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mamg 2013-12-05 19:07:17


Hi Mickey and others,

I am in dilemma of which school to select Prerana , BVB, Obul reddy? My daughter goes to first class and my son goes to nursery in 2014. Currently they are studying in TREE HOUSE, Himayatnagar. Its a very good school but has only till UKG. We are planning to move to hitech city. so, I filtered the above schools. I am expecting hte kids should have good attention from teachers in the school. Please let me know which is the best school among the above 3 or please suggest any.


mamg 2013-12-06 12:35:24


Hi All,

Any help would be appreciated..... Please tell if any once has any idea on the schools - PRerana , BVBP, Obul reddy...


kiran4hari 2013-12-06 12:43:18


I dont know about Prerana school. BVB or Obul Reddy, they are almost the same. One thing you should remember is, the admission is not in our hands. So list out out few schools depending on where you live, then apply in all of them. Wait for the result to come and then take a decision. Never go with just one or two schools, you always have to have a back up plan if you are not able to get admission in any of the schools you have short listed. For school reviews, search Parent tree and you will find reviews for all the schools. 

mamg 2013-12-06 13:47:59


Thanks a lot Kiran. !!!!

Please suggest schools which are good near to hitech city. We have planned to move to MMTS in June. so, looking for schools in near this area. Please suggest good schools near this. I am not very interested of international schools. I am really not looking to pay donation in lacs....  PRerana is one of woldrof school. I prefered Sloka. but then its too far... chilukur rd. Prerana is of kind sloka school. But, very quite reviews on this school. Please suggest.



kiran4hari 2013-12-06 13:51:43


MVM Kondapur, JHPS in Jubilee Hills, NASR school (ICSE) Gachibowli.. some I am aware of...


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