Globe Toters Gachibowli Vs Chirec Kondapur

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PujaGaur 2014-03-06 00:05:40



My child turned three last month and I am seeking admission for him in Nursery in the coming academic year.  We had been shortlisted for chirec but couldn't attend the orientation program in December.  Upon follow up, I have been give the option to join my child in Nursery - Cambridge.

I also have an option to admit him in Globe toters( Birla preschool) in the Gachibowli branch.

I will personally visit the two schools in the next two days but wanted to check if anyone  has their children studying in these schools and if they could provide feedback.

will appreciate if feedback is given on the following criteria:

  • Staff competence
  • Infrastructure
  • Fee Structure
  • Focus on Co curricular/extra curricular activities
  • Teacher to Class raio
  • Class strength
  • Overall experience

Since I need to arrive at a decision soon, will appreciate a prompt response from parents.



vbhat19 2014-03-06 11:45:53


I went to Globetrotters for enquiry
Fee structure for UKG came around 1.25 lakh for whole year - including transport
Its established in a independent house in telecom nagar
They dont have any big open area for outside activities but they use rooms and covered area for group activities
They also have field visits to places like zoo, botanical garden and all
Teacher i interacted with was good in communications
Class also looked decent and teacher to student ratio they said will be 1:10 
I am also trying to find someone who has kids going to this school.
Will post further 



PujaGaur 2014-03-06 21:33:57


Thanks Vishal...If you get more information, please let me know. 


KavJ 2014-12-24 20:18:45


Hi Puja,

Finally which school did you choose for son - Globe Toters (Gachibowli) or Chirec (Kondapur) for Nursery.


PujaGaur 2014-12-24 23:15:04


Dear KavJ,

I actually chose a third school....  :-)  I am sending my child to Indus International Junior school in Gachibowli - and I am very satisfied with my choice.

If you need any reviews or specific questions answered , please feel free to shoot them to me and Id be happy to support!


parvee 2014-12-25 19:21:18



I m looking admission for both of my sons in indus international  1st grade and 6th grade

need reviews about the school and fee structure

Thanks in advance

email id:

drrohini 2018-02-14 08:21:03


Hi..... Parents.. Our daughter turning 3 in few months.. Looking for nursery school for her in nallagandla... Kindly share your reviews... Till now we went to globe totters (Manjeera diamond) , indus, kinder crest, but out of these globe totters appears to be better... But we need some reviews from parents whose kids are already there.. Any reviews about blue blocks? Please share.... It's really difficult to decide first school for your kid actually :) Thanks in advance Dr Rohini


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