Kriya Yoga Samsthan Summer camp

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Ansh2311 2014-03-05 10:24:39


Hi All, 

Has any one sent there kids to the summer camp organized by the above mentioned (link below) Organization ? Any feedback whether it is a safe and good experience for kids...

My son is Abt 9 and I wanted to send him to a summer program like this...shorter one would be no harm. 
Any recommendations from anyone who has experiences sending their little ones would be highly appreciated. 


justakid 2015-05-09 01:49:55


We are really disappointed with Summer Camp India.  This camp is just utter waste of time and money.  Reasons are given below. Please be extremely cautious with this organization

1. Food is below average quality

2. There are no professional coaches for many games mentioned.

3. Care takers were hired from the street. I am not kidding. They are paid Rs. 8,000 per month. You can imagine what kind of quality you get.

4. When I was talking to my daughter several children told me that the camp is waste and are getting bored. 

5. Children are not engaged and get bored.

6. Video shows horse riding etc ..., my daughter got a chance to ride horse for 2 minutes during the 22 days in the camp.

7. Archery is just a crap, no techniques are taught. Just shoot the target from 10 feet distance.

8. They say chat is served. Near to the chat stall it is full of flies and kids were throwing cup wherever they like (no disciple what so ever)

9. Reception and communication shabby.

10. NO VALUES are taught and no story time If you want to spoil life of your child, you may enroll into this summer camp.

11. Summercampindia or Kriya Yoga Sansthan is big in marketing and very poor in delivery.

12. I am also contemplating of taking legal action against summercampindia



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