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Arks 2013-12-28 00:03:31


Hi Friends,

I am a mother of a four year old lad who is full of energy, enthusiasm and tonnes of queries just about ALL the time!!!

I wish to add that i have recently moved to Hyderabad from Singapore. I am totally new to this city and to the schools here as well.

Can you throw some light on NASR Boys School in Gachibowli? I am in awe of NASR Girls, but i dont really know if NASR Boys is also matching its standards.

Any kind of input will be greatly appreciated, be it the management, the curriculum, the discipline, the fees, etc.


Ikky 2014-04-14 10:32:35


My son has been studying in the school past two years.

Here's what satisfies me about the school:

1) Good all around development of the child.
2) Big play area, including lawn tennis court, which is being utilized properly. After all, boys need lots and lots of space. I heard from my kid that kids are also taken to swimming pool in the nearby building. No details yet, because my kid is too small to explain in details.
3) It has a stable inside the premises with 9 horses. As a parent, I am looking forward to my boy learning horse riding.
4) More army-school like atmosphere.
5) I found most of the teachers to be decent to good, and some excellent.
6) Smart kids in the school. When you do visit, try talking to seniors.
7) Sports days, investiture ceremonies, and annual days are very well organized.
8) Lovely campus. Do visit.
9) Basement has indoor games.
10 Management is responsive. Do visit the Web page to know who is who.
11) Office (clerks) are responsive.
12) Excellent overall growth of kids.
13) Decent fees. Not as high as what other schools charge.

What you must NOT expect:
1) Studies at the school is sufficient. You need to spend time at home.
2) Some of the boys seem oversmart and use typical hyderabadi words. This being good or bad is subjective. With me having been a KV student, am kind of used to it, but my wife is not. :D. So, as usual, bit of guidance at home is required. IMHO, am not worried about this too much.  Just for information.

Finally, I am happy with the school and can see lots of overall improvement in my kid. Candidly, I will not think twice on putting my second son in this school in the next two years. Excellent value-for-money too.



navid 2014-09-12 18:02:31


Hello Ikky, I'm looking for admission of my Son in PP2, I found your above post very useful I'm convinced with the points you mentioned above, could you please share details about yearly & admission fees. Appreciate your help on this. Navid

iindu 2014-11-17 23:02:37


Thanks Ikky for the informative post. Can you pl also tell , does the school has only ICSE or CBSE too? Also, what do you mean by home help? Are you hinting at Tutions. I am a working mom and it's not always possible to spend time in weekdays. However Sat and Sun is totally for my son's studies. Will that be sufficient?
Thanks Much

Samiz 2014-11-20 12:56:43


Hey Guys,
Nasr Boys - Gachibowli fee is 40k per annum + 40k Admission fee (one time payment) + 10k caution deposit (refundable). 
Transportation fee 25k per annum.
Application form are available now till 31-12-2014. 
School Timings - 8:00 to 1340 Monday to Friday (Sat n Sun OFF)
Admission process - Parent's interview + Kid's written test
I like the school, activities, timings, playground etc but hearing a lot about indiscipline. Not sure about the studies as well.
Could some parents whose kids are studying there comment on it?
Thanks and appreciate ur feedback.


SchoolHunter5 2015-11-06 16:33:49


Hi lkky

I am on the look out for a school to join my son in Grade1. With so many schools around, each with varying reviews, its making me go bonkers. I am sure there are many more like me out there.

I see that the above views were posted almost a year back. Could you share your latest views on the school, please.

Also, please share your views on other schools in and around Lingampally area.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hareesha8 2018-07-26 12:28:47



thanks for the above, We are planning to move from Hong Kong to Hyderabad next year and i am looking for options to join my son into 3rd standard. Kindly help to share your thoughts on NASR boys school.

thank you

khans2021 2021-01-30 16:01:33


Hello friends,

 My son is currently studying 4th Class in JGS ICSE Habsiguda, He is a brilliant in studies. School is very good.. We are planning to relocate near Tolichowki/Shaikpet/Sun City HYD, Looking for good ICSE school for next academic year i.e. for 5th Class 2021-22.

 1) Can someone please suggest how is Nasr Boys School Gachibowli compared to JGS? Discipline/Studies/Teacher and overall feedback?

 2) My son is 4 months less than the age criteria of Nasr school for admission into Class 5, did anyone managed to get admission when age criteria is not met? Do they strictly follow the age criteria? Pls suggest, how to get admission in Class 5.. Can anyone share your Realtime experience with Nasr admission please...

 3) Please share admission process and Annual fee structure (Breakup) of Nasr Boys School Gachibowli & Yearly how much fees is increased?

 4) Can anyone suggest any other good ICSE school within 10 Kms radius to Tolichowki/Attapur? 

 Friends please reply to this thread in details so that it will help to me and others as well... Thanks in advance and I really appreciate your early response...


Sandeepsimhadri 2021-01-30 16:10:52


Hi khan
pls call me 7981346309


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