Good CBSE schools in mothinagar & sanath nagar area

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 Former member 2014-01-01 10:18:32


Hi all,

I would like to join my kid into UKG in good CBSE school located around mothi nagar /sanath nagar. Could you please suggest top 3 schools in these areas?



 Former member 2014-01-02 11:34:15


I need to decide and join this week end in one of the schools (little scholors/hindu public school/sister nivedita)... Can some one please provide information about these schools and which one should be preferred first?

 Former member 2014-01-03 19:33:40


If any parents that their kids studying in any of above schools Or  have the information about these schools, please share it...waiting for response....!!!

Madhu74 2014-01-03 20:38:26


Hi, I know lil bit about Hindu public sch they say it is cbse but the study don't go in that way 3kids of my fmly studied for few years then changed. It is like state syllabus method.

 Former member 2014-01-04 09:01:18


Thanks Madhu, any idea about little scholors?

 Former member 2014-01-07 11:20:07


Hi All, I request you all to share their openion/information about little scholors school sanath nagar. I need to pay the fee for admission by tomorrow...!!!! Thanks in advacne.

coffeecup 2014-03-26 18:54:28


hi @Madhu74 - wish i had seen your post 2 months ago. Got my kid admitted there and am a bit concerned as the teacher is going in breakneck speed. On Day 3 cursive writing of the entire English alphabet was taught - whereas CBSE suggests to start with (a, c, e, i, m, n, o, u, v, w) in the first month. Also there is absolutely no one to talk to about your concerns. Never got to meet the principal either - am trying still. Would appreciate if some more feedback on this school could be made available in this forum.


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