Needed Help: Reviews on Ganges Valley School vs Ambitus World School

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sivaram4 2013-12-05 19:11:16


Hi All,

Can anyone help me with reviews or your experience with below schools
  • Ganges Valley School (Nizampet)
  • Ambitus World school (Bachpally)
Appreciate your response.

Note: Fee structure wise both are similar and almost same (around 1.2 L)


wellmom 2014-12-15 18:43:11



I need feedback on Ambitus World school. Can some plz provide

wellmom 2014-12-15 18:43:52


Which one is better Ambitus or Ganges valley school?

parent160282 2014-12-22 15:38:32


These schools are different in curriculum.
GV - CBSE and AW - CIE

wellmom 2014-12-29 03:11:45


Ok thanku but could you specify which curriculum us better?

wellmom 2014-12-29 03:12:03


Ok thanku but could you specify which curriculum us better?

kirchand 2015-03-16 15:55:16


Ambitus fee structure :-
Tuition Fee: 21900 per term [ 3 terms in an academic year ]
Annual Fee:19000/- Educational Service Fund: 20000/- Caution Deposit: 10000/- (Refundable)Transport security Deposit: 5000/-  (Refundable)

agastyaa 2015-04-15 10:44:15


Dear Kirchand, can u give feedback about ambitus school education...


geisha 2015-04-15 22:56:55



gv is better than ambitus as per the parents views here..i stay in miyapur

agastyaa 2015-04-18 16:22:10


Thank you for your information.  I have also enquired about Ambitus school, which is very good in education as well as in sports.  I prefer myself to join my 3 years son in Ambitus, good campus with sports groundsall other school in hyd do not have play grounds like ambitus, cambridge university syallabusthey teach practically with examples thats the best way to learn.  
Moreover Chairman of this school Sri.Seenaiahji will not compromise any where about the quality of education.  So, dear parents you can opt Ambitus World school for your kids.  


11894 2015-09-29 22:07:36


Hi agastyaa,
Hope your son is enjoying learning in Ambitus. Its 5 months , can you please give some valuable feedback/observation about ambitus? I am also interested to join my daughter (3.5yrs) for LKG. Please share few pros/cons. Thanks in advance

Lollymom 2015-10-05 18:54:12


Please post feedback on Ambitus world school and Oakridge. We are looking for actual feedback from the parents whose kids are studying in these schools, Bachupally.  Your feedback would really help us in taking right decision.

aparnanarra 2015-11-13 15:09:09


Hi kirchand - Can you please provide feedback on the Ambitus school we are looking for admitting my child in 3rd class.

parent160282 2015-11-13 16:57:47


Ambitus is having only CIE and Oakridge is having both CIE and IB. If you are looking for CIE , tuition fee for  almost same for CIE. Oakridge might be in slight higher side about one time fee and transport / food , etc.Both are having qualified staff and Infrastructure.

Ambitus is good at sports as its blended with curriculum - they have all sports mandate - Choose this if you wanted your ward to have exposure to both. Oakridge is having best reviews on studies. Oakridge School pupils created little high economy class environment. Ambitus is not having this issue, most of these kids parents are either good earning employees.


aparnanarra 2015-11-15 10:54:17


Thank you for the feedback. Ambitus has started this curriculum in 2013 and that what is a point of confusion. This year they will be having first batch of test point for grade5. Any feedback on the experience of the school in this curriculum or confidence on the staff? How the older grade student feel they are going to be first batch to go out. Any feedback?
We are just worried that we shd not be experienting with our kid. Dont want to keep changing her school.
Any feedback is highly appreciated in this view.


kirchand 2015-11-17 12:11:09



I  visited the school last week for my son's grade -I admission:-
The fee structure is as follows:-
Tution fee- 22600 * 3
annual fee - 22800
caution deposit 10000 (refundable)
transport - 5000 (refundable)
educational servc fund - 20000
transportation charge - 8700 * 3

Books + uniform extra charge.

The campus is very good.  
Good to hear for me are:-
Each class/section has 22 students as of now (completely A/C),  a swimming pool, a running track.
The administrator confirmed that students  (bags) will not be overloaded with books.
Timings 8 -  3:15
2nd language -  Hindi / French.
Sat and sun - holidays.

Things to ponder are:-
Cambridge syllabus (less academic / books)
Fee structure (nearly 1.7 lacs for grade 1 including books nd every thing)
Distance - 6 kms from bachupally, (if the child misses buses, difficult task for parents to drop)
Child will be somewhat derailed from the traditional Indian educational / examination system ( so I am planning to change school from class V to another CBSE school)

I am planning to get an admission there for my son from grade - I to Grade -IV (as it follows Cambridge pattern).
I will get an admission in vikas from grade V (as it is CBSE and in line with the Indian examination pattern) . Its almost double the amount compared to Vikas. You can contact me on

ITMother 2016-01-28 11:19:57


My kid is studying in Ganges for the past 3 years. We joined her in 1st class and now studying 3rd grade.
I feel the school is good in terms of teaching, sports and infrastructure.
She likes going to school and never really complained.

BUT, they are increasing the tuition fee every year exponentially.
When I joined her in grade I in 2013, the tuition fee was Rs 60,000. Now it is 1,05,000 for new admission.
There is no admission fee but they are including everything in tuition fee.
Last few years they gave 10% discount
on tuition fee if paid in full during start of the year. They removed that option this year.

Lunch and snacks mandatory in school - Rs 28000
And all usual extras like transport, uniforms & books.

So for Grade I -
Tuition Fee - 1,05,000 - Mandatory :-)
Lunch+Snacks - 28,000 - Mandatory
Transport - 20,000 approx - optional
Books & Dresses, shoes - 15000 approx
Caution deposit - 10,000 - refundable.
Extra charges for annual day, sports day and any competitive exams.

Total >= 1,75,000
If you are an IT employee and can afford these fees for 2 kids, I think its a good school :-)
I am thinking of going back to traditional schools like Vignan/Vikas for 6th grade.

Here are the TUITION fee details for EXISTING students for 2016.
For new students, they are charging Rs 10,000 more for every grade.



Fee Amount(per annum)


Pre-Primary I & Pre-Primary II

- 83,400


Juniors (Grade 1,II,III)



Middle (Grade IV,V,VI &VII )



Seniors (Grade VIII, IX & X)


 (1,06,350 + 4,200 Lab fee)


mom987 2016-02-05 12:03:14


Yes i agree , Infrastructure is good ...but no quality education for the fees we are paying. My kid is studying since three years now in grade 2 but she didn't know the basic concepts of maths, poor communication in english... for .Hindi the worst teacher....have very big grounds but of no use they won't allow children to play ....teachers are not at all trained ....and principal won't address parents concerns at all....don't care attitude....all false promises....for 4 subjects they are unable to teach.....worst school i have ever seen in terms of academics.... they won't ask even if my child is absent for a proper sms for home works....lot many concerns.....
parents be aware of GANGES Valley school.......

Hyderabadkid 2016-03-13 09:11:11


Ganges is loosing its edge...They increased the fee by more than 15%. They made sure that term fee is increased by 8% but they increased the transport and food charges which comes to 15% hike. Teachers are very good and helpful but transport incharge is very arrogant. Transport is the biggest issue with the school. You will pay 30k for transport but will not come till you home and prabhakar blatantly asks u to travel till pick up and drop point 4 KM away or change the school. Even if I am paying so much for my kids, I will have to change school because of transport. This is the story of many parents in Ganges. They need to fix transport issue.

ramach 2016-03-21 19:42:05


very true.Ganges is not up to the mark.Hope Mangement will take proper action .Too may holidays.

rvjroses 2016-11-14 13:04:06


Hi All

Any recent reviews on the comparison between Ganges, Silver Oaks and Ambitus? I am looking for Grade-1 admissions next year.

As per the feedback from some known people, Ambitus overall is good but the schedule for school is too hectic for kids i.e. morning 8 am to 3.30 pm and holidays are also very less.

So, I am getting tilted towards Ganges as I look for a school where academics is balanced with activities. I am not in favor of kids spending hours in home work and class work without much sports.

Any suggestions?


agastyaa 2017-01-04 11:49:41


Dear Mr.Mohan,
Can you pls give clarity that are you talking about Ambitus school; or Ganges valley school


rvjroses 2017-01-05 14:49:51


Hi Mohan

Please inform which school Ganges, Silver Oaks and Ambitus are you referring about the rude and improper transport management.

It will be really helpful to know the same.

mohanr 2017-01-05 16:19:02


it is Ganges Valley School what I am talking about here ... as per the feedback I have got Silver Oaks is very good school


pinesh 2017-01-05 16:52:44


Probably mohanr shared his worst experience on Ganges Valley school.  Same message is available on this school by him in other threads/topics of this forum.

I would not recommend as I also have heard similar feedback abt this school.


Nagamani 2017-05-16 16:51:00


Ganges - I too had a similar experience with the transport department of Ganges. Right from the dept head to driver to cleaner, every body is arrogant and I am rethinking if I should look for an alternate school.


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