Worried Pls..help Manthan/Phenoix green/Pavithra international /hillside academy/Arbor

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Mutyala 2014-01-06 12:47:19


Worried Pls..help.my son is in Grade 4 now iam looking for his admission in calss 5 in  good school.

Which one is better

Manthan/Phenoix green/Pavithra international /hillside academy/Arbor

My high priorities

Very good communication skills

Good attention on values and his behavior

Good attention towards him as he is very hyperactive

Good balance between activities and academics

Good teaching methodology


Please someone suggest me best for him…pls

schoolhunter1 2014-01-07 10:13:34


Definitely give Phoenix Greens a try. In addition to the Gachibowli campus, their Kokapet campus for class 1 onwards is already developed (part  of it is) and classes are happenning there since last two years. So in terms of infrastructure it is ahead of Manthan at this poin in time. Between Manthan and Phopenix Greens, I would suggest you chose the one that is closer to your home- both are equally good, I personally felt Phoenix Green had slight edge over Manthan when we were tried for our kid's admission last year. We are generally happy with Phoenix Greens and I know parents who are happy with Manthan as well. Compared to Pavitra and Hillside, I have heard more about Manthan and Phoenix Greens.

If distance is not an issue, I think of the schools mentioned in this thread, Hillside would have been my choice. When we visited the school, immediately we liked it. The fact that they have been around for 20+ years (under different managements) showed in the administrative and general efficiencies. They had about 17 kids in Class X and they all did well. The other schools combined have not been around for as long as Hillside has been. We opted out at the last minute because of distance, otherwise based on the feedback that I received from colleagues, this is a school they were happy with. Of the schools you have mentioned, considering distance and fees not the differentiators, my choice would be Hillside, Phoenix Greens, Manthan, Pavitra and Arbor.


Mutyala 2014-01-07 12:27:23


Thank you very much  Varunsmom and schoolhunter..for the feed back
Can you please let me know the fee structure for pavithra
I heard good reviews about manthan but distance to new campus ia too much i suppose...any idea from panjagutta
Varuns mom may i know the fee structure of pavitra for grade 5???and how is kid's communication skills???please advice

I am thinkng about Niraj international school...
I dont mind moving to near by school location

Mutyala 2014-01-28 10:35:31


We visited NIS...I am impressed with teaching methodology,approach,hygiene, good activities.Fee comes aroung 1.65 lakh ( including food transport , uniform etc..(admission 40 extra-one time)

Less strength so more personal attention.
Very much impressed with teachers and students
Good discipline
Emphasis on communication skills
Good swimming pool

Far from the city

Mutyala 2014-01-28 10:37:51


I saw.... senior KG student learning evoparation ,germination  concepts ...by planting seeds and washing piece of cloth and rying


Mutyala 2014-01-28 10:40:42


Also visited manthan and pavitra....
Pavitra not at all impressed ...no comparision with Manthan at all....
So pavitra OUT
Good school...more or less same fee as Niraj international school
but less infrastructure in madhapur campus
no swimming pool
tellapur is too far-still thinking...


Mutyala 2014-01-28 10:42:26


Please some one give feed back on phoneix green
What kind of activites they have?
Teaching methodologied?
Any good schools like this around punjagutta????

ashishmahesh 2014-11-28 22:55:00


Arbor is best.
good staff, nice play ground.
nominal fees.
good study,

lathapandu 2014-11-29 11:19:23


Checked pavithra international,liked it,any feedback from existing parents

Moving2hyd 2015-07-02 15:48:52


I am moving to Hyderabad in Delhi and planning to stay in Kondapur area. My son is studying in PP2 level class in Delhi and want to continue same level in Hyderabad.
It would be very helpful if anybody can let me know about Arbor international school or any school nearby Kondapur.
Thanks in advance.

PreSchool1 2015-07-07 15:02:46


                              which class ur kid is in?  prep1/prep2....how is ur overall exprn abt the scl overall i mean for prep kids academic is required but not in extreme edge.... do they take care of food pattern like if somebody is not able to take food do they take care of this help him to take food rather coming with complete empty stomach.....how much the class texcahers are cordial and transperent with parent....most import if the morning welcome is good then entire day would be gr8 for the kid despite of any odd....and what abt the approach of academic head...does she listen to the parents concern/query and responds back with +ve....ur feedback would be highly appreciated..........thanks

SP1 2015-07-07 15:19:16


@ Moving2hyd There is a good feedback about Arbor International. As they are relatively new my opinion is they will try to give more attention to detail. Not sure of their fee though. Apart from this, you have Meridian in Madhapur which is good and I can tell the same as my daughter and neice are studying there and we are happy about the holistic curriculum. You might spend around 2.5 lakhs in the first year, admission fee and others put together.

divinepower 2015-07-07 23:38:47


Arbor school is vry gud..there r only 20students in each class..so they giv gud personal attention. ..my child s studying there...i hav seen lot of improvement in my child after joining here ..they hav gud activities too..like classical dance, western dance ,sports , carnatic music from grade1onwards... Fees s bit high cmes to around 1.5 lkhs ...bt worth it !

marzook 2015-08-10 17:50:14


hi divine power!
I'm considering ARBOR for my son's first grade for next academic year.
How is your overall experience with the school? Also what would be the fee structure?
Your opinion is much appreciated.

divinepower 2015-08-10 19:15:24


@marzook School s gud..chck out once...see my comments above....i hav written in other threads too...click on my name n see ..gud luck...:)

divinepower 2015-08-10 19:17:32


http://www.parentree.in/India/Hyderabad/22568-reviews-about-arbor-international-school/pg1 Chck the abve thread ...u wil find reviews frm other parents too..hope it hlps.


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