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agilag 2013-11-21 11:59:29


Hi, My daughter is 3years old and I'm planning to join her in PP1. I went to many schools and like Phoenix Greens and Open Minds. I need help in finalizing on one of these.

Can someone help me here asap.


agilag 2013-11-21 12:03:03


By Open Minds for PP1, I meant their Play School Globe Toters Gachibowli.

pradeept 2013-12-20 17:16:31


Globe Toters School is very professional and their curiculum is good. Kids love to go to school daily and very well managed. My reccomendation is globe toters.

raju85 2013-12-20 17:38:57


My daughter goes to globetoters since the last 2 years. One of the best playschools in hyderabad. I am extremely happy with the school and would definitely recommend it to any parent considering it.

schoolhunter1 2013-12-21 12:16:04


I cannot speak about Globe Trotters, however, I can vouch for Phoenix Greens for LKG. I do not know how the higher classes are, but for the lower classes, Phoenix Green is definitely good. The teachers are dedicated, they provide constant feedback, the kids are taken well care of by the non- teaching stuff, and the course curriculum also is good. If you need more information, you can drop me an email at

october 2015-11-29 16:01:24


Globe Toters is good. But, Open Minds, is agood for nothing school. The teachers are not trained. The communication skills of the coordinator is bad. The Principal is not comfortable with the CBSE syllabus.In the name of transacting Birla curriculum in class they mess upthe  entire curriculum.
Teachers give ambiguous questions for which they are unable to give answers themselves.Worksheets are not corrected.In the name of computer aided curriculum, the  lessons are shown as PPTs without  any explanation.Answer scripts  of the exams are not shared with the parents ( only shown during PTM, and taken away before parents could even check).
There are only activities, activities and activities.  It is a very confused curriculum. They neither adopt conventional method nor they are aware of the latest methods of transaction.
The management of this  school is aleading construcution company in Hyderabad. Hence the focus has been only on infrastructure.Parents must avoid this school like plague. 


indu2013 2015-11-30 14:44:51



Looking for feedback reg Open Minds.

I had mailed October initially but would love to hear from other Opn Minds parents as well.

Hello October,

I am considering Open Minds but am in two minds after reading your review. :-( I have met the counselor and will be meeting the coordinator shortly. Looks like, I came across your review just in time.

Could you also throw light on few of the points you mentioned..?

1) The Principal is not comfortable with the CBSE syllabus.

What syllabus are they following? This part is still not clear from the conversation we had with the counselor. Every school talks of a blended-approach. While this may turn out great in few instances I also think it provides the school with an excuse of not covering the age appropriate topics.

2) Teachers give ambiguous questions for which they are unable to give answers themselves.Worksheets are not corrected.In the name of computer aided curriculum, the lessons are shown as PPTs without any explanation.Answer scripts of the exams are not shared with the parents (only shown during PTM, and taken away before parents could even check).

In which class, was the child studying?
How do you rate the interaction level with teachers? Are they quick to respond, accommodate (if possible else provide an explanation) to any requests/mails? Aren't the questions based on the syllabus? What percentage of time is utilized for audio-visuals?

3) There are only activities, activities and activities.

Are they only home-based activities? OR activities in class. Is the parent informed in advance of such activities? Does this mean a shopping trip every time a activity is announced?

4) It is a very confused curriculum. They neither adopt conventional method nor they are aware of the latest methods of transaction.

I was not totally satisfied with explanation on syllabus/curriculum but we were directed to meet the coordinator with queries, if any.

It would be really great if you could respond asap. I know I am hurrying you, :-) but please do try.


october 2015-12-17 16:22:17


Dear Ms. Indu
I do not know if  my reply is too late. Still as a parent whose children  are  studying in the school since inception I feel I can answer the queries you have raised.
1. The school follows so called Birla curriculum. If you ask them for the syllabus the parents do not get it . What i find from my experience the syllabus mostly follows CBSE and few chapters from ICSE have been added without any logical sequence.Please make sure you go through every chapter of the curriculum before you admit. will find science lessons do not progress systemically.
3.There are no writing excercises in notebooks.Everything is on paper , in the name of worksheets.These worksheets are not corrected and given. Eventually the students have to face CBSE board for which they need to be prepared.
4.The Present Principal was trainer from Birla edu tech before joining the school.As parents we have attended her sessions about Birla system of education.
5.Teachers brand students as duds openly.
6.Beginning of the academic year many experienced teachers left. The old principal who was fighting tooth and nail against Birla Edu tech was unceremoniously dropped.
7.Students who ask questions are threatned by the life skills teacher who is also the HR person there.
8.During PTM teachers do not come down and discuss with parents. 
9.If the principal is well aware of CBSE curriculum , the teachers cannot refuse to send the answer papers home.CBSE insists that 
the parents need to be taken to confidence and regular meetings with parents are a must where the academic progress of thestudents with their parents .
  • Moreover, formative tests according to CBSE must be of different formats so that students capability need not be tested only on the basis of written tests.The school conducts re-tests after, re-tests which make the students laidback.
  • The school so far has not clearly enunciated its break up of formatives which  is against CBSE rules.
10.The coordiantor never responds to querries, for that matter hardly comes to meet the parents.
11. However, he walks into the principal"s room without knocking when parents are discussing with her.
 12.We often get to know from our children that PPTs are shown even for subjects like geography which are technical in  nature.This is
 not followed by explanation. If students ask questions the teachers ask the students to copy from the PPT without proper explanation.
13. I have  found several ambiguously worded  question in my son's paper.
14.The life skill teacher who hardly takes one class per week assess the student's co-scholastic achievements!!!
15.The way the life skill teacher and the coordinator threatens children is one of the reasons that a few  parents have like us have decided to pull our children out of the school .
If you have already admitted then keep your fingers crossed and be prepared to counter these problems.


SchoolHunter5 2015-12-19 10:12:41


Hi October, 

No offence - but if you are not happy then is there any reason why you are continuing with the school please?

I am on the hunt for a good school for my son in grade1. Schools that I've considered so far are: DPS, CHIREC, NASR.

Could you please suggest any other schools. Thanks in anticipation.



Niti58 2015-12-25 00:14:21


Dear Indu,

No clue if you are still on with the hunt or made your decision. I am actually surprised with the feedback the so called parent - October has given. I am writing to you as a parent, whose child has joined OM last year. We had moved from Mumbai and chose OM, which is the best decision that we have made for sure. 

Will try to answer your questions as what I see:

1. Syllabus: They are very clear that they deal with an integrated curriculum. They do not claim to be a stand alone CBSE School. As a parent, I am happy with how the child is learning and how they pick up the concepts. It is a combination of IB, IGCSE and CBSE. It is more of an inquiry based learning and I see my child pick up stuff and sometimes I am surprised things can be taught so differently. So, if you are looking for the new age learning, this is the place. If you are a typical parent who wants only CBSE and marks oriented, maybe schools like Bhavans or Meridian would be good. 

2. Teachers: There have been a couple of teachers who have moved, but again, there were other teachers who joined. Guess it is an issue any school would face. I have never faced any issue with how the teachers respond or how the counsellor speaks or the coordinator clarifies when needed. In fact, the children are comfortable with most of the teachers and coordinators. 

3. Activities: Yes. They are clear that they do hands on learning from the beginning. Recently happened to see some of their works in the culminations also. Heard that they did not have any of these activities earlier. And activities are at school and its not something that has to be done at home. There are few home activities, which the children can easily do as they are discussed and the outline of what to do and how is already explained. I am actually glad the children are learning with less talking and more of doing where their mind and senses are involved. 

4. Curriculum: They stand up to what they say - its an integrated curriculum. I am closely following it and am glad I made this choice. 

5. Principal: I have interacted with her directly and she seems pretty clear with what she speaks and how things are done. I believe she is the one who designed and headed the curriculum in Birla Edutech before joining here. So, she is hands on with what is taught and how it has to be taught. 

Could give you one input more too: guess there was some disturbance due to the earlier way of functioning, as the earlier Principal was hell bent on making this a CBSE school totally. The focus of Birla is not to make it as just any other CBSE school, but to make the best through experiential learning. Somewhere that is where the Principal had to quit I heard. For Eg: the culmination of every theme has never happened in the school in the last 2yrs. It has happened only now - meaning the essence of the actual learning is happening only from this year. 

So, this kind of explains why the explanation given by 'October' fits in - maybe looking for a normal CBSE school. 

One suggestion would be - as parents if we are clear with what we want for our children, it would save a lot of confusion for us and even for schools! As a parent, I would recommend this school to anyone.  


singhvivek1973 2016-03-27 12:25:03


That makes Niti, which standard is your ward in and also please provide some insights about the activities beyond academics?
My kids would be joining 1st and 2nd standard.
Thank you


Sreepadma 2016-10-16 00:33:20


Thanks Niti58 for detailed explanation


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