Bhavans Atamakuri vs ST Anns vs Geetanjali Begumpet

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katherine2014 2014-01-19 19:44:27


I'm seeking admission to LKG for my daughter for  academic year 2014.

I have confirmed admission in the below two schools
St Anns ICSE Secunderabad
Bhavans Atmakuri Jublee hills road#45

Also plan to try in Geetanjali ICSE Begumpet. We are flexible to shift our house based on which school we zero-in.

Which school would be the best to choose among the above?



mickey 2014-01-20 11:17:13


Hi Katherine,
Gitanjali and St Anns( Sec'bad) can be preferred over BVB Atmakuri.
Till how long, can you hold the seat in St Anns? It's better not to forgo the seat in St Anns without a confirmed seat in



katherine2014 2014-01-20 13:03:53


Thanks for your suggestion Mickey. So if one has to cherry pick among the three schools then Gitanjali will be the best choice followed by St Anns right?

>>>Till how long, can you hold the seat in St Anns? It's better not to forgo the seat in St Anns without a confirmed seat in  Gitanjali. 
Sure. We have paid the first term fees for St Anns. The seat is confirmed in Anns.

St Anns timings for LKG seems harsh 8:00AM to 2:00PM. I'm not sure about the student:teacher ratio. Seems it might be on the higher-side. 


mickey 2014-01-20 16:21:55


Yes, Katherine. Keep Gitanjali as your first preference.

prasanthikumar 2014-01-20 19:28:39


My daughter got admission in to both Obul reddy and BVB Atamakur through lots. which of the two schools is better



mickey 2014-01-21 11:45:22


Hi Prashanti, P Obul Reddy School would be a better option. 

AngelsDad 2014-01-23 14:44:01


Hi Mickey,

I have been following ParentTree threads since past few months and joined just now. I really appreciate all guidance you are providing to other parents. I have a query too, for admission in L.K.G :-) 
Among Little Flower High School, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Jubilee Hills (Rd. #71, Vidyasharam), and Gitanjali Begumpet, which school & board do you recommend? All these schools are reasonable distance from our home in Masab Tank.
We personally feel that ICSE is unnecesarliy vast & tough, SSC is getting outdated - few SSC schools (LFHS, etc) are now in the process of changing affilaition to CBSE, and CBSE is just perfect. As we feel CBSE is the best bet, BVB Jubilee Hills seems to be the best choice. Please share your thoughts! 


prasanthikumar 2014-01-23 19:37:16


Hi ,

Thanks for your prompt reply Mickey.please  give me reasons why do you think Obulreddy is better than BVB Atamakur


katherine2014 2014-02-21 11:21:05


My daughter got through Gitanjali ICSE Begumpet and we have enrolled her in Gitanjali.  

The interview went fine. They asked questions to gauge the communications skills of the parents and some basic questions like colors, shapes and general things to the kid. The interview took around 5-7 minutes.

Fees: 88K (PP1) It was touch expensive than our estimation.
School timings 8:45 - 11:45 AM
Student:teacher ratio:  25:1 (PP1)
New physical directors are introduced from 2013. I personally saw the students being engaged by the physical directors.

Here is fee breakup for PPI 2014-2015
Admission Fee       20000 (one-time fee)
Caution Deposit      6000 (Refundable & onetime fee)
Building fund         15500 (No receipt one-time fee)

YOY Fee:(Other parents informed me that 5-10% fee hike can be expected over 1-2 years period)
1st Term Fee        13500 (includes stationery, books)
Misc fees               8500 (lab. excursion, A/V, med etc)
2nd term                12500
3rd term                 12500



ToddyTeddy 2014-02-22 18:13:23


Hello Mickey,

You have been very helpful to all the worried and at times hyper tensed, over sensitive, and very very eager parents, including me. My daughter secured a seat at Gitanjali Begumpet, and believe me everybody is so happy to hear this, as if my daughter has got a seat in IITs or so. Now, like in any other situation, there have been few nay Sayers as well, who talk about the bad infrastructure, not so friendly teaching staffs, apart from being expansive. Infrastructure for sure is not up to the mark and the building looks cramped, never met any teacher as such so cant comment on the friendliness or rather un-friendliness of the staff. Now my head is full of worries and am too tensed to concentrate on any thing other than thinking about the admissions. I would be grateful to you and any other parent who would let me know weather it would be wise to go with Gitanjali, and if so a few positives to boost my confidence.

avk 2014-02-23 07:16:25


ToddyTeddy - In which class has your child got admission? What are your other options?


ToddyTeddy 2014-02-23 15:02:59


Thanks AVK for coming forward to help, I am very new to the city and do not know much about schools here, as far as options are concerned, how about St Andrews, Chinmaya Vidyalaya etc, I pray that Gitanjali should be better than theses schools, whats your thoughts on this??

avk 2014-02-23 15:16:41


What I meant was, has your child secured admission in any other school so far? I ask this because the admission formalities for 2014-2015 have more or less been completed in Hyderabad schools. Seats may be available in management quota outside the regular admission process. BTW, which class is is your child in? Gitanjali is a good school academically. Infra wise, there are many better schools like Oakridge, Chirec, Kennedy, DPS, Silver Oaks, HPS etc.



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