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chimmy 2010-02-18 13:39:19


My son is getting a transfor  from bangalore to Hyderabad .His daughter is 3+.They are planing to stay near Gachibowli area.Can you suggest a good school near gachibowli for my grand daughter.

mickey 2010-02-18 15:57:00


Hi Chimmy,

You can try Chirec , Sentia-The Global School (in Miyapur) , Vikas-Concept school ,

Sri Chaitanya Techno School,

BVB and JHPS in  Jubilee hills.




chimmy 2010-02-18 18:09:03


Can you give me the fees and admission  details of these schools


mickey 2010-02-19 17:12:47


Hi !

In most of the schools ,admission forms are issued in Nov/Dec for pre-primary and admissions to pre-primary close by March. For std 1  and above ,forms are issued in the month of March and admission process starts by April or so.

Fee for BVB for pre-primary is around 35-45 K and almost the same for JHPS.

My neighbour paid around 40K for his son's admission in class 3 last year in JHPS

In Sentia ,fees will be a bit high. It will be around 1 lakh. But the school is very good.

One of my friends has paid 60K admission fees and 30K term fees  for class 7 in Sentia -The Global School. For Pre-primary ,it will be comparatively less.

There is another good Pre-primary School 'Star Kids' of Sri Chaitanya Techno school in Ameerpet (opp to Sarathi Studio) and they are starting a new branch at SR Nagar this year. Fees for this school is 16K per annum and admission fees is Rs3000  i.e  Rs 19000 in all (for Ameerpet Branch) and 18000 in all for SR Nagar Branch.

Children will continue in the same Sri Chaitanya Techno school from 1st std .

The school campus has Star kids in one block and Primary&High school in another block.

Chirec  - fees for Pre-primary (around one lakh) .

DPS - My friend paid around 40-45K for pre-primary two years back. It must have increased by now.

But admissions in most of the schools such as BVB, DPS ,Chirec are closed.

You can try in Sentia , Vikas ,Sri Chaitanya Techno School.

There is a school expo starting at Nizam College Ground,Hyderabad
 It is starting today i.e 19th feb'10 and will be there till 21st feb .

You will have stalls from various schools and their counsellors too with all the details .It will be open till 8:30 pm.

I think it will surely help you to decide a good school for ur grand daughter.

All the Best !!




chimmy 2010-02-19 18:13:02


Hi Mickey,

Thank you very much for all the informations.I will definitely go the school expo.

Thanks once again for giving a prompt response.



mickey 2010-02-19 18:23:45


Hi Chimmy !

I have written all the details in my blog too with the phone numbers..will write again for you..Its at Nizam College Ground at Basheerbagh. on 19th ,20t h and 21st feb

You can also call on these numbers to know more details.

9989613411, 9849844731, 9848343131.

Pl do let me know how was the Expo after your visit ?




mickey 2010-02-22 17:38:52


Hi Chimmy !

How was the School  Expo ? Did it help you in deciding or short listing any good school ?




chimmy 2010-02-22 18:04:28



Your informations were far better than that expo.Not many good schools came for the expo.I am not yet decided on school.





mickey 2010-02-22 19:04:40


Hi !

Thank you Chimmy but its pretty  disappointing to know about the Expo.

I think the well established schools do not need any publicity and hence may not have attended the Expo .Did the schools present there reveal their fee structure in the Expo?

Do visit the schools you are interested in March and  decide accordingly .




 Former member 2010-02-24 09:42:23


Hi Mickey!!

We are relocating to Hyderabad in March, looking for gud schools for my daughter (4 years old) near gachibowli area.. I am addressing you because u have a gud knowledge of schools in Hyderabad. My query is that u had refered Sri Chaitanya Techno School, and in website they had mentioned that they had just recieved the SSC Board recognization..dont they have CBSE/ICSE Board recognization? As in a transferable job, we would prefer that our child should go in CBSE/ICSE. If u know in this matter please let me know..





mickey 2010-02-24 10:52:16


Hi Charu,

As far as I  know, Sri Chaitanya follows CBSE till 5th std and later follows an integrated syllabus of SSC,CBSE and ICSE to lay a strong foundation for students so that  by the time they reach class 10 they have a sound logical and analytical skills.However the certification in X is from SSC board i.e State Board.

If you have a transferable job within AP, you can opt for this school else CBSE is a better option than ICSE.

ICSE has an amazing English level. It lays a strong foundation in languages and  Social science too. Maths and Science is also good . Its basically an activity based board. Weightage in Boards is given to their projects/practical application part  as well as the written exams.All round development takes place in ICSE. But its too vast with many papers compared to CBSE.

Most of the entrance exams in Engg. and Medicine are based on CBSE syllabus.

English and Social studies in CBSE is lesser than ICSE board. But overall CBSE has many plus points. It changes and upgrades its syllabus from time to time and has introduced the grading system in X to reduce the stress level in children.

State board is easier than both ICSE and CBSE. However State Maths is too good.  excellent....Maths is more than the CBSE as well as the ICSE board.

Generally the trend is to  put a child  in ICSE school till 5th and then shift them to CBSE board . After X, if the kids are interested in professional courses ,they study in State Board so as to excel in entrance exams as the Std of Maths is very high. However students can also continue in CBSE board after X as the maths and science is above par .

The main advantage of CBSE board is ,it makes the student think and improves logical reasoning and improves conceptual thinking.There are never direct questions from textbook in Maths  or for that matter Science or any subject. So students concepts are very clear  .In SSC, most of the times questions are from textbook.

As there are many CBSE schools throughout India , you can opt for a school with CBSE board. If you are in a transferable job ,you can opt for Central School / Kendriya Vidyalaya.Most of the defence offficers opt for  this school for their children as they get transferred every two yrs or so. The fees  in Central school is also very nominal. They might not  offer so many luxuries or facilities as compared to Corporate schools ,but  do  churn out smart professionals.

I heard KV picket is very good. Once you get admission iany KV ,you don't need to bother about which school you want to put your child into after u get transferred as u have these schools in every state and a TC will get admission for ur child in any KV you seek.

Vikas and Maharshi Vidya Mandir in Kondapur is also a good CBSE school. The fees will also be economical in MVM.

If you are comfortable with high fees structure of Oakridge International School in Hi-Tech city , you can opt for it as it also follows CBSE apart from IGCSE.

So choice is yours.My suggestion would be not to invest too much in schools if you are in a transferable job and look for CBSE schools.

As my father was an Army officer ,I have changed 8 schools in my entire school life !! Almost every two years ,i have changed my school and could catch up with lessons and syllabus at any school easily  and could manage to get any of the first three ranks.It was possible only bcoz  i was throughout in CBSE board which follows readily available NCERT books. In case u miss ur studies or some lessons during transfer, u can cope up  at home .

Please think it over ,before u join any CBSE ,State or ICSE school.

So all the Best !!




 Former member 2010-03-09 08:42:46


Thanks Mickey,

Now i am in Hyd, i went to newly opened school Phoenix Greens, Gachibowli.I found they have very small play area, it is perfect for small kids but from I class onwards where the child will do the sports activities?Do u have any idea about that School? How is MVM , Kondapur? I am planning to visit that School. Also please let me know other Schools near to Whitefields. Thanks in advance.


Argees 2010-03-09 10:14:19



you can try

Future Kid's school.

Chirec is also very nearby to white fields(i don't remember the web adress)

All the best


mickey 2010-03-09 11:14:14


Hi  Charu,

As told by Argees, u can try Futurekids. But its ac ICSE school in Rajender Nagar.

Admissions in Chirec and DPS would have closed by now.But u can always call up and ask .At times they consider. You can try in other schools too which are in Madhapur/Miyapur and not too far from ur place.

Admission are going are open in Euroschool .Its a good cbse school. You can also apply online.Fee structure is already given in its website. You can call on 040-65888855, 040-64523377 for more details. Fees will be around 35K+8500 (3 term fees) (around 55 with transport). My friend's daughter is studying in class 6 in Euroschool,Madhapur.

Few seats available in MVM(Maharshi Vidya mandir,Kondapur too).You have to approach them within a day or two. Fees is quite economical.

The school timings in MVM for LKG and UKG is from  9 a.m  to 3:45 pm. You can contact Mrs.Saumya on +91-40-23113196, 23111629.There are only two or three seats available ,it seems. You have to contact within a day or two if interested ,else it will be closed. Good bus facility available.

Chances are bright in Sentia-The Global school, The Creek ,Kennedy Global ,Vikas. Chirec will be more than a Lakh.

You can also look at KV Gachibowli.
Write to alumni for a feedback . Right now some are  pursuing their B-Tech in IIT.





Argees 2010-03-10 11:40:45



Future kids is in NanakramGuda(15 minutes from gachibowli juction via ORR)



mickey 2010-03-10 12:59:32


Thanks Argees !

I was toldby my neighbour's daughter who studies there ,that it is near Rajender Ngr .

Is there any other branch of Future kids ? Rgds,Mickey


 Former member 2010-03-10 13:07:52



they have another branch in Jubliee Hills for Playgroup.



mickey 2010-03-10 13:15:00


Thanks charu..


 Former member 2010-03-11 00:20:05


Hi friends !

I'm new to hyderabad and live in attapur area (near RTA office). My daughter is exactly 2 n half years old now. I want to know about good kindergarten schools near attapur area. Also we don't know telugu at all (I'm willing to learn asap). Please help. Thanks


mickey 2010-03-11 13:14:27


Hi Tuhi !

You can look for schools in Toli Chowki and Mehdipatnam areas too. It would be within 2-3 km radius from Attapur.

If your daughter is completing 2.5 yrs by June, she will be eligible for Nursery.

I am listing some of the pre-schools which are well known. Pl go and have a look.


Kidzee - Mehdipatnam (2km from Attapur)

You can speak to Kavita on 9848892220 . Transport and Day care facility available

Fees 21K + Rs 800 p.m (Transport if required)

Fees is inclusive of their uniform ,books etc.



12-2-800/436 Padmanabhanagar,  Mehdipatnam,opp Sai Baba Temple,Hyd.

If ur daughter is completing 2.5 yrs by June, she is eligible for Nursery.


Euro Kids –Attapur.

U can contact Sofia on 9393527252 / 40271653 .

Admissions are going on. Did not disclose the fees on phone.

It under the flyover pillar 200-201 ,Padmareddy Hills Colony.


Smart Kidz  -Toli Chowki ( around 3km from Attapur)

You can speak to Lavanya on 9394448244. Did not disclose fee details.Admissions going on.Its near  RTA office and in a lane  petrol pump.You have to go under the flyover –Tolichowki-Gachibowli road.


Smart Kidz, 04032448244, 9394448244, 9-4-86/119, Salarjung Colony, Toli Chowki

near RTA Office, Hyd.


Bachpan Play school  (in Towli Chowki)

Bachpan Play School,04023562847,

8-1-25/101, Surya ngr Colony, Towli Chowki , near Galaxy Theatre ,Hyd.


Kidzee , Euro Kids and Bachpan are well known in Hyd at other locations too. You can have a look at Smart kids too.


If you are planning to shift in near future to Khairatabad,Punjagutta,Erramanzil ,Somajiguda, or anywhere near to these places, you can think of joining your daughter in Nasr Playschool at Somajiguda. You can get admission in Nasr Pre-primary and the High school easily. Its a very well known school for Girls. Fees for Playschool would be 5000+4000 per term.





 Former member 2010-03-25 00:39:01


Hi Mickey !!

Thanks a lot for ur valuable information !!

will very soon meet the school authorities................God bless you

Thanks again


darkinspiration 2010-06-03 23:09:45


 Hi Mickey,

Please let me know if any school expos come this year also?


mickey 2010-06-04 16:02:30


Hi Ann, Sure..I'll let u know. There is a Business School Expo going on now. I think the school expo will be around the same time (Feb'11) next year.




AAMI 2010-08-06 14:47:16


Hi Mickey,

We are relocating to Hyderabad by 1st week of Sept 2010.My daughter is 4yrs old & studying in LKG in a NPS in Bangalore.Could u please suggest a best school near Gachibowli where we can get admission for her for the current school year.

Thanks in advance,



mickey 2010-08-06 20:38:02


Hello Aami,

Mid term admissions are indeed taken by some schools. You have to emphasize on it being a 'transfer case' since some schools do give that a consideration.

Schools like DPS will consider too. You will have to pay whole year's fees in few schools.

You can get in Sentia-The Global in Miyapur ,MVM in Kondapur, Manthan International ,Meridian and CGR International  at Madhapur. 

Meridian's and DPS fees will be more compared to other schools. MVM will be easy on pocket. Sentia is also very good. Its fees this year is 55K.

I know  a few  parents from this forum who have joined their children in Sentia-The Global. They are quite happy with Sentia in terms of education, infrastructure, amenities, teacher:student ratio (1:25) , extra-curricular activities ,playground etc. The school  has audio visual aids in the classroom too.

The chances in BVB, JHPS, CHIREC, Obul Reddy are remote. These schools are a bit far from Gachibowli except for Chirec which is in Kondapur. You can also see Jain Heritage at Kondapur.

Gvipul and Agrawalankur have already done their survey regarding mid term admissions in the below links. You can find review of Manthan by Shailaja . Please go through these links. It will surely help you in knowing about these schools.

You can find DPS review by RSV in the below link.

If you are open to high structured fees, you can opt for Oakridge International near Gachibowli.

You can decide according to your budget after visiting these schools.

Any help , do let me know.



AAMI 2010-08-09 12:51:16


Thanks a lot Mickey .Will get in touch with you if i need more details.




kalreth 2011-02-18 16:32:13


Hi Mickey,

We stay in Darga, Shaikpet.

I am looking for day care + Pre school for my daughter who will be turning 3 years old this July.

Are there any good schools + day care in and around these areas.

I visited the KIDZEE which s in O.U cly where we stay but i am not satisfied with their facilities, so looking for other options as well.

Please provise u r valuable suggestions.

Thanks a lot.





mickey 2011-02-18 22:25:06


 Hi Preethi, 

I  don't have much idea about Pre-schools. But I have read good reviews of Euro kids in Attapur , Pillar no 200 (PVNR Express way) , Bachpan, pillar no 201 n Hello Kids too.

Please have a look and decide  only after  you talk to parents whose kids are in these schools. You must be having Euro Kids in Shaikpet too. Pl check out.




AvRao 2011-03-17 16:28:24


I as seriously considering Phoenix greens for my son and wanted to get some kind of feedback from anyone familiar with the school -
1. What is a typical day like for the younger grades? (LKG, UKG)
2. How are the teachers?
3. Do they have exams (all grades) ?
4. How (and how often) is feedback given to parents about child's performance? (progress reports, PT conferences etc)

Appreciate any information you can give me!


mickey 2011-03-18 10:43:08


 Hi AvRao,

Please write to hydcomment through parentree inbox. His son is studying in this school.  He is planning to join his second child too in the same school. I have read  very postive reviews about this school  posted sometime back in this forum. 



AvRao 2011-03-18 14:41:04


Thanks Mickey- will do that.



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