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admpp2 2013-12-26 23:53:50


Looking for admission into UKG.

Need feedback on the Bolton school from the parents of children studying in this school.

How are the academics and other activates ?

How is the parents interaction with teachers ?

Comparing with secundrabad public school, which is the best school  ?

optimus 2014-01-19 02:37:31


bolton is okay kind of school. They teach CBSE syllabus, decent play ground and very average infrastructure.

I see problem with teachers. they are always in a hurry to complete the syllabus. teachers here are kind of mechanical, they behave good with clever students. a clever student can naturally cope up with studies, but what about average & weak students.

they simply don't want to put effort on weak & average students. whenever there is parent teacher meeting they switch on the complaining record. in any of the meeting they NEVER discussed about techniques or tips or points of improving child's academics.  
what will happen to a child's moral. they should find ways to encourage, they should psychologically build the confidence in weak students. instead of doing this they just keep complaining & complaining. None of the teachers seen after the school hours, not even once. They run to home with the students itself.

my mother was also a teacher. teaching was her passion, she really used to take weak students as challenge & she used to put real effort to improve their academics. i remember a 7th class student who used to fail all the time in year beginning, my mother helped her pass with 2nd class marks.
i think now a days teachers have become commercial, they lack passion, dedication & commitment  towards teaching, it has become another means of earning money.

hope this helps. not sure how the teacher's are in other schools.

KashAndJai 2014-08-05 10:08:34


I agree with optimus regarding the teachers. They are mechanical. No encouragement for children who wants ask questions during the class, the teachers would immediately say, SIT DOWN. As a parent, we had raised the issue with principal, but I am not sure that unless the teachers change them selves the issue can be solved.

It is above average school. The principal is the most experienced and she definitely spares time to any parent who wishes to speak to her, and I am sure that she tries her best to solve any problem that comes to her notice.

1. Experienced principal/vice principal and owned by Mahboob college.
2. As per principal, the management will not allow more than 2 sections per class (ever) to limit the number of students in the school.
3. Better uniform (T-shirt and Jeans), for parents who don't want to send their girls in knee short skirts.
4. Academics are above average, home work is given sensibly. Only two subjects per day homework, and students are supposed to carry only these books/notebooks to home. Rest of the books in locker at the class allotted to them.
5. Co-curricular activities are there (like music, karate, tennis etc), but my child wants more.
6. Good communication from school teachers/management.
7. FIVE DAYS school for children upto 7th class.
8. Any parent can directly write an email to principal regarding any issue and she acts on the issue keeping the parent anonymous.
1. Parent teacher meet is routine. Teacher says your child is doing just fine. I would want to know more than that, like which activities she shows interest in or good at. Or her findings about my child.
2. My child complains about no field trips/picnic to her class last year...but some other classes had picnic.

Hope this helps.


Srixlnc 2014-08-06 11:19:43


Can we have a detailed analysis of all the schools (i mean good quality schools). Parents can share their experiences and this will act as a guide to others before taking admission in such schools.

aarshi 2018-05-03 16:35:23


Hi existing parents of bolton please share your review on bolton academics and extra curricular activities. I am seeking admission in grade one for my daughter.


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