Please Help !! Best 11th 12th school? for medicine field.?

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ibrahim7 2014-01-27 03:48:12


I live in Tolichowki Hyderabad. My Son is currently studying class 10th in International Educational Academy which is a ICSE school. He Is only interested in Medical Field. He wants to go for +1 +2 . Which School Do You Prefer?. We were thinking about Oakridge International School. They are offering courses like ibdp .. cbse etc. We are confused what to choose. His ambition is to become Cardiologist Or Opthamologist. Which one you prefer him to choose? And does he need to study these courses out of the country in US Uk etc? As you see we are not of a highly educated background.

ibrahim7 2014-01-27 03:49:18


And , how far is ISC 11th 12th is different from CBSE 11th 12th? We were thinking bout oakridge but its CBSE and IBDP . I dont know whats IBDP? Is there any good school with ISC 11th and 12th? I dont want to put alot of stress on my child. I dont wanna make him join schools which work till 7am.

Madhu74 2014-01-27 19:40:46


Hi Ibrahim7,  gud to know for the interest in medicine. First you have choice of cbse. N state syllabus for medicine are best. To my of knowledge others ISC etc are not much related . Presently iam residing in Singapore and my son is also appearing for 10th this yr n we r relocating to hyd n applied in jubliee  hills public sch , n obulreddy. He want to take MPC.  So when I enquired regarding these they said if your goal is med then you can choose with state syllabus chaitanya or narayana.cbse is gud for science subject gr8 grip of concepts which help a lot in entrance than state. So you can choose onthis base. Then extra coaching  for cbse in TIME acadamy, n Akaash acadamy are best. Even I personally spoke to these people for my kid n decided to join him there. 

I think my feedback can help u bit in deciding.


ibrahim7 2014-01-27 21:59:10


Thank You Soo Much For Your Reply Mrs.Madhu74... Your feedback helped me alot ! I was confused as to what to choose ISC , SSC Or CBSE . Now i can narrow my search and will choose CBSE syllabus . We were thinking about Oakridge International School. Which is CBSE syllabus. So i think I will finalize it. Thanks again for your response ! It helped me alot ! With Best Regards, Abdallah Ibrahim.

ibrahim7 2014-01-28 19:30:31


How is oakridge for 11th and 12th?


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