Oakridge International School For 11th And 12th???? Is it any good?

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ibrahim7 2014-01-28 21:28:26


Hello All ! My son is studying in International Educational Academy , in class 10th . (ICSE) . We are deciding to take admission in Oakridge International School @ Gachibowli for 11th and 12th classes. He will be studying Medical Field. So i wanted to ask if Oakridge is a good school?

Madhu74 2014-01-29 20:11:57


Hi Mr.Ibrahim7, oakridge is a gud school to my research but it very expensive too and many people say it is high level school. Why did  u choose that sch,many special reason.

To my knowledge that school does not give any special coaching for medicine etc. when there are many other schools with gud acadamic records. Any particular reason If so that can be useful for others also.

ibrahim7 2014-01-30 11:22:53


Hello Mrs. Madhu74. We selected oakridge because it is one of the top school. We came to know that the academics is also very good. We want our child to study in a good community ... not in the schools were students are pressured. But as you are saying special medical coaching is not available , so shall i search for another school? Or else my child studies very well. He is an a+ grade student , can he manage eamcet without special coaching?

Madhu74 2014-01-30 21:14:56


Hi Mr. Ibrahim,  I don't feel it necessary to go to oakridge school there are many gud schools in Hyderabad.oakraidge is an international standard n very rich kids study there n all new gadgets are used. as u say he is a+ grade child I don't advice to join him ther instead  of learning gud he may learn unnecessary things I feel. As my son is also a+ grade till today and he is appearing for 10th cbse board in march. I preferred jublieehills, obulreddy which don't pressure kids as well they have gud record of results, n schools are name famed in top list in Hyderabad. Highfy school kids all most with mobiles , iPads which are very distracting by these their priorities change. My personal view is  a big NO to these at this stage when they need full concentration on their goals of life. Sorry if u feel bad. It's purely my opinion.

ibrahim7 2014-01-31 04:17:19


Hello Mrs.Madhu74 ., I do understand what you are trying to explain me. But what i was saying is i am comfortable with the fee structure , my kid is also comfortable with studies + gadgets , he own a samsung galaxy note 2 . But what i am concerned was , i dont like the environment of other schools , you know the kind of kids come .. But if academic wise it is weak , ill have to think about it . I want my son to crack the EAMCET examination with good rank. Thanks for your help .

KumarPhani 2015-09-03 22:36:34


HeY Ibrahim!  Have you decided on any school for your son? 


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