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akki2010 2010-02-15 12:16:05


hi i want to enroll my daughter into 6th class in an icse school in hyderabad. i would like to know which school is best with low fee structure and imparts good education. also i would like to know what is meant by IB and IGCSE courses. are these courses better than icse. which schools r imparting this syllabus and their fee structure also.

mickey 2010-02-23 14:42:55


Hi Akki2010,

IGCSE and IB schools will be definitely more expensive than ICSE schools. As such both are recognized in India and the students from IGCSE are at par with Indian counterparts who are from ICSE or CBSE board. IGCSE  , IB  is accepted worldwide  and will be useful ,if you ur kid to pursue higher studies abroad.

The International Baccalaureate (IB), formerly the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), is an international educational foundation  headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. IB offers three educational programmes for children ages 3–19.  Primary years ,Middle years and Diploma Years for age group (16-19) equivalent to high school.

While the syllabi and curricula of both IB MYP and IGCSE have an international outlook, IGCSE appears to be slightly better as  it is tailored for a more multi-cultural and more multi-lingual people.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification, taken at the Class 10 level, similar to the Class 10 examinations of the CBSE and ICSE or the middle years Programme of the IB.

IGCSE, formed in 1988, is a comprehensive two-year programme, spread over Class 9 and 10, and leads to the final examinations offered every year in May and November. IGCSE assessment is conducted by two UK assessment bodies: Edexcel (also known as London Examinations) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) (see below).

A student who has passed IGCSE is eligible for any +2 level qualification, like Class 12 CBSE/ ICSE or any international pre-university programme, like the IB Diploma, Advanced Placement Diploma (US), and A/AS Level & AICE (UK).

Currently, IGCSE is a two-year programme starting at the Class 9 level. A student who has done his/ her early schooling from any other board can join the IGCSE programme at the Class 9 level.

You can look for the following schools following ICSE board  depending upon the vacancies  :- Johnson's Grammar school in Sec'bad , Kalpa(BJ Hills) ,Gitanjali (Begumpet) ,Nasr Girls (Khairtabad ) ,Nasr Boys (Gachibowli) HPS (Begumpet) ,St Ann's (Sec'bad) .

Its better for you to contact the schools in March to check the availability and prepare ur kid for the entrance exam accordingly.




akki2010 2010-02-23 20:17:10


hi mickey,      thank you so much for the  information. i am so grateful to u. now i completely understood about the syllabi. we'll contact the schools specified by u and will know the procedure and act accordingly.  once again many thanks.


akki2010 2010-02-23 21:07:39


hi mickey,

                  just knew about international school,shaikpet. which is offering icse syllabus. but dont know about the reviews of the school. please help to know about the school, their academic results and infra structure. is it a gud option. please help ASAP.  thanks in advance.

   regards akki2010


mickey 2010-02-24 11:59:25


Hi Akki2010,

Should be good. It is established long back by an eminent  doctor Kakarla Subba Rao.

Don't have any reviews abt it . International schools do offer very good facilities , food and infrastructure to children ...of course at mind blowing fees !! So if you are okay with it ,you can go ahead ..

Future Kids is also a very good ICSE school in Rajendra Nagar (city outskirts). One of my friend's daughter studies there.

But where do u stay ? Its better to look for schools not too far away from ur place.

St Josephs is also a good ICSE school in the heart of Hyderabad.

Is your daughter studying in an ICSE school right from 1st std ? If not u  can as well  look for a  good CBSE schools.





mickey 2010-03-06 17:29:42


Hi Akki !

Have you joined your daughter in International school Shaikpet ?




Sureshm 2010-03-25 19:32:38


Hi Mickey,

I have gone through some of  your respones and  a BIG thank you to you  before I proceed with my question.

Could you please let me know the Admission process,Age Criteria and Fee structure for Nursery/LKG-entry level  for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Jubilee hills, Chirec Jubilee Hills and DPS Nanakram guda?

Also, please let me know whether Jubliee hills public school is better than Bharatiya Vidya bhavan?

Also, please let me know if you have any idea on Strawberry Fields Sringarcolony branch for play school.

Thank you in advance.




Anshulakarsh 2010-03-25 21:02:40



I am looking for CBSE school for my son in class 6 with moderate fee. Any suggestions particularly near Langer house/bandlaguda?






mickey 2010-03-26 19:00:09


Hi Anshulakarsh,

There is a good International School at Tolichowki, Shaikpet  . It follows  ICSE with not a very high fees structure. You can have a look and enquire on 040-23561085 .

There are also two KVs(Kendriya Vidyalaya)at Langar house. Its difficult if you are not from defense/public sector/ state or central govt . But u can always try. There wll be general quota too. KV Golconda is very well known. My cousin's daughters are studying in KV1 Golconda. They luckily got in general quota and stay at Mehdipatnam. The school does   not have transport , but they manage by private autos. Fees will be very economical.

First KV

No.1 Golconda, Langer House,
Hyderabad-500 008

Second KV

No.2 Golconda, Nanal Nagar X Road, Hyderabad-500 008

The other schools what i could find are -

Cambridge high school (cbse)

Address : 9-1-33/1/B/3, 1st Floor, Langar House, Hyderabad – 500008


New horizon high school,

Prashanth Nagar, Langar House, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


Golden JubileeHigh school

9-43/14/12, Langar House, Hyderabad .The number given in the website is being attended by some caretaker .  9246335449


Hope this will help you.







mickey 2010-03-26 19:11:03


Hi Anshulakarsh,

I forgot to mention about Bandlaguda. You can find Glendale International , but the fees will be more than a lakh in the first year. 50K is the admission fee. The fee details are mentioned in its website. I think this is definitely not a moderate fee structure.

The other school what i could find is

Viswa Bharthi High School  near kalimandir bus stop.



mickey 2010-03-26 19:28:01


Hi Suresh,

The age criteria has been discussed in many posts. The child should have completed 2.5 yrs to enter Nursery. Some ICSE schools prefer  3yrs by 1st June of that academic year for Nursery. In PP1/LKGfor ICSE schools, child should have completed 4 yrs.

However in CBSE schools, minimum age should be 3.3 yrs by June for admission into LKG. However ,the school prefers older children in LKG. Some schools also take 3.5 yrs for LKG.

In Chirec , you can join ur child if she/he is 2.5yrs in Nursery. Chirec starts from Nursery. Your child will then go to PP1/LKG and PP2/UKG before grade 1.

In DPS , the school has Nursery and Prep before grade 1. They don't have a concept of PP1 and PP2. So ideally your child should have completed  4yrs to get into Nursey in DPS. I will verify this again with my friend whose kids are studying in DPS  Nankramguda in Prep and class 2.

BVB and Jubilee Hills are almost the same. Once upon a time , i heard it was only one school but later has split into two.

BVB is more popular as this was the only school before. Fees is almost the same.

No idea about Strawberry fields. Its better u visit the playschool and spend some time so that you will know how it functions. U have got to be very careful while selecting the first school for your child.

All the Best !






Parthan 2010-04-20 16:01:48


hi mickey

i am in search of a good school (IB/IGCSE or ICSE or CBSE) for my 4 year old daughter. she has completed her nursery. what is your opinion about Manathan INtl School & Indus World School. i prefer an intl. school. our house is located near Neredmet.




mickey 2010-04-20 17:09:10


Hi Parthan,

Indus seems to be a good school. Looks quite promising from its website. The school is closing its admission by 23rd April.  Even for class 1, there is no written test. The Principal interacts with the child and parents and looks at the child's past performance from his/her previous report cards. Indus is purely following CBSE and is till class X.  As such I don't know anybody from this school personally.

Manthan International ( has got good reviews in this forum. The school follows IPC very similar to IB PYP methodology at primary level and has CBSE and IGCSE too at middle school. The child can opt for CBSE or IGCSE in class IX.  I spoke to them long back to enquire about an NRI's son admission.

You can see about manthan  in the  following link






akki2010 2010-04-21 20:48:23


hi mickey  iam so sorry for my delayed  reply. i've seen ur reply just now. i  was not in touch bcos we shifted to shaikpet, i didnt get net connection there. now i took relliance wireless. anyways how r u? yes i joined my daughter in international school, shaikpet.  there is no transport to kukatpally, so we shifted to a rent house nearby the school. iam not knowing whether i have taken right decision or not. iam completely confused. please try if u can really help me.   the scholl fee was 20k for 6thclass last year. so we thought fee is economical and proceeded . when we bought the application the fee structure  is different.  it is 43k for 6thclass.  i thought they  might have added  admission fee to the actual annual fee.  when asked about this to the office staff  they didnt clear our doubts saying they dont know. my daughter was selected in entrance test and at the time of admission we asked the principal about the fee . he said they hiked the annual fee due to various reasons and he cannot reduce it.  there was very little time for us to think bcos last date for paying fee was just one week and school is starting from march 1st. and iam interested to join her  in an icse school. so we paid the first term fee and got her admitted. there is no third language here. just one month gone  got to wait n see how the school will be. but locality is not well developed and we r not able to adjust here. i left my own flat in kkp and came here  to a rented house. not knowing whether paying 43k is worth or not.its name is international school but not following international school standards.  after reading ur reviews on chinmaya  now iam repenting. shall i see this year in this school n plan to change if it is not as expected. but changing like this may affect my school , new friends, it will be tough for her to get accustomed. have i done a mistake? please help me out. can we do anything regarding this fee hike?


akki2010 2010-04-21 21:00:15


hi mickey what is the fee structure for 6th std  in chinmaya.  i could not communicate wid u  since we disconnected our internet.



mickey 2010-04-22 11:51:33


Hi Akki,

I feel sorry to see you still in the state of indecisiveness inspite of paying the fees and getting your daughter admitted in Shaikpet International School. Actually you should have been firm to know the school's fee structure when you had gone to enquire or followed up with the admission dept subsequently. Never mind, the fee is not that high as compared to other International schools which costs a bomb.

Where was your daughter studying before ? ICSE surely lays a strong foundation in the initial years of education. It stresses on overall development of child with excellent command in languages and esp English. ICSE students can easily cope up with CBSE but vice-versa is a bit difficult. You can always change her to Chinmaya which follows CBSE . But I feel , it is not required now when u have already paid the fees and got her into ICSE school. In case , your daughter is not able to cope up with ICSE , you can plan to shift her toa CBSE school as the syllabus will be very vast from grade 7 in ICSE. Let her continue in Shaikpet and see her progress and of course keep an eye on the school's activities ,staff and other facilities which  it claims to have. Many schools promise so many things in the beginning. They do not keep their promises and keep us in dark.

Regarding the sudden hike in fees, you need to take other parents of this school in confidence and bring the management to its toes by protesting the hike as how DPS parents have done last year when there was a steep increase in fees. Its definitely a Herculean task.

Chinmaya's infrastructure and facilities will not be that Hi-Tech as compared to International schools. But yes, it has all that is required for a student to pursue his/her education.

Fee for  classes 6 to 8 in Chinmaya was 18K per annum last year which can be paid in three instalments of 6K each. If you daughter clears the entrance for class 7 next year , it will be a nominal admission fee +18 or 19 K per annum. But don't think of changing her school as of now.

I know how it feels to come out from the comfort of our own house to a rented one. But is there any choice for you right now ? Can u look for a better place near Shaikpet /Towli chowki. Can u arrange for alternate transport till Kukatpally for your daughter from the last drop point of school bus. Till where does the school bus come ? You can arrange a reliable private school auto from the last drop point or convenient drop point of school bus. Just see if it works out if you are very unhappy about the place where u r staying.






akki2010 2010-04-22 21:29:17


hi mickey, thank u  for  ur quick reply. earlier  my daughter studied in hindu public school, sanathnagar with cbse syllabus. the school was ok  initially but from 4th class the teachers are not  much qualified and they r not teaching properly like they are very bad in their english and my daughter is  learning the same. the fee of this school is very very economical just 10 k per year when my daughter was studying there. my daughter studies very well and stands first in her class. she is very intelligent. that is the reason we thought of changing her into a better school so that she gains good command over english.  as of this school  she is quite comfortable with the syllabus and is studying very well and is standing as tough competition to last year's first rank student. she has given her first unit test and now enjoying her holidays , will get the report after re opening. she is expecting first rank. so about her studying the syllabus is not at all a big deal but i want to know one thing very clearly . are there any advantages in her future if she studies  in icse rather than cbse or it will not make any difference. if  u say both r same then i will admit her in chinmaya next year  b cos the school is gud and fee also pocket friendly.  as u have advised i will not change her this year. but if u say icse is better choice then i will continue her here and bear all other hiccups b cos i want to give her the best education.  and about the fee:  this school has hiked the fee only for new comers ,  for old students  the fee is 20k only. so  other parents wont co operate i think.  regarding transport  we tried  each n every means but in vain.  auto drivers are charging exorbitant fee like 4k to 5k per month. that is why we shifted  nearby to school. there is no one to help me out . iam very lucky to be a member of parentree otherwise i would not have known u and ur valuable advise. iam completely dependent on ur advise. i will just follow ur please tell me shall i continue her here or studying in cbse is also same means i will change her next year.  i require one more advise mickey.  presently  my daughter is speaking  averagely in english like not so fluently , no good vocabulary and grammar. can u suggest me a good institute to overcome this problem. i want to join her in this summer. any gud summer camp near kukatpally or shaikpet. i will take any pain to give her the best. u suggest me the best school , iam ready to relocate for her. iam so much grateful to u. thank you for reading  my lengthy letter so patiently. iam completely dependent on ur advice.


mickey 2010-04-23 17:38:46


Hi Akki,

I understand your concern. By whatever you have mentioned, I understand that your daughter is intelligent enough to pick up ICSE syllabus. You don’t have to worry as of now.

ICSE lays a strong foundation in English ,Science and other languages too. Doesn’t the school have language lab? International schools usually have such labs to improve the student’s vocabulary, diction and communication skills. If you speak at home, she will easily pick up fluency. Make her read some good short stories daily and give her a topic daily on which she can speak in English. If you do it meticulously you will surely find an improvement. Stop your mother tongue for some days and speak to her in only English.

Let your daughter continue in the same school till X if she is able to cope up. Till X the board will not matter  much. However an ICSE student has to slog more compared to his/her CBSE counterpart. There are more papers and projects too in ICSE in IX and X . If your daughter is interested in Engg. or medicine, shift her to CBSE or State Syllabus after X. In fact ICSE lays strong foundation in English (which you are very much concerned ) and Science. You have invested a lot of time, energy and money too to put your daughter in a good school. I think it is far better than the Hindu Public School. So don't worry or feel sorry about it.  You have definitely taken a wise decision by changing her to a good school.

CBSE is introducing CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) for X too from this academic year where  it will keep a tab on student’s performance through out the year. The class X report card will only carry grades. It has been introduced to reduce stress in kids. In future, ICSE may also follow the same. Can’t say ….It would be great, if all boards have a common syllabi of Maths and Science as suggested by Mr. Kapil Sibal, which of course is a pipe dream come true !!

 Coming to Spoken English…

The Spoken English courses will fill student’s notebooks with notes on grammar and they hardly give the practical training. You have got to survey properly and see their live sessions before joining your daughter. More stress should be given on speaking skills than the notes. I once joined my friend’s cook’s daughter in one such institute at Khairatabad.

 To my utter surprise after two months when she visited me, I only saw 2 fat notebooks with some notes and grammar. There are was hardly any interaction with other students in English or practical classes on Spoken English where everybody will be made to speak. Her status was same as before and i demanded my money back from the institute as she was hardly able to speak anything. I know you cannot find drastic change in two months but it was long enough for her to at least speak a few sentences.

 Anyhow we can’t generalize all the institutes. There are many such centres for Spoken English in Kukatpally. If at all you want your daughter to join, be very careful in selecting the right one. See their practical sessions and don’t get duped by their sweet talks. I will list a few for you. I think you can try Russells which is quite well known ,Oxford and 3sconsultants which is also into soft skill training for professionals. Do visit them. If you don’t find it worth, train her at home. That will be better.

 Russells Spoken English

#339 ,Kukatpally
Hyderabad -500072
Phone: 040-66317306

Oxford  Spoken English

Mr Manoj +(91)-9573957009

3rd Phase Temple Bus Stand, Kphb Colony, Hyderabad – 500072

 Vivekananda Institute Veta Academy Kphb

+(91)-(40)-32402659   +(91)-9948089969

Plot No MIG-234(Cellar), Besides Kesineni Travels, Travels Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072


Bhagyanagar Colony, Kukatpally,Hyderabad - 500072.
Phone:  040 - 23063955
Mobile:  9391061940

 A long post from me too ...




maveris 2010-06-06 16:27:05


Hi Mickey,

Can you tell me which one is very good school from below list of achools in Kukatpally irrespective of academic, facilities and extracuricular activities:

Vignan Global Highschool





Thank you in advance,



KalyaniA 2010-06-06 18:34:07



Please suggest a good school (CBSE) nearby KPHB/Miyapur area for 1st Standard.

Thanks in advance,


mickey 2010-06-07 10:16:00


Hi Maveris,

DAV would be the best choice. I spoke to one of my friends too at Kukatpally. She  also has  the opinion. Prefer  The Creek  ,Sanghamitra, Vignan, Ladders and then Vikas after DAV .

 Ladders is having an AC campus.




mickey 2010-06-07 10:22:41


Hi Kalyani,

It is difficult to suggest only one school. As the admissions in most of the schools are over, u need to try in three or four schools and keep your options open.

The best school around Miyapur/Kondapur  would be Chirec, DPS (Gachibowli). These schools are a bit far from Miyapur.It is difficult to get admission now as it closed last month. But u can always call up and know the current status. If you are open for International School, u can try in Oakridge . You will be able to get admission here.

Around Miyapur , you can try The Creek .It is a new school but is having good reviews. The bus from Creek comes till Miyapur Crossroads and Malaysian Township. You also have Sentia- The Global and Kennedy High Global School at Bachupally which is equally good. You can get admission in Sentia ,The Creek , Ladders(Kukatpally) , MVM (Kondapur) and Kennedy High Global. Ladders is having an AC campus

DAV and Sanghamitra are also good schools around Kukatpally but i doubt if you could get admission here.

Meridian at Kukatpally  is good and  an expensive school. It will cost your around 75K. Below are some of the websites. You can go through them and get the numbers too apart from knowing the admission status.

Prefer The Creek or Sentia and then Kennedy high global,MVM, Ladders and then Vikas. Go for Meridian and Oakridge if u are okay with its fees.

The best choice would be DAV. If you get here, join your kid without any second thoughts. MVM (Maharshi Vidya Mandir) at Kondapur is also good and economical. +(91)-(40)-66046212



KalyaniA 2010-06-09 23:21:04


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your detailed and quick response.

Thanks and Regards


KalyaniA 2010-06-17 07:42:02


Hi Mickey,

Need your expertise adivise. As we came to hyderabad bit late, We observed almost all the schools closed their admissions.

We have a choice only in the following schools.

Kennedy High Global

Please suggest which is the best school among them. Would like to finish the admission process this week itself.

Thanks and Regards


mickey 2010-06-17 12:16:31


Hi Kalyani,

Opt for  Sentia , Kenedy High Global , Creek  and then Vikas in the same order. I don't know much about Creek. Just read  a few good  reviews about Creek.

I met one girl recently from Kennedy High Global. She has come from US and joined this school. She likes her school. But the strength per class is more.

My friend's daughters are studying in Sentia. She is quite happy with the school. There  are many activities and the teacher, student  ratio is 1:25. The school has audio visual aids and a big playground too. When she had to make a choice between Kennedy and Sentia, she selected Sentia and is quite happy as of now. There are many NRI students too.

Check out the strength in Kennedy High Global before u take a decision.



surekha710 2010-12-22 01:30:47


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the detailed information about IGCSE schooling,

 One doubt I have about this is can my child appear for normal entrance exam for local enggneering collage after IGCSE eduaction in india and are the capable enough to pass those type of entrances in india?




mickey 2010-12-22 18:59:04


Hi Surekha,
IGCSE is a middle year program i.e from 8th to 10th.  After IGCSE,  the child can join a CBSE currilculum or State currriculum to do well in the entrance exams with additional coaching for these exams.  Yes, they can perform very well as their concepts are very clear .




surekha710 2010-12-23 15:59:48


Thanks Mickey for the quick response.

Most probably my child will be joining Engineering collage in India after doing IB. So I have to put him for some extra coaching classes.State Board seems to be an easier option.What do you think? Does difference in end of session between CBSE and IB  make them lose one year?




mickey 2010-12-27 22:08:38


Yes Surekha,
Intermediate Board would be an easier option. I have no idea about the difference in  IB and CBSE session. Please write to Shailajakaranam to know about IB through parentree inbox.  Her son is currently into IB curriculum.




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