Oi Play School or Sesame Street : Feedback Required

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afn1 2014-02-16 09:51:43


Hi All,

Yesterday i visted OI play school and Sesame street Manikonda (they are next to each other)for pre school admission. Both of them looked decent and the difference in fee is just 1 K. The Advantage with OI is that isnt not a franchise but a owned by OI itself and sesame is a franchise whereas the advantage with sesame is that it was establisged in 1970 and has long experience is pre schooling. I am bit confused now :). Can some please help me with review or feedback of these two playschools.

Thanks in advance

TSONY 2018-03-11 17:19:22


Which one did you finally choose, Oi or Sesame Street?
I'm new to Hyderabad, and am looking for a nursery for my kid. Went to Globe Toters and Esperanza, but didnt like it. High fees, but no infrastructure for that.
Was thinking of going to Oi and Sesame Street playschools. Pls advise.


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