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aparent101 2013-11-22 12:10:19


Hello all parents

For all the "educationist" claims that Sentia school makes of it's directors, they have embarked on a (black) money making exercise from this year (2014 - 15).

Sentia is now charging Rs. 20,000 as admission fee and this has to be paid in "CASH ONLY" and there will be NO RECIEPT given for this amount.

So I wonder that all this money goes directly into the "black money" account of the directors of this school.

I had personally gone to enquire for admission and was told about this. Also the same is mentioned as last point in their brochure. It just says that one time admission fee will be charged and the details will be given in the office.

I don't mind paying 20K as an admission fee, but the way it is being charged (cash/no receipt) doesn't sound good to me.

srini1246 2013-11-22 12:34:15



I agree with you.

AnuSaradhi 2013-11-22 23:08:08


Not only Sentia... 

Most of the schools follow the same concept. We enquired more than 5 schools and observed the same.... :)

srini1246 2013-11-23 10:07:49



Can you list out the schools you observed.

sreevalli 2013-12-03 14:24:32


Yes , meet o had enquired in sentia, this weekend and they are charging 20k cash without recipt. The basis of education is starting with black money. I too dont have any problem paying 20k admission fee , but with a recipt. 

Vikas concept school, neary by sentia is also charging 40K as admission fees. this is also cash only and no recipt.

summitra 2013-12-20 23:22:03


Silver oaks is giving you a receipt for admission fee...

Joji24 2015-02-03 16:15:36


Hi All Parents I am looking out for admission for class 2 & class 5 can any one give the list of schools fee structure, & good education & play ground. Thank you all

Joji24 2015-02-03 16:22:09


Meridian 1.6 k Manthan 60 k DSE 60 k Hillside 50k No receipt/bill All of them charge fee 70k to 90 k & food mandatary in some transport any way we will opt. Education is making money,

Raajeysh 2015-02-05 13:38:07


Dear Madam, 

every school no matter where in India charge this kind of donation. Earlier they used to give receipts, but some thing in the law now makes them not give a receipt. Claims being what they are, it is business and parents are facilitating it as much as the schools. Not very surprising that individual parents make noise, 10 others sympathize but never have anyone gone to school managements and got them to explain and change the methodology. Yes schools do require money, but there are surely ways to do it legally, but parents often are worried about just their kids and their own happiness. It gets so bad that they dare not even tell the school bus driver anything for fear of offending him, because they are paranoid about what will happen to their kid and opting out means losing that 20k-1.5 lacs and the fact that they will have to reinvest that kind of money back to get in anywhere. This will change only when every parent feels and acts in togetherness and that does not seem happening anytime soon, so just make your choice on affordability and leave the rest to GOD, Vidhya they say is GOD's gift and the education houses are hell bent on proving that too.


Joji24 2016-03-09 11:51:11


can any one advice good schools in kajaguda, kphb which good schools with good academics & sports also pls quote approximate fee for class 6. as i donot want to change again. kindly suggest good schools.  


SriniX 2016-03-09 16:36:16


Old schools looted every penny for long years became very big leaders/Businessmen now and they now get that corrected because it seems very low income for them than big contracts (most of schools online payment /Cheques), but the new ones just started looting. I have no bad experience with FIITJEE (No cash system here, DD/Cheques only) & Narayana Concept & IIT olympiad Kukatpally (accepting CC payments online and offline too). If you dont paying Sentia/any similar in Cash/blackmoney, some one is paying and finally all seats filled up with blackmoney and you wont get the seat anymore and have to start hunting another school. At the end that school will have the same system too.. We cant change them any more by complaining..etc because the political system/leaders is protecting them very much. It is better to go along with people in #India (Lessons Learnt). Few years ago one school charged me 10K+10K for my 2 kids in cash for building fund (to construct new building besides the existing one). I dont know why the  system allows it legally but after bit research somany schools doing the same with much big amount. The next year I came out of the school. Property goes to them, we pay for them to construct building and they do the business in and with that building for years. To my surprise the school come up with idea of collecting building fund in the mid of academic years, at that time you cant get out of it and join I another school. Another lesson Learnt: Always keep a backup school with similar syllabus). In present days anyone/school can close their business/suicide themselves/run with money anytime.

gopal1 2016-06-09 15:29:13


Sentia, Charges for every thing.

Even school uniform also we have to take from their single vendor. Charges are too high with poor quality and maintenance.

they bring the vendor from long distance, So that we can not reach their shop. Instead have to purchase in school counters.



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