Suggest Why should I join T.I.M.E. School Bandlaguda campus - Hyderabad

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Naveen15 2014-04-07 16:07:33


Hey all,

Myu kid is 4 yrs old and I am looking for a good school. Some body suggested me T.I.M.E. When I asked him why should I choose that school, He did not had an asnwer.

I would like to know some real good suggestions why should I choose that school keeping in mind that its new and going to start its first session in June itself. We do not have any thing to see, benchmark etc. Is it not good to just wait and watch for one year and see their performance and then we will be in a better position to judge?

cuatro 2014-12-29 11:27:04


Hi Naveen,

I recently(Dec-2014) visited the school to know about the school.

I must say that the only ways in which you could know about the school or any school is by:
1. Talking to parents of the children in the school
2. Talking to the principal/management
3. Visiting the school personally
4. By doing background research of the founders and teachers of the school

Since the school is new you are left with 2,3 and 4 options here. If you go by the management, then TIME has got a bunch of visionaries in education and business which ever way you want to view them. They are from core B-school background, who always knew their numbers. However they also started imparting education thats required for Management schools in a very competitive environment.

Having said that, they do run their schools like business units and make it a part of a large chain churning out the required revenues.
In this scenario they do employ some serious education professionals with deep experience. I met the principal here, seems to be nice. Also she has heaps of experience in running schools.

The rest is all the regular stuff that any school gives.

One interesting aspect I found was that they teach something called "Life Skills" as a regular subject. Not sure if all schools have this. But I felt it was important and could potentially be a differentiator.

The premise is that any school
- does give admission (I mean gone are the days when you need to queue up at the schools for admission and be worried about missing admission dates and worry about what it my child doesn't get admission in a limited number if "GOOD" schools.)
Bottom line - you have the money to pay, you get admission in mostly above average schools in the city.

- would charge on an average 1 Lac per child per year(of course the snobbish variety of schools do double it or triple it depending on 'Snob' value :-)



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