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bgandhi21 2014-03-15 00:13:09


My name is Bhakti and I have two daugthers of 10 Yr old  (currently in 4Th Grade) and 5Yr old (Currently in Kindergarten ). 

We are moving in this May- June 2014.

 We are thinking to settle down in Hyderabad could you please help me with the admission process  for a year 2014-2015. Since we are in US right now, we cannot visit the school now for the tour, in that case how do we proceed on.
 The first thing anybody who wants to move is to start looking is school. We are new to City and wishing to settle in Madhapur, Gachibowli area.

Can someone suggest me good CBSE SCHHOLS IN THEASE AREA.

 Looking forward for your answer and help.
Please give me the best number, time and concerned person's name whom I can call and talk in detail regarding the same.
Bhakti Gandhi

poseidon 2014-03-15 12:42:55


Hi bhakti, i think u mst try for DPS Gachibowli branch,i hav heard lot of good reviews about it.

pinny81 2014-03-16 16:02:53


Hi Bhakti,

You might want to try for Phoenix Greens Gachibowli-kokapet. Admin Incharge there is Monika -Contact details : Phone +91-40-64637100/01/02 ,  School timings : 8.30 am to 3.00 pm IST.

kimthejim 2014-03-17 11:58:42


School Admission are a nightmare and it can be fairly expensive. 

DPS school semester has started and admission closed. At least that is what they told me. have unofficial 4 lacs for management quota. 

Am trying for Chirec now and that is as expensive as oakridge. 

My suggestion keep aside around 4 lacs per kid per year to get into a decent school. this would include cost of term fees, admission fees, transport and food.  

sowmyamurali 2014-03-17 15:43:17


Manthan is one school which gives admissions through out the academic year. Many NRI kids are studying here and I saw good reviews for this school in this forum.
They said this year a new campus will be started at Tellapur which is close to Gachibowli but people who visited the site gave feedback that the construction has not even started yet.
Other branch is at Madhapur.


bgandhi21 2014-03-17 16:44:14



I  have narrowed down my search on Phoenix greens and Rockwell international .

could anyone tell me which is the best among the two.

Manas1980 2014-03-19 02:39:48


Hi Bhakti,
Just like you, We are also returning Hyderabad from U.S. with two kids. My son will be completing his first grade in June, but we are planning to come back somewhere in May. I have shortlisted four schools ( DPS, Chirec, Oakridege,  Manthan) as we will be staying in Gachibowli. Though we didn't take any tour as we are still here, but we are planning to take a tour of the school, meet the teacher (if possible) once we are in Hyderabad.
I am not so sure whether it would be beneficial or not, I am planning to repeat first grade for my son, so that he gets comfortable with Hindi (as Hindi would be basic in first grade than compared to second grade ). Though, I know initially he will feel bad, but it would be good for him in the long run. It's a big change for kids. It would be helpful, if you can share any feedback about the above-mentioned  school, esp with regards to teacher's attitude towards students.

bgandhi21 2014-03-19 05:47:11


Hello Manas,

The  reviews for oak ridge is good but the fees look like money-minded business as they are asking 2lacs as a one time fees. DPS - I have heard good reviews and it had maintained its standards but the teacher- student ratio is 28:1 which I think it's a bit high as our kids are moving from here and would need done attention as per studies.
Chirec - good reviews about school but management is very rude and slow in responding .
lastly manthan - no idea it's not in myshortlisting.
Schools which I have narrowed down is pheinix greens and Rockwell international school. They are welcoming ,easy to talk and admissions can be done while you are here without visiting the schools.inbox me if you need to talk or need any more info


xenon 2014-03-20 16:10:17


Hi Bhakti

As you already shortlisted 2 schools Phoenix Greens & Rockwell

I suggest Phoenix., as they've very good infrastructure & play grounds with positive reviews around unlike Rockwell which is situated on busy Madhapur area with limited open area for kids to play !



Manas1980 2014-03-20 23:48:03


The fee of Oakridge is way too high, esp when you have two kids. The school should be worth enough to spend that money, if the education standard is high, if they have better qualified teacher /extra -curricular activities than other schools, or if  they are following the international pattern of education, as getting international books is not enough they should know the strategy how to help kids to be innovative rather than to be a book worm than I am okay to spend the money on Oakridge or any International school.
Right now, we are just planning to get our son enrolled in any school near to Gachibowli either it is DPS, Chirec or Phoenix and move him to a good school in next academic year.
I think we cannot  judge any school from here , we will know the real situation after taking atour, talking to teacher and using our own judgement. I will keep you updated once I reach hyderabad somewhere in first week of May.

khima 2014-03-22 10:12:08



Shekharc100 2019-03-01 04:21:30


Finally which school you shortlisted and which is the best international school as per current situation in Gachibowli area.


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