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Tans2007 2014-01-10 08:13:13


Hi, Can anyone let me know about the Glendale preschool which is at Somajiguda.....i need to know how it is in terms of food, hygiene, education & day care facility. Thanks Tanu

mickey 2014-01-11 16:46:45


Hi Tanu,
It is a good pre-school. I visited this school  for my daughter  long time back but dropped the idea as i preferred
pre -school near to my place. My friend's daughter has studied here for 2 yrs and she was quite happy. It is pretty expensive though. 
You could visit this school in the working hrs and go around with the admin counsellor and talk to the daycare teachers and kids too. I found the daycare very neat. The only thing which i didnt like was the TV.  You could always tell them to hv some fixed time for watching TV .



Tans2007 2014-01-11 19:57:46


Thx Mickey for your valuble input.....will surely look into it n take decision accordingly.

Richa2009 2014-02-01 11:46:42


glendale edufun is a great school.my daughter Has been there for two years now and believe me she is soo happy. The staff is adorable... Principal is good ...she listens if u hv any complaints. It's a great school....)

gayuraji 2014-05-28 19:22:59


Hi Mickey 
we are getting transferred from Bhopal to hyd.my hubby is posted at govt. of India ,mint near Ecil.
i jus wanna know which school is best for him?is admission possible now?currently he is in KG1.
but ppl said according to hyderabad school regulations max age fr K.g.1. Is 4yrs only..is this true?so he has to get admitted to UKG.
alao pls suggest schools in and around cheralapalli,we will decide our house acc to school he is getting admitted.
as far as I have researched billabong is good...
are there any other schools better than that.
my son is very expressive,he is at present in a school which follows Montessori method.
i also want a school where he can improve his English, extra curricular activities, sports, as well as good Etiquette s...pls looking fwd to ur replies..I don't have much time pls reply at the earliest folks...
fees doesn't matter I jus need the best school...


gattupalli 2017-02-26 11:03:13


Please provide fee structure for Glendale edufun. Thanks


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