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Chichulu2625 2014-02-09 08:12:28


Hello Friends,

My son has cleared admission test in Gitanajali School, Begumpet. We got the result yesterday. But we are very much confused whether or not to join there. Because i have red so many reviews on this. Teachers will not respond to our note in diaries and clealiness.

As we saw the school yesterday, its very clean only. So, for us that tension is not there. The main problem is about the teachers and how they deal the kids.

We have been to Hill side school, Banjara also yesterday. The school is very very nice, clean and pocket friendly. But as per ratings, Gitanjali is the best.

Couls any one please suggest us on this. We need to shift from Mehdipatnam to begumpet for Gitanjali. Next week need to pay the fees also. Shifting is not a problem. But, i need little more suggestions whether or not to choose Gitanjali. Thank you very much.

avk 2014-02-09 12:15:19


I personally don't know much about Hillside Academy. There are several reviews on this site. Note that it is CBSE whereas Gitanjali is ICSE.

Gitanjali is a no frills academically oriented school. On the plus side are its focus on academics, reasonable hours, reasonable fees and Saturdays off. Apparently, kids have a good time till Class V, after which there is increased pressure. On the minus side, there are no lush green fields or other extra-curricular activities. Post Class VI, when the kids move to the old campus on Mayuri Marg, the infrastructure is not only not good, it is positively crumbling.

BTW, my child cleared the entrance test as well, and I will be admitting her here.

Can you share the fee details (how much has to be paid, and by when)? I have been unable to personally visit the school since yesterday.


ThisIsRaj 2014-11-27 23:16:22


Hi, Hope both of uhv joined ur kids in gitanjali. Kindly share ur feedback. Im trying for nursery admission2015-2016 and confused whether to join or not after reading your review. Please through some positive light Thanks Raj

Derrida 2014-12-04 23:52:39


@ThisisRaj: What negative feedback are you worried about? Today we went for our kid's admission. Yes, it is definitely not as charming as Vidyaranya or Chaitanya. But, surprisingly at both the places the teachers asked me to check Gitanjali. 

ThisIsRaj 2014-12-05 07:14:41


@Derrida I hv gone thru the reviews on parentree and most of them are negative abt infra, teachers and child care. We hv got admission fr our child in gitanjali primary begumpet and paid the admission fee yesterday with lot of confusions in mind. We went around 11.15 and waited till 12 to see how the kids are going as the transportation is very limited. Shocked to see how the kids were left, nobody is there to check where the kid is going, or kid is going with the right person or not, or the person who picks up is right person or not, all these nobody cares. If the kids are of high school, they know the things and can go safely. But these are very small kids and i dont know what is the care they take. And the gates were wide open and security was not bothered whois entering. For namesake there is a register at security for visitors to fillup but nobody fills and security also never asks. After paying the admission fee, i regret of selecting gitanjali after seeing all these. I am in more confusion now to go ahead or not? If somebody has joined their kids and studying in gitanjali, kindly share your views and give me some confidence to send my child to gitanjali

Derrida 2014-12-05 10:42:52


In fact we also saw couple of kids falling hard on the concrete while playing. I am also concerned a bit with the impending metro track construction which may envelope the entire school with a lot of dust etc for quite some time. I am yet to secure an admit but like you I am going to be a bit worried! Speaking to parents of current students will help in dispelling such concerns.

Derrida 2014-12-06 13:18:39


So, we got the call yesterday and our kid is in. Now trying to find parents of kids currently enrolled in Gitanjali. Can any one help?

ThisIsRaj 2014-12-08 13:43:10


Hi Chichulu,
Please let me know if your kid is studying in Gitanjali. would like to discuss a few things with you

ThisIsRaj 2014-12-08 13:43:38


Hi avk,
Please let me know if your kid is studying in Gitanjali. would like to discuss a few things with you

Derrida 2014-12-15 11:53:20


Spoke to couple of parents and decided to go ahead with the admissions. 

ThisIsRaj 2015-05-19 21:40:34


Hi All, If any of your kids are studying in gitanjali, begumpet and are travelling from Miyapur or Nizampet area, kindly let me know. I would like to know about the transport details. Does the school has transport till Miyapur/nizampet? Pls pls pls reply if you know any details. ITS VERY VERY URGENT. Thanks in advance Regards Raj

aman01 2015-05-21 10:48:45


Hi Raj,
Could you share what is the admission procedure and fee and any donation amount for Gitanjali?

ThisIsRaj 2015-05-21 15:34:18


Hi Aman, We have applied for nursery admission in Dec, 14 and got the call for interaction with in 4 days. We took the child to the school for interaction on the date they gave us. They did not ask any questions to the kid. They gave one task to the child. The task is like identifying the different shapes and putting them on their respective slot on the board. While the kid was doing this, they asked us questions on our profession and the timings of our offices and checking how much time we are spending generic qns only. Once my kid completed the task, teacher checked it and asked him the color of the shirt he wore. She asked the question in english. As my kid was not comfortable with language. I asked teacher if I can translate. She said ok. Then my kid answered the color in english only. Finally thye wrote something on their forms and told us that we will get call in a few days. They didnt cnfm on the admission immediately to anyone. We got call after 1 wk confirming the admission. They asked us to pay 41 k in which they gave receipt only for 21k. Remaining goes into building fund and no receipt will be given for that it seems. They didnot confirm anything on the term fees and said we would get a call on that. We didnot get any call after that, so we only went to school directly to check the term fee details. It is 23800 per term. Hope this info is useful BTW, to which class are u trying to get admission? Thanks Raj

Derrida 2015-05-28 20:00:08


@ThisIsRaj: Have you already paid the first term fees? Is the school closed - all my calls are going unanswered.

avk 2015-05-29 12:22:15


Hello Raj - Just saw your message. I see that you have decided to go ahead with Gitanjali. My child studies there. You can call me if you have anything to ask. Please message my inbox and I will reply with my number.


aman01 2015-05-31 08:51:39


Thanks for the info Raj Iam looking for pp1 admission for next year. So just collecting info Dint knew gitanjali also has nursery! What is the age criteria to join nursery there?

RSKiran 2015-07-23 20:37:04


My daughter who is 2 and half years old got admission in Gitanjali primary school for nursery. and we are yet to pay the fee. she is going to hellokids already for the past two months. My husband is thrilled that she finally got admission in Gitanjali. I am not sure if I should send her to the school as the premises seem to be under construction and lots of dust and I am not sure if they ensure that kids have there meals properly. can some one help me with making a decision. as we have already paid the entire fee's in Hello kids and we wont get the refund back for sure. we have paid close to 30k there for the entire year. The fee structure here is alarming. Please suggest.
Thank you.

RamKandula 2015-09-15 16:10:41


Hey Kiran!! 
Just wanted to check if your kid joined Gitanjali. Can you please let me know the fee structure and your opinion on the school.


Anup9 2017-02-23 16:54:57


Hi All,

Thank you for the your feedback on Gitanjali primary school. I intend to admit my son (2.5 years) in Nursery this year (2017-2018)

Any latest feedback on the school will be of great help. Please post it here or on personal thread as desired.

Thanking you in advance !!!



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