision  by savitri of Meridian Vs P.Obul Reddy (AMS)  schools in a discussion thread of parentree.

also see some reviews  of few parents of diff schools in

You can also look for Sloka school in Jubilee Hills based on waldorf system of education which is almost based on Montessori method of teaching as u wanted for your son.





Runa 2010-03-03 10:02:05


Hi Mickey,

I read all your information about the schools. That's really heplfull .Can you give me some idea about the DPS and how much is the capitation, is there really any capitation.

I am having a very heard time finding a school, and when I will reach Hyderabad mid of April, most of the schools will start. My daughter is 4 years old.

Can you plz give me some informations.




sumathur 2010-03-03 17:47:27


hi. ive joined parentree today and was looking for the same information. I have heard about chaitanya vidyalaya near tankbund. How is the school? the fee structure? And what is the admission age and criteria. My daughter will turn 2 on May31st. Do they have a nursery also? What is the cut off age for LKG admissions? Any info would help


mickey 2010-03-04 13:12:31


Hi Sumathur!

Chaitanya Vidyalaya is a well known ICSE school in lower tankbund behind Pingali Venkatarama Reddy  Function Hall.

The school is renowned for its out of the box ideology of -No uniforms, emphasis on extra-curricular activities , social service, and a very positive teacher-friend relationship.

The school is from PP1 .  Any ICSE school generally prefers 4+ yrs for LKG/PP1.

Your daughter is too small now. Try to put her in a playschool near by and then shift her to a good school next year in Nursery when she will be 3yrs old .

In fact you can try Nasr play school .Its good .It is not too expensive either .You have to pay Rs 5000 towards admission fee and Rs 4000 per term. i.e every month Rs 1000 .

So in all u have to pay 17K. I joined my daughter last year in the same play school after she completed 2yrs in June.

Teachers are good and take good care of children for two hours.They also have a daycare. Its in the same campus of Nasr pre-primary school at Somajiguda. The advantage of joining in this play school is , your daughter can get into Nasr pre-primary easily next year if you are interested. Pre-primary has Nursey,PP1 and PP2. It is also a very good ICSE school . The main school is at Khairatabad which is from I to XII .Its aGirls High School. Nasr is as such a very popular and well known school for Girls.It is secular.

I would suggest you not to hurry for a playschool now. Let her complete 21/2 yrs and then you can join her.





venkatbn 2010-03-04 14:10:54



HI mike ,Thanks for the info ,this is very usefull for us.

i have ve joined parentree today and was looking for the same information. my Son was selected in sister nivedita school for 4th std.Is it a good school? and i would like to know Chinmaya Vidyalaya begumpet  and Bavans Sainkpuri admission dates and procedure? Please help me




venkatbn 2010-03-04 14:14:48


tomorow my kid has an interview in Sister nivedita school.they told us the admission fee details will be given after the interview,what is the criteria to decide the fee?

is it based on parents earning capacity  or student merit based?

any idea , i am a home maker and my hubby is working in software company




suruchimathur 2010-03-04 14:28:10


Thanks a lot Mikey... as I read ur reply i see how naive I am .. i thought preschool and nursery were the same thing. So ...2 ys playchool...3ys nursery....4ys PP1/LKG ...and so that how it is?

Also Im a product of Nasr(right 4m PP1-10th) n i totally agree the school is great.  They play equal emphasis on education and extra activities. Plus teachers were all so great

Im quite keen on Chaitanya Vidyalaya for my daughter mainly coz ive heard so much abt their different way of teaching (just liek u mentioned)

Im planning to put her in Karan Academy playschool on rd no 2 banjara hills. its very close and have heard great things about it from few parents. I guess its better to take that up for preschool and nursery and then try for PP1 later.

Thanks for your info


mickey 2010-03-04 15:03:59


Hi Suruchi !

Nice to hear from you. Most of the schools give admission forms for PP1 in Nov/Dec. So , try after  two yrs in Chaitanya ,if u are planning to continue Nursery in Karan Academy. Its a long way !!

I also want to know more about Nasr High School. As you have already passed out from this instituion ,i would like to know from you regarding the following  things-

1. Did studying in ICSE benefit you  in entrance exams ? To which Board did u switch over after X ?

2. Is the management partial towards minority in Higher classes ?

3. How is the school  environment ? I mean the general attitude of staff and students ? I know the girls from this school are quite smart,bold and confident ,many a time head strong too ...

4. Were u very stressed out in X with ICSE syllabus ?

5. Did u anytime feel that studying in a Co-ed school would have been better than  a Girls High school ? Did you have interaction with boys of different school from time to time ?

Your feedback would help me to decide  about this school for my daughter.











some14u 2010-03-04 15:40:08



          i have alrady attended this schools interview ..... but it was for standard one .

fee is same for all.

n i think 35k to 40k is addmision fee n rest . exatly i dont remember caz we too were not given the details . just had a look on a fee paper.but i think its nominal its not based on any criteria. so dont worry n all the best for all.

my son got through but we dint go for it .




mickey 2010-03-04 15:42:27


Hi Venkatbn(Sunita),

Sister Nivedita is a good  CBSE school and is comparatively a small school . Fees is also less. The admission fee is told by the Principal after the entrance test . It will definitely not be more. I have no idea regarding the admission fee. I heard , the selection is based on merit.

 Chinmaya Vidyalaya is the Best CBSE school in Hyd now. It has been rated as the top school.Lays lot of stress on Indian culture , value education ,academics and also extra-curricular activities. It is a non-profit organization and hence the fees is also less. Chinmaya's current annual  fees for class 3 to class 5 is Rs 15,600 which can be paid in 3 instalments of Rs 5,200 .They might charge extra during admission approx 15-20 K.

I have written in detail about Chinmaya Vidyalaya in a discusson thread "schools in and around Begumpet" . Please  follow this link.

Regarding admissions we have to enquire this month end or so ,in Chinmaya and Bhavans depending upon the vacancy. You child will have to write the entrance test in April or May . You can call on 040-23418012 (Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Begumpet) to find out.

Bhavans Sainikpuri is also good.My daughter's friend studies there. She says it is similar to BVB Jubilee Hills. I think the fee structure would also be same. Around 40-45K.




sumathur 2010-03-04 16:38:10


Hi. r ur answers

1. I took up my +2 in villa marie which is IPE.  ICSE does help in +2. I feel u could cope better than SSE students

2. though u cant deny the minority influence(their uniforms for example). management was never partial while i was there. Dont knw to what extent teh influence exists now. The principal has changed now. Mrs Madhubala Kapoor was a senior teacher for our batch, and trust me if shes the principal now, the school is in excellent hands

3. The school env is excellent. Students r encouraged for extra activities a r mostly all rounders and very smart and thats why mostly misjudged as "headstrong". ive received similar responses from ppl around me. LOL. but trust me it does more good than harm.

4. I was never stressed. There is never any unessary pressure 2 excel. But ISCE is surely more difficult compared to CBSE and SSC. during my classX i  took spl classes after school at premisis which helped me a great deal. i ended up with a distinction :)

5. co ed. We never missed that in school and i feel its not tht imp at school level. spl with the kind of girls nasr produces its not tht bad to b in  a girls school. i feel but  once in college it shld b coed so ur well equipped to handle the world in the future. after al there r no girls offices anywhere :D


venkatbn 2010-03-04 16:50:30


Thanks Mickey,The information provided you is really helpful to us. you are really helping us

i will let you know After attending the interview at sister nivedita tomorow


mickey 2010-03-04 17:06:26


Thanks a lot  for ur feedback Suruchi. So I can think of continuing my daughter in High school too.

Another query...

Can a student score above 90% aggregate  in ICSE board in X ?

In CBSE, its possible. Don't know about ICSE ?






mickey 2010-03-04 17:13:22


Hi Venkatbn(Sunita)

All the Best !!  There is Neeraj Public School in Ameerpet (Central Book shop lane ,beside Country Oven bakery  or Opposite to Hotel Green Park in Ameerpet). It is a very good ICSE school and has topped in ICSE result last year. You can have a look if interested. Fees will be around 40K.




venkatbn 2010-03-05 11:51:22


Thanks Mickey,

My sone got admission in sister nivedita and ther donation is 30 k ontime payment + 2500 ever year + 15 K ever year in 3 insatllments,but my 1st prefference is chimaya and second is bavans sainikpuri and this is my 3rd prefference.if you know any information regading the above schools,let me know.




cubhatia 2010-03-05 11:58:16



How about DPS Hyderabad , the one near Gachibowli, any feedback?

Is it a franchisee or DPS society?



some14u 2010-03-05 12:03:45



             U r looking for which grade?

as per heard DPS is a good school i had heard from 2 parents in my contact they said its good one . the teacher n studing is good as well as they take a very good care of kids.

any more information u will definetly get from our expert Mr mickey.



cubhatia 2010-03-05 12:08:25


I am loking for Nursery which is actually LKG in DPS Hyd parlance. After nursery they have prep and then Class 1. I want to have a long term approach and want to do my best in taking the right call first time around


some14u 2010-03-05 12:16:20



        ur approch gr8 n very true . at in these case the child doesnot suffer moving around. we doo think the same a understand ur approch.

well but i dout the addmision for LKg n all r done with DPS . n in case u have gone through the selection n all . then i think its good the school n the atmoshere all is gr8. but the LKG section is in Begmpet rt. i have seen the primises n had talk to the parents its cool . id u need something in details i will try.



mickey 2010-03-05 14:32:38


Hi Venkatbn/Sunita,

Congrats for ur son's admission. If possible ,talk to the management and hold them for sometime without paying the fees till March end or April first week. By that time you will know the avaialbility of seat in class  4 for your son in Chinmaya or BVB. 

I have given the details about Chinmya and BVB school in this same discussion thread  addressed to you along with fees of Chinmaya .

Please go through this link to have a detailed review abt Chinnaya.

Regarding admissions we have to enquire this month end or so ,in Chinmaya and Bhavans depending upon the vacancy. You child will have to write the entrance test in April or May . You can call on 040-23418012 (Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Begumpet) to get more details. BVB Sainikpuri is also good. But please don't  rely on admissions completely in these schools as it depends upon the vacancy and entrance exam.

"A  bird in hand is better than two in  a bush. "  Just  try and hold Sister Nivedita's Mgmt for sometime and see if you  can get any positive vibes from these two schoools ,you are interested in.






mickey 2010-03-05 14:59:00


Hey Some14U,

Trying to pull me huh ?? I am taking it as a complement !! Thank you.

I had done a  lot of survey/homework for my daughter's school.Had gone personally to schools and met many of my friends whose kids are in different schools. So I keep  getting feedback from the wide circle of friends and cousins I have.

A platform like parentree would have definitely reduced my anxiety and burden to  a great extent  then !! It is like a boon to the parents to discuss various issues.

I know how it feels when u start searching for  a school . You land up draining your energy at the end of the day ..that too  you are left  in a state of constant  indecisiveness !!

So I like to share information with others and also help them  in whatever way I can.

By the way this is Mrs.and not Mr. Mickey......I am a mother of two kids...

You have given a very  good comparision about CBSE Vs ICSE in one of the discussions. Let me also know whether is it  easy to score above 90% aggregate in ICSE ?




mickey 2010-03-05 16:23:04


Hi Cubhatia !

DPS Gachibowli is a very good CBSE school. Two of my neighbours are sending their daughters in Nursery and Prep. They are quite happy with the school. But this school is in news for its fee hike often. Recently many parents from DPS have protested the Fee hike in public. However it was from a different branch. All DPS schools will be affiliated to the main one in Delhi , I think so. If you are very particular about  this, i will find out.

The fees will be around 1lakh for DPS including Mess and transport.  DPS Sec'bad admission list is on display for Nursery,Prep and class 1.

You may have chances if  there are any drop outs in DPS Sec'bad.

You can also enquire in DPS Hyd .But ring up before 12 noon to DPS ,Hyd regarding admission into Nursery as the staff will leave by 12 noon.Below are the numbers of DPS ,Hyd .

040-20046204, 20046205, 32506005, 32506006




sumathur 2010-03-05 16:49:45


hey mickey. 90% plus is difficult. very few do get it in ICSE. but if u get an 80+ in ICSE its equivalent to 90+ in CBSE. Like I said it is more difficult than CBSE n SSC .... But why push kids for 90+. I feel a distinction is only thing tht shld matter in the long run.....

and if i remember right during my college most of the colleges had different cut off for ICSE since its a well known fact tht its more difficult. mayb u shld chk if they still do that.

Also abt continuing in hig school in nasr.... i am a 96 passout so surely things have changed. So mayb u shld cross chk abt the "minority" factor coz ive also heard abt it but not sure if it exists now. Thats the last thing ud want for ur daugher :)


some14u 2010-03-05 16:53:15


Hi Mickey

OH! i m sorry ! so u r mrs Mickey ....... good i m also MRSof  my husbands .just kidding .
actually i was not pulling dear its really a complement to u that u have n keep all this imformation . i can undersatnd what u must have gone through while searching for schools . i m still n the same boat rt now. but still i heartly say u r doing a excellent work . helping parents in such a big stage its gr8 . And 4 this i would pray to god rt from the deepth of my heart that ur Daughters will b the best as their mom. n will definately achive the target u need. all the best to both of them .

ya the main thing i found something which u may already have but still ...........
i dont know exactly what r u looking foe so. again i m not expert as u in RND ...... (reserch n development).once again thanks for all u do for all.




mickey 2010-03-05 16:58:47


ThanX Suruchi. I know its dificult to score above 90% in ICSE . I will have to find out about the cut off % in colleges currently. If ICSE also introduces a grading system like CBSE for X and XII  ,the burden and stress on students will definitely come down.

I have lot of time  to decide whether to continue in Nasr or not . I have to talk to parents and students who have passed out recently or still pursuing their studies in this school. Got to be on the job now !!

Thanks once again.






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