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Info 2014-01-17 09:16:56



We have two boys ( 6+, 4 +) currently studying in Euroschool, Gachibowli in 1st and PP1. We have been looking for a school change as the only thing we thought EUROSchool doesn't have is a proper outdoor playground and they do not have any plans for future.

We got a confirmed seat in Future Kids for our younger one(PP2) and were said that there are no vacancies for 2nd grade for the 2014-2015 and need to wait until March-April. We really like their vision and the way kids are treated there to make them indipendent.This is ICSE school and Food is mandatory.

We also looked at Phoenix Greens and liked the school and were told that seats are available for 2nd and PP2. We like their method of academincs in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Their fees is 10-15k more than EuroSchool.Food and transport are optional.

Since Phoenix greens is a new school ( established in 2010) , we would like to hear from parents of higher classes(higher than 6 grade) to check on how do they like it there ?

We have a Neighbour who goes to Glendale and heard good things about Glendale Academy and wanted to hear from parents. Their fees will be close to 1.5 (tution + food + transport ) which seems to be very expensive considering their higher admission fees of 75k.This is a CBSE school.

Can parents of these three schools (Future Kids, Phoenix Greens, Glendale) give us their opinion which one to choose?

Glendale's fees is the most expensive with Phoenix Greens coming next , followed by Future Kids.

Please share your thoughts as we need to decide on Future kids by tomorrow (Jan 18th).


mickey 2014-01-17 10:45:20


Hi Info,
Future Kids is definitely a very good school. I know a few kids from our Aprt who study here.

If you are okay with both your kids studying in  a different school for sometime, you could go ahead with Future Kids for your younger son  and later on try for your elder one as siblings are given first preference. Incase there is no vacancy, you will have to try next year. Pl talk to the admin-incharge to check if there are any chances for this yr as well as next yr.

Another option is Phoenix Greens, where you can have both the kids in the same school. Though new, you will find many satisfied parents. As your child is in Class 2, you don't have to worry  about the higher grades. It will surely pick up with each year. It would be easier for you to have both of them in the same school.

If budget is not a constraint, Glendale would be an ideal choice for both of them.

You could wait for other parents to share their thoughts and see what they say about higher grades in PG.

If you aren't able to get any feedback from other parents for higher grades, try talking to parents of Phoenix Greens in the campus as you need to decide by tomorrow...:)

All The Best !

mickey 2014-01-17 20:47:28


Hi Info,
just came across a  negative review of Phoenix Greensabt its transport...


basire 2014-01-17 21:21:43


I  don't suggest phoenix school , they are very commericial and  they don't listen parents suggstions and feedback.transport department in the school is very careless

Info 2014-01-19 12:11:47


Hello All,

Just wanted to update that we finally decided on Future Kids and paid the admission fees for our younger one(PP2) y'day. We will keep trying for the older one whenever there is an opportunity. 

We have heard lot of good reviews on Future Kids from Parents, Kids studying(4th, 6th and 10th grades) everyone talking about the overall development in kids (Individuality, Confidence, Develop thinking Ability) with good balance on academics and activities.We met few parents in the open house whose kids were studying for almost 9-10 years in FK and did not have second thoughts on changing their schools. Another thing which is worth mentioning about FK class rooms and campus is that their campus is more natural and not fancy and their class rooms have been facilitated with lot of open windows(without glass) for natural light and wind.

Below is the Fee breakdown for Future kids fees for PP2 for 2013-2014.

One time fees :
Admission                                                                                : 60,000
Caution Deposit(Refundable)                                                  : 15,000

Yearly Fee

Fees                                                                                        :  12,000
Food, Material, Stationary, Activities, Computer Lab               :  46,000
Library/Lab                                                                              :     1,500
Transport                                                                                 : (21-25 K based on the distance)

So basically, the  total fees = 60K + Transport(21-25k) + ( 6-8k for Dress, Shoes, Bag).For the next academic year, there might be 8-10% increase on the fees( on 12K) which is lot better than various other schools.

Two days ago, we were more inclined on PG , but after the campus visit , we changed our opinion. Their campus and facilities were really good. We were filling out Application form in the reception and two people (school admin/reception staff)  were talking in local language and one of them was yelling at an school boy on something related to the teacher's responsibility and we were sitting 3 meters away from them with principal room being 5-7 meters away.

The thing we didn't like was that they were not at all worried about parents being there and if there are any such things they could have sorted it out offline/instead of yelling. Obviously, this is not the whole reason on why we did not opt for PG. We just wanted to share this to everyone. We also heard from a PG parent who returned from US few years back and is upset due to below par communication standards set in PG and the teachers on not being trained enough which affected the English speaking abilities for their kids due to the communication channels used in PG. Another thing we observed, is that PG has A/C Buses for transport and A/C class rooms which is not close to the reality of the world and kids can become more sensitive and get used to A/C.

Thank you Mickey for all your help and suggestions.


Info 2014-01-19 12:21:12


Hi bhanuy,

We live in Kondapur near Chirec.

MsMP 2014-01-20 11:09:40



I am new to this forum. I will be moving to Hyderabad in a couple of months. My children will go to 11th and 5th grades in June. Considering schools which have 11th/12th and eliminating those with very high fees, I have zeroed in on Glendale and Future kids. I do not see much information on Glendale for higher classes. Do you have any information on the academic standards/results etc for these schools for higher classes?  I am hoping to have both in the same school


rohithg 2014-01-22 17:06:24


@info  Hi I am also looking for admission in Future Kids for my kids in Nursery and class I if you could please give me the feedback

Info 2014-01-22 22:10:18



Admissions might have been closed for the next academic year(2014-15) for pre primary. During the open house we attended on Jan 7th, they mentioned that they do not have any vacancies from grade 1 and above . You need to contact the school just to double check and if you get lucky.

0311parent 2014-01-23 23:28:37


Can anyone pls provide feedback on samashti international school,kollur campus ? The school is managed by NCC and invested lot of amount on infrastructure but not sure how the academics and teaching would be...can anyone pls throw some light on this school 

MiyapurHyderabad 2017-12-20 22:24:30


@Info, please let us know which grade your kids are in now at Future Kids school. Also your experience with school. Thank you.

KishoreK99 2020-12-16 20:30:50


Hello @info, Could you please share you feedback on the future kids school? are you happy with the overall development of the kid? I am considering joining my kid in future kids for 2021-2022 for nursery (jubilee hills campus).

Appreciate your response.


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