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Schoolseek 2013-12-21 16:56:56


I have been to both(Phoenix greens,Arbor) and both seem to be good. Can parents of children in both schools respond as to how are your children scoring. We are located at lingampally and Arbor seems to be nearer than Phoenix. But still I am keen to see the reviews from others too. And let me know any other schools near by. I have been to sancta maria. It is too high-fi. Yearly fees is coming upto 2.5Lacs.Reviews on the given schools needed:

1) Pavithra international school nallagandla

2) Fusion international school Ameenpur

3) Phoenix greens

4) Arbor International

5) suggest any other good one.

Schoolseek 2013-12-26 12:26:10


Varunsmom:any inputs on manthan new campus?

schoolhunter1 2013-12-26 14:23:13


Definitely Phoenix Greens, among the ones listed by thread starter.

Schoolseek 2013-12-26 22:18:08


We have been to GIIS today. Good school and campus too.any idea of it.

justakid 2013-12-29 20:18:03



  One of my daughter goes to Arbor and another daughter goes to near by Ivy League(so called) school.
We moved from USA to India. I am quite happy with Arbor International school.

1. Student to teacher ratio is less in Arbor

2. Infrastructure is good  (school buildings, tennis courts etc ....)

3. Due to low student to teacher ratio Teachers pay attention to each and every student

4. Home work is good. Students are taught concepts.

5. Activities are good (e.g.: On independence day students were shown spinning wheel and operate spinning wheel)

6. Teachers follow XSEED methodology ( you can search for this on internet)

7. You get better response to your questions/concerns from Arbor.

With confidence I can say we are quite happy with Arbor. Even better than near by Ivy League school.
In some classes number of students are low.

Poem 2013-12-31 14:28:24


Does Arbor International have permission till 10th Standard ?
Currently they mention only till 8th, but is it that they don't have permission or is it because they don't want to start higher classes?

Alapati 2014-01-02 11:55:16


Pavithra international is CBSC or ICSE

Poem 2014-01-02 12:46:58


Hi Alapati,

As per their website it's a CBSE school.

justakid 2014-01-14 12:52:32


My understanding is ARBOR is adding one class per year. Now they have classes till 8th.

basire 2014-01-17 22:25:16


Don't prefer phoenix,its not  worth for the money that we pay. lot of commercial  and most of my friends changes  the  school .
Director will not have time to meet the parents .

Shanti1 2014-04-04 21:09:07


Hello Justakid and Others,
 We were thinking of Maridian initially and even now. 

My kids never studied in India and want to make sure they get adjusted very well as a primary requirement . Of course studies are very important

I'm hearing the Arbor International School is also good and have good Student/Parent Ratio which i also a important factor.
Can you please let me know how is the infrastructure and prefessionalism of the Arbor International ?

I beleive both these schools are of similar distance from L&T township.

How does Arbor International School  compared to Maridian school ? 

Thank you.


Sruthipalli 2017-11-12 10:34:08


Hi Gopal,

Are your kids still in arbor? This schooisl  in our list. Would appreciate your review if your kid is still in arbor. 

Naincy17 2017-11-12 15:16:22


Phoenix greens total fee is approx. 2.3lacs per annum


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