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pavanisrinivas 2010-02-24 13:39:23


 Hi mickey,

                     Can u pls help me in comparing the schools that i am considering to join my kid in LKG. DAV public school kukatpally, Kennedy global school bachupally and The Creek .

My son is presently studying in Bachpan play school kukatpally in nursery.

Actually we did not decide yet whether we'll join him in other school from kg or from 1st std.

Seeing ur expertise in information abt schools, i want to take ur suggestion.

I feel thankful to Parentree for creating such a platform for parents to share their concerns.


mickey 2010-02-25 15:36:43


Hi Pavani !
Thank you for the complement .I don't  think I am an expertise ...I am just sharing information whatever I have with other parents. I had  done lot of survey about different schools for my elder daughter. I have a wide circle of friends/cousins  whose children study in different schools, so I keep getting inputs from them.

When I was searching for a good school for my elder daughter I badly needed reviews about the schools  I was interested in. I had to go personally and take the feedback from the schools.

A platform like parentree then, would have helped me a lot  and would have reduced my burden/anxiety to a great extent..
 Parentree is like a boon for parents who like to have  quick reviews about schools ,give  their feedback  and also discuss parenting issues..

Regarding the schools u mentioned....DAV is a good CBSE school . I don't have much idea about The Creek and Kennedy . Anyway let me see if I can find out...and give you a comparision..

I will get back to u soon..




Hasu 2010-02-26 13:37:13


Hi Pavani

I am sridevi, I want to join my 4 year old son in Bachpan Kphb, can you suggest me that whether it is good or to think any other play school.

I will be waiting for your response.






mickey 2010-02-26 22:52:19


Hi Pavani,

I spoke to my friend whose neighbour's children are in Kennedy high school near Kukatpally. Its a CBSE school. Parents were not happy with the staff  and they were not happy with the school. But they said the Global school near Miyapur is good.

 Fees is around 55K including caution deposit and annual fees in Kennedy Global school. Admissions are going on and will close by March 1st week.

The Creek is  a new school .You can go to its website
and fill the enquiry form . They will send all the details including the fee structure.Admissions are going on.The campus looks very attractive and lush green.Not much is known  about this school.I have been told the  fees is around 55-60K.

There is one more school near JNTU called Sangamitra which is better than DAV.

In DAV fees is around 30-35K. The Creek and Kennedy Global schools have better infrastructure and facilities as compared  to DAV.






pavanisrinivas 2010-03-01 13:49:16


 mickey....... thanks a lot........ ur information is useful. I will surely take a decision considering information given by u ..... bye for now.....


Hasu (sridevi) ........ bachpan is a nice play school for kids...... my personal experience with my son is very positive becoz last year my son was in another school in bhagyanagar colony in playgroup........ that school was not at all successful in gaining kids interest ..... then i personally saw many schools which r located in kphb 1st road .... met one of the parent of a kid in bachpan....... then i joined him in kukatpally branch that is near to us in nursery...... activities, study system and everything else is good. 


Hasu 2010-03-01 23:15:05


Hi Pavani

Thanks a lot.  I will plan my kid to join there.




maveris 2010-06-08 12:19:36


Hi Mickey,

I am planning to join my son inn Ladders school according to my budget. Could you please tell me about this school if you know? is it good school in respect to studies, language and extra curicullar activities

Thank in advance, Maveris


mickey 2010-06-10 09:37:18


Hi maveris,

Yes, ladders is a good school. It is also  having an AC campus. I think you can go ahead. I have heard good reviews about it. I will try to find out more details with respect to studies ,language and activities.

Could u please tell the fee structure of this school too?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was too occupied .



Phanisree 2010-06-10 16:51:23



Do you want to have a look at Prodigy, near DMART, Malaysian township.



6 2010-09-03 14:07:09


Hi Mickey,

I am planning to join my son in Kidzee, Nizampet because it is near to my house. Could you please tell me about this school if you know?



mickey 2010-09-03 14:35:18


Hi MSrinivas,

I have already replied in the below discussion post.

I will post it again. 

You can get in touch with Pavanisrinivas through parentree inbox . She had a bad experience with Kidzee at Bhagyanagar colony opp Kphb.  She will be able to tell you about Kidzee in that locality.

I heard DPS playschool at Nizampet is also good. You can also have a look at Bubbles and go through the below link for its reviews.

I have no idea about Kidzee at Nizampet road. Please take the parents' feedback whose kids are studying in that school. Please visit the school and talk to other parents and get convinced before you finalize .



vizzi 2010-10-03 08:35:03




we are planning own flat in daughter is studying in aurobindo international,which is play way method.she is in 1st class,at this stage she knows only alphabets,numbers three words please suggest a school in chandanagar which follows the same curriculam,&can get seat easily




mickey 2010-10-03 10:13:10


Hi Vizzi,

Euroschool in Madhapur would be suitable. The school does not stress the children much and are taught in a playway method.  You can go through its website before visiting this school. However it doesn't have a big playground. It follows CBSE though. Aurobindo follows ICSE. You will not find ICSE schools  in and around ChandaNagar. You can try in FutureKids in Nanakramguda which is a ICSE school.  I doubt if they follow a playway method. I am not aware of it.

If you are interested in playway method, you can try Waldorf system which is followed in Prerna Waldorf school in Telecom Ngr , Gachibowli and Sloka Waldorf School.

Sloka though very good would be far for you. It is in  Aziz nagar (on Chilkoor road).There are children who go to this school from Hi-tech city too. It takes 35 to 40 min.

If you want to know more about Waldorf system please go to the following link   Tel: +91 08413 235050 (Grade School at Aziz Nagar) Prerna waldrof school - 040 23545930 Tel : +91- 040 -32519742/  9959555342  040-65888855  / 040-64523377

Generally the schools give application forms for class 2 depending on the vacancies  in the month of Feb/Mar/Apr. Kindly call up these schools and find out.

If interested you can have a look at Genesis International which follows CBSE till 5th and then State board till 10th  , The Creek in Bachupally (CBSE) and Sentia-The Global in Miyapur. (CBSE)

Children are enjoying in Sentia as it offers many extra-curricular activities as well.

Out of the above three, you can prefer Sentia followed by Creek and then Genesis.

Please visit the schools, talk to the counselors as u have lot of time to decide .

Admission to all the above schools is easy except for Euroschool. But if you approach them before the academic year begins, the chances are bright.

Good Luck,



vizzi 2010-10-04 13:39:00




thanxs for ur valuable information.sentia fees are like 80 k,creek is 60 k,but my budget is around 35 to 40k.can u please suggest a play way school ,whichsuits my budget

                                                                                                 thanxs regards,



mickey 2010-10-04 14:02:02


Hi Vizzi,

You can try Prerna Waldorf school at Telecom Ngr, Gachibowli.

It will be in your budget. Their term fee is 7K*3 + around 30K is one time admission fee. Please check out.  They will have some annual fee as well.

Sentia's fee this year is 55K +transport.  Did u check out the fee details personally ?

You can also try MVM (Maharshi Vidya Mandir,CBSE) at Kondapur which will be in your budget. You will not find playway method here. As such CBSE schools  are not stressing much these days  for pre-primary and primary after the intoduction of grading system. So u can check out this school too. 040-23111629, 040-23113196




vizzi 2010-10-04 14:15:01




thanxs.i am happy with ur replies.can u tell me the distance from madinaguda to waldorf prerana waldorf school

                                                                                      with regards,



InduC 2010-10-04 15:17:38


Hi Mickey,

As all hv said above, you seem to have generated a good amount of information and which is a boon to parents like us. My son is 3.9 yers old and goes to Euro Kids, Chandanagar, LKG ( Euro Junior). I want to put him to proper big school from next year onwards so that he’ll be ready for the class 1. And, it may also help me in getting admission easily compared to std 1. Like vizzi said, my son also has been brought up in playway method. Like he is still learning to write alphabets and numbers and can identify them as per his mood only. So I want to put my child in a school where they don’t push the child very aggressively and there is a good mix of acad and e.c. activities the way it is followed in DPS, vasant vihar and DPS R K Puram  ( both Delhi). I want your opinion on Chirec, Maharshi ( Kondapur), Bal bharati in BHEL, Lingampalli. Do you think Euro school is actually good? Which DPS wil be nearer from Madinaguda, Chandanagar? What is your opinion on Genesis? I heard that its just the name international. They burden the child a lot. Everything they send for parents to get it done from the child. Many children from my building go to Genesis. Also I have an adverse opinion on Kennedy. One of my known was a teacher there and she didn’t give a good opinion for the school esp for the senior class; she wasn’t having much clue on tht Same for the Silver Oak. They just have a good infra to lure parents but no good methodology to teach. Please give your opinion. These are just the names which I knew , sp pl suggest more. I am going through the website of creek and prerna waldrof which you had given in previous blog.   So many questions, please reply as per your convenience.   Regards Indu

mickey 2010-10-04 15:53:00


Hi Vizzi, The distance from Madinaguda to Gachibowli is around 10km and the drive would be around 20 to 25 min. You can see google maps too.



emily 2010-10-04 21:21:53


hi Mickey,


I am new to this forum.  As other members have mentioned, you seem to have a great amount of information about  schools in hyd.  We are planning to move to hyd by next academic year and are looking for good CBSE/ICSE schools for our 7 year old daughter (will be 8 by the time of admission)  in and around KPHB.  Do you have any info on Kennedy Global and when does their admission process begin?  Also, is kennedy high different from kennedy global?




mickey 2010-10-04 22:03:45


Hi Emily,

Kennedy Global at Bachupally is far better than Kennedy High School in Kulatpally.

Admission process  for higher classes start from Feb/Mar/Apr. It also depends on the vacancy and the school.

You can get in Kennedy Global if you approach early. You can also try in Sentia -The Global in Miyapur and The Creek. Nasr-Girls will be very far for you if u are staying at KPHB. I have  seen your post about this school in another discussion thread too.

Getting in Nasr-Girls(ICSE) at Khairatabad purely depends on vacancy. Its very difficult to get a seat in Nasr-Girls. You will have to wait till Apr'11 or enquire in the month of Feb or March 2011 for the current status.





InduC 2010-10-05 10:20:36


Hi Mickey,

i was waiting for your response.

Kindly reply and give your views on Euro School.




mickey 2010-10-05 12:34:55


Hi Indu,

It is easier to admit your child in Class 1 than UKG in schools like Chirec , DPS, Bharati Vidya Bhavan, BHEL. In class 1 , there will be additional vacancies and the chances are bright. Admission in LKG is infact easier than UKG.

I would suggest you to continue with the same school till UKG and try for class1 for next year as such.

Euroschool is very good. My friend's daughter is studying here. You will not find any playground though.  Education is quite stress free. 
040-65888855  and 040-64523377

DPS Khajaguda is also good. You will have academics and extra-curricular activities. It is around 10 to 11  kms away from Madinaguda/ Chandanagar. The drive would be 20 to 25 min as there is not much traffic on that route.

Chirec is equally good. It is around 7km away from Madinaguda .

Please call up DPS and Chirec this month and find out the admission status for UKG. You can prefer Chirec first.

When you already know about Genesis and Kennedy , why to go for these schools. These days many schools are just putting a tag of being International  to lure the parents. Genesis follows CBSE till class 5 and then follows SSC till X.

Silver Oaks, I heard is near cement factory and some parents haven't preferred it bcoz of this reason. Please check out. I haven't visited this school personally.

I also suggest you to have a look at Sentia -The Global in Miyapur and The Creek in Bachupally.

UKG admissions in these schools will not be a problem. Kids are not stressed much in Sentia. They have many activities. My friend is quite satisfied with Sentia. Her  son is in UKG.  

I have no idea about Bal Bharati , BHEL.  I have already mentioned about BVB, BHEL above. Though the school is good, the strength is more in each section.

You can also have a look at Manthan International  at Madhapur. The school is having good reviews but lacks a proper playground . You will also find CGR International near this school. One PT member's daughter is studying in CGR. She is happy as of now. It is a new school.

Hope this helps. I think i have replied to all your queries.





InduC 2010-10-05 12:48:12


thanks a tonn for taking so much time and respondig to all of my queries. I'll include Sentia and Creek also in my list.

I am considering this year only for the admission as I am not very happy with Euro Kids this year thought the school and pattern is fabulous but at the end of the day execution count. i feel they are not able to excute that this year efiiciently. last year I was very much satisfied.

Had talked to Chirec y'day; they will bring out the form in Nov last week or dec first week.




mickey 2010-10-05 12:54:54


You are welcome Indu. Do keep in touch with the schools as it is the appropriate time for Pre-primary admissions.




venkata123 2010-10-06 16:35:57


Hi All,

  my neighbour's duaghter going to creeks.i have spoken to his father,gave positve feed back.even i have spoken to another parent whose daughter going to silver oaks.Even they also gave positive seems silverokas charges more than creek.i called up creek,but insisted to come to their office.the fee structure for this year is below mentioned it may wary for next year


S.NO. GRADES TUTION FEE Annual Fee  Caution Deposit (Refundable) TOTAL OPTIONALS I Term                New       Existing II Term (SEP) New/Existing III Term (DEC) New/Existing New Existing Akshaya (Mess) Transportation     (at the time of admn.) (April)                 1 Nursery to PP-II 21000 6000 6000 6000 3500 10000 46500 21500 10500 Slab - I  -  8,000/- 2 I Grade to III Grade 22400 7400 7400 7400 4000 10000 51200 26200 11500 Slab - II - 9,000/- 3 IV Grade & V Grade 23200 8200 8200 8200 4500 10000 54100 29100 12500 Slab - III - 9,500/- 4 VI Grade & VII Grade 23900 8900 8900 8900 5000 10000 56700 31700 13500 Slab - IV-10,000/- 5 VIII Grade & IX Grade 25200 10200 10200 10200 5500 10000 61100 36100 14500  



InduC 2010-10-06 18:06:04


Hi Venkat,

Thanks for the reply and giving the additional info on Creeks. I am also planning to go there and will get the fee details. Just ask your neighbour once what is their teaching style. Is it a plyway method, howz the teacher's attitutde towards teaching and kids? Do they follow CBSE? Do they focus on Extra curricular activities? How much homework do they give, what is the frequency of home work? I am just asking this though this is not the selection criteria. Few schols do not give homework like Chirec. There  is not stress on the child. I hv got good feedback on Sentia as syggested by mickey. I could collect some info through friends' friend. Will be collecting more and def i'll post that here.

Currently my son is in Eurokids ( LKG)and he gets homework on week ends and during vacation that too they started quite recently. I appreciate this as it gives us the opportunity to connect with the child esp for the working parent.

Regards Indu


SVHarsh 2010-10-06 20:45:36


Hi Mickey,

I am a new comer in hyderabad, recently joined in a MNC. I am staying in KukatPally. I have a kid of 3 yrs old. I am planning to join my son in good school in next coming academic session mar-2010. Usually like other parent I am looking for the best school where my son will have bright future. I have also read some of your views on diffferent schools. Going through all, I have decided to go for either DPS or Chirec school. As per your openion, both schools are equally good but I want your valuable comment on which one is better and how? Also I am doubtful that whether I could get admission of my child in either of these two schools or not, so also tell me what are dificulties to get admission as I could prepare accordingly. Budget is not my concern, my concern is to have good academic. Also tell me apart from these two which one is on third and fourth.




mickey 2010-10-07 11:50:10


Hi Harsh,

Chirec is better. It is an old and established school with good results. Please approach the school this month onwards as most of the schools start admission process for Pre-primary in Oct/Nov /Dec.

Apart from DPS, you can see Meridian at Madhapur , Sentia-The Global in Miyapur and The Creek in Bachupally. Pl have a look at Meridian at Kukatpally too. I heard it is good. 

I don't think you will have any problem in getting admission in Chirec or DPS in LKG.

Please refer the websites of these schools mentioned in the above post for their contact numbers.



SVHarsh 2010-10-07 12:55:18


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for response, it's really will be helpful to take my decision.




vizzi 2010-10-07 14:09:49




in between sentia&preranawaldorf,which one is better to choose?as i will be going to stay in please suggest me

                                                                           with regards vizzi



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