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vaccu 2013-12-31 11:14:30


Does any 1 know the fee structure of chirec.... N how many seats do they have under managmnt cota... N managmnt seat... Means they do any concession in admission fee.... My son got thru obul reddy it better to go with obul reddy or try chirec managment seat? Plz suggst

sar1113 2013-12-31 11:57:45


1.5L(*One time admission fee) + 50K as non-refundable fee
For Grade 1 the Fees is close to 1.2 per Anum(*incuding food and transport).

I dont think the management quota in any school is discussed publicly.

When you are drawing a comparision line, prefer to compare apples to apples rather than apples to oranges.
Both Chirec and Obul Reddy have good name and fame but there is huge difference in the working model(*teacher to student ratio, environment, infrastructure and the kids)

Figure out , What are your expectations from the school? Than list the schools that can match to your expectations.


schoolhunter1 2013-12-31 13:27:52


Yes, Chirec's per yer fees would turn out to be actually 9-10 times higher than Obul Reddy's. So obviously the amount of activities, attention, infrastructure and new age education in Chirec would be higher than in obul Reddy- though definitely not in the same proportion as the difference in fees. Try to find out the results of class 10, and I vaguely remember last time, the results for CBSE were similar in Chirec to MVM, which would make it mostly same as that in Obul Reddy too.
So while Chirec definitely will offer more because it is 10 times as costly in recurring fees (forget the one time admisstion fee where it is probably 20 times as costly), but if you consider the bang for the buck aspect, I think there is no school in Hyderabad that beats Obul Reddy.

vaccu 2013-12-31 13:39:31


School hunter n sarr... U guyz gave a gr8 feedback.... I really appreciate the way u ppl kept ur point.... Now my doubt's r cleared... Thanks a lot for ur valuable feedback.... I will go with obul reddy ...


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