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Sri16 2010-02-17 12:37:24


Can any one please suggest me a good school near kompally/ Secunderabad. I have enquired in Sadhu Vaswani International school and Sherwood school. Please let me know if any one have idea about these school. Thanks

mum 2010-02-23 12:22:14


Hi , Parents ...
Can any one give the details of Sadhu Vaswani International school , Kompally ...
I want to join my kid for preprimary ...
Thanks in Advance


mickey 2010-02-23 13:57:10


Hi Sri16 and mum ,

Sadhu Vaswani International School is a new CBSE school. It offers value based education with very good infrastucture,faculty , facilities and is non-communal.

Sadhu Vaswani's teachings are very simple and noble and the same will be definitely reflected in the school and its students .The school offers a spectrum of activities planned in advance along with the menu and has published in its website.

I have been subscribing Sadhu Vaswani  Mission's   'East and West Series'  a  monthly journal for self improvement  ,self knowledge  and self realisation for the past 3yrs.The journal is written in a very simple langauge and carries information about Mission's schools , their activities ,community service and reviews  from time to time through out India. So I feel , it will be better to join ur kid in this school compared to other schools if you can afford the fees and it will be unlike other International schools .







Sri16 2010-02-23 14:41:28


Thanks Mickey for your reply.


Sri16 2010-02-23 14:42:45


Please find below the school URL.


mum 2010-02-23 14:58:10


Hi Mickey ,

thanks for your reply .

Mickey , How will the education ... and the standards ..and extra currilcualr activities ... can u please let me know if you know any details related to quality of eduation .

Hi Sri16 ,

where you are planning to join ur kid ....How is sherwood school .. i heard that it is having only ICSE syllabus ... and the fees is almost same as Sadu vaswani International school




mickey 2010-02-23 15:38:18


Hi mum,

I don't have much idea about SVISand its activities as it is quite new.Don't have any of my friend who have kids in this school.

But it seems to be a good school if we see its website. If posible go to the school and talk to some of the students before they board their buses and parents too if you find any .That is  only the best way to get a proper feedback as the school is quite new.

All the Best !!





mum 2010-02-23 15:42:52


thanks Mickey !!!!


Sri16 2010-02-24 11:16:34


Hi Mum,

I am still not decided on the school. I went tot SVIS and liked the school (infrastructure, staff and others)but only concern for me is the distance from my house i.e. about 8KM.

I know the couple of Sherwood students and i met one of thier parents and they are happy with the school. Yes, it offers only ICSE.


sevenonfive 2010-02-25 19:43:19


There is a waldof school called Abhaya in kompally ..Very close to DRS school and Apparel park.The new Aparna Canopy is coming up right opposite the school.Its worth looking at .my whole family sends their children there.



mum 2010-02-26 09:32:19


Thanks Sevenonfire ... For the information. I tried contacting the number mentioned , but it says does not exists. Can you please provide me the local contact number of this school.

Abhaya School
Gundla Pochampally Village,
Kompally, R.R. District, 500 014
Tel.: +91-40-2622 1345, Fax.:




sevenonfive 2010-02-27 14:58:56


The Abhaya school number is 08008222356 .I also know that they have an orientation for parents every monday .

Hope this helps. 


irrinkisom 2010-04-15 11:08:21


 In Kompally , the best school is St. Ann's High School . Located adjacent to Petbasheerabad Police station. Admissions already over, still you can try.


rp2010 2010-06-02 20:30:40


Hi Sevenonfive,

I am considering Abhaya school for my daughter (for 5th standard). I like to get your feedback on the school as you mentioned that your family is sending children to this school. It will be of great help if you can give your views on teaching, whether the children are happy, about the transportation etc. Any other inputs are helpful to me in taking a decision. 





sevenonfive 2010-06-03 23:20:04


hi ,

I could only say this that my children  are longing to get back to school and the kindergarten children dont like sundays because there is no school. i  have a wonderful rapport with all teachers in the school and help in many school activities..The parent body plays a very active role in the school .They have  a strong faculty -very innovative and hardworking .The school has buses going to most parts of the city .There is an orientation for parents this saturday as the school encourages the parents to come and understand how we work and how the curricullum is delivered . Do come after making a prior appointment with the office.

hope this helped


someonenew 2010-06-05 03:16:15


 Hi irrinkisom

Could you Please provide more St .Ann's High school details like Address & Phone number& URL for school site. I couldn't find any results for Kompally Branch.



kalyani4kids 2010-06-06 04:40:23




I have gone thru all the blogs, thanks for the wonderful info abt the school. Can anyone give me more info abt SVIS kompally. Planning to comback in july. Thanks in advance




mickey 2010-06-17 11:14:07


Hi Kalyani,

SVIS is good. GSarvan , a parentree member has joined his sons in SVIS. He has given a good feedback.  It is not a very high budget school. The fee is 52 K. You can have a look at it.



kalyani4kids 2010-06-17 20:54:25


 Hi Mickey,

thanks for the reply. Can u suggest some other schools in the near by location?




mickey 2010-06-18 17:12:14


Hi Kalyani,

Check out DRS International at Kompally.. Three of my neighbours kids study in this school. Initially the fee will be around one lakh . It will be less subsequently.



mickey 2010-06-18 17:18:12


Hi someonenew,

I have seen ur query just now. I think i am a bit late in replying. I have the number of St Anns Kompally. I have tried to reach on this number even today . But there is some problem it seems. Check it before 12 noon tomorrow. This is an ICSE co-ed school which is pretty new and is till class 1. It plans to extend with each year. The school doesn't have a bus facility. The admissions are also closed. You can check out by dropping in.

St Anns Kompally 08418 20322



darkinspiration 2010-08-30 09:14:27


 hi mickey,


DRS international has fees at their website, and everything together, each here it goes more than 1 lkh.just wanted to let u know.





someonenew 2011-01-15 20:03:14


We are moving back to India in Feb 2011. I am looking for sadhu vasvani intl. school for my 6 th grade daughter.

Can any body post their experiance  about this school.


someonenew 2011-01-15 20:21:59


also can any one guide me which is better school for 6th grader in kompally & also which  curriculum is better for them ICSE / CBSE...?

(my daughter doesn't know hindi at all.)



mickey 2011-01-16 00:05:59


Hi Someonenew,

Pl get in touch with GSarvan through parentree inbox  to know more about SVIS. His sons are studying in SVIS. The school follows CBSE.

If your daughter doesn't know Hindi at all, you will have to talk to the school if they can take any remedial class. Hindi is a must as such. Only for classes  9&10, children have 2 languages. English and choice between Hindi, Telugu , Sanskrit, French  as second lang. For 6th grade in CBSE, children will have 3 languages. English will be the first language. Second or third language can be Hindi/Telugu / Sanskrit/French

I think, Neeraj International at Kompally would suit your requirement and would also provide an easy transition for your daughter. It is the best available option for you at Kompally. The school follows CBSE with IB Curriculum.  I am sure the language issue can be taken care of. I too will find out the available options of language in Niraj Intl and get back to u  on Monday or Tuesday.

I have been told that the school has reduced its fees too. So please check out.






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