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BePositive 2013-12-02 16:22:49


Looking for feedback about ABODE.

Arks 2013-12-28 00:28:32


Hi BePositive (I like your nickname!!),

I moved to Hyderabad about 5 months ago from Singapore along with my husband and a three n half year old son. My son was already going to a very good montessori school in Singapore for more than a year. And i was quite impressed by their teaching methodologies and learning system. My son picked up things very fast there which came as quite a pleasant surprise to me as well.

So, when i came to Hyderabad in July my first intent was to enroll him in one of the "famous" schools arouncd Gachobowli/Jubilee Hills area. However, most of the schools shortlisted by me had already completed their admissions for this year and they declined my request for my son's admission.

The next best thing that came to my mind was to continue with him the same pattern of education. And i found two schools in this area Blue Blocks and ABODE.

While Blue Blocks is the first choice of many parents seeking montessori education for their kids, i had my own reasons for not liking that school too much. Also remember that at all times i was comparing all schools i visited with my son's previous school in Singapore.

We then walked into ABODE planning to spend less than 30 minutes there to get an idea about the place. It was not my first choice coz it was not amongst the "famous" names.

However, there were so many things about the school, the people there, the Chairman that we not only spent more than 4 hours in the school, we also enrolled our son there.

Firstly, we were greeted with a lot of warmth, a feature missing in most of the schools where the goal was to sell and not IMPRESS!!

The Principal/Chairman Mr. Suman is a visionary who is full of enthusiasm and ideas that most of our time was spent exchanging those ideas.

I put forth almost ALL of my reservations/apprehensions/reasons for not choosing his school before him and he addressed all my queries very patiently.

In addition to montessori, they have dance, drama, music and a lot of live projects going on in the school. If they wish to teach the children about grasshoppers, they would give them a live grasshopper (of course taking all the safety measures) to explore first which is a feature quite unique to this place.

They have a decent sized playground which is much bigger than most pre schools i visited.

My child took almost two months to get used to the place. But they were very patient with him. The teachers re-presented everything to him and now he is very comfortable there. He loves going to school. He is not yet four, but he can already read most of the three letter words and is also doing simple additions. He can sing the sargam and he comes home very excitedly telling me about his dance n drama classes.

The fees is at par with other good pre schools. Food and transport are provided (but optional).

Overall, I am quite happy with the kind of exposure my son is getting in ABODE.

But, my advise to you would be to visit the school at least once. You can also find it on Facebook A Belly Full Of Dreams.

Hope my extensively detailed narration was of some help to you.



aju123 2014-01-22 23:22:12


Hi be positive :)

di d u up enrol ur kid in ABODE?

Hi Arks,

can an you please share your feedback about blue blocks. Will be really helpful.


BePositive 2014-01-23 09:38:27


Hi aju123,

I did enroll my kid in ABODE. But it was a real nightmare and we dropped out from there.. My kid cries a lot actually.. He had so much of separation anxiety.. They fail in handling such kind of children.. They started complaining about my kid instead of giving feedback in a positive way.. Their way of conveying about the kids is very poor..They even started telling that my son started to hit the teachers intensionally which I cant and dont agree.. They cant handle children who are crying and not settling down in 2 or 3 days. They looks like flexible for on boarding. But a big NO.. In that case Blue Blocks on boarding is excellent. My child was not given any food or even water.. They want such a young children to feed by themselves which my kid dont do all the time.. He was not taken to the activity room and they often used the word TANTRUMs. Fed up of hearing such words.. Now my son is going to a nearby not so posh school.. It is very good and he settled in just one week without any problem..

BePositive 2014-01-23 09:40:21


Also there is no field trip in ABODE.


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