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preeti123 2010-02-08 09:59:02


 Hi All,

Does anyone know how is 'Sloka' school? Any review on it will greatly help.






mickey 2010-02-09 14:34:49


Hi Preeti,

It is a good school located in Jubilee Hills. I have heard good about the school.

It was the very first Waldorf School to be started in India.

You can also visit the website  to know more about the school .




preeti123 2010-02-09 17:06:45


Thanks Micky for your prompt reply. I have already checked the website. I am actually looking for feedback from the parents whose kids are already going to this school. 


mickey 2010-02-09 17:41:31


Hi Preeti,

Are u particular about Sloka ? As such I don't know anybody personally whose children study in this school. But i have seen students participating in various activities/events actively , when i have taken my daughter for different competitions.

If you are serious about this school ,the best thing would be to go the school during morning or evening hours when some parents go to drop or pick up their children.You can get a prompt feedback then. It will surely help you.






mickey 2010-02-09 18:12:43


Hi Preeti,

You  can read the blog in parentree

SLOKA School with Waldorf Education System vs OTHER SCHOOLS .

Lot of info has been exchanged . One member ( i think Kala) has joined her kids in Sloka. Her review will be useful to you.





redcow 2010-06-29 21:24:44


by experience Sloka quality is going teachers are not experienced and do not have neccassary teaching background

overall I would say the school would be overrated at this stage until school management does something about it


navin123 2012-03-27 15:55:29


Visited the school on Rd No 82, along with my wife and they would not share the fees till we attend some workshop by Ms. Nirmala. Anyway I called up their main branch and one lady responded that the fees is above 1 lac for playschool. When I enquired the reasons for such fees, the plain answer was that Rs. 75000 is going to be used for construction of a new building in Aziz Nagar!!


subbjo 2016-01-06 12:05:46


We had bad experience with sloka. We are from an other city and moving to hyderabad coming year. One of our friends told about sloka. During admission process we were asked to go to Aziz Nagar campus.

Visited the place. Immediately liked the ambiance there. My son liked it so much. We thought it would be only oral assessment, but he was given written test for about 20-30 minutes. My son is a good student, usually in top 5 students in current school (studying in a reputed international school in cambridge curriculum). But due to holidays from 2 months (diwali & floods), he didnt study and was not prepared for test. He was stressed out by the idea of test and didnt do that good in math and english. Fractions were just introduced to him. The lady who did assessment gave a shock to us. She almost said, he may be having learning disorders etc and gave some phone numbers for remedial classes and assessment.  At least the class teacher had some sense. She said, he just need to practice 30 min daily. We explained that he needs just little practice and today somehow he was stressed out and not at his usual self. She asked to wait and didn't say anything.

My son was soo upset, he started crying and wanted to leave the place. Seeing him like that disturbed us a lot. We went home and waited for call. After few days when we didn't receive the call, we called admin office and they said his file is missing and still may be in the Aziz Nagar campus. We called for two days and same response.

1. How can they assess the child and label him in 30 minutes ? Are we not in a better position to know  about our kid? 
2. There is no proper communication in the school. It is minimum courtesy to at least inform whether they would give admission or not (after we took so much pain in visiting school 2-3 times and writing the test)?
3. Do they really follow what they are projecting ? How is it different from other schools ?

We thought we will not join our son, even if they give free admission. He got admission in other waldrof  school.

One of our friends had same experience. They assessed him 1.5 hours and they said their kid is very intelligent and his intelligence needs to be get down. He is imbalanced etc..etc... He is a normal but active and curious kid. They are also very shocked and upset.

What exactly are they looking in kids? Who is a perfect child according to them? And if he/she is already perfect, what is great about the school ?
The scary part is labeling the kids. Kids are kids....
They seems to be confused about their own methodology and process. 
We do not recommend this school.


Mommy09 2017-11-10 15:24:45


The philosophy would be liked by people who want to give their kids 'go with the rythm' kind of education  where in they would induce the concepts at the right age and right time which in turn would not cause mental or physical stress on the kids.  And sloka seems to be the oldest of it kind but i had not quite liked the attitude of the management with the admission process. They seem to not keep us updated if our kid has been selected or not. When we try to contact them they inform us they would let us know in couple of days and never come back to us not would we be able to reach them. I believe the admission process would need to be more transparent. I am not sure about the senior experience staff but the staff for the pre- primary, at Jubilee Hills,  seem to be inexperienced . Just wanted to share my experience since you would be prepared to follow up with them and not wait for their response in case you are seriously looking at admission in their school.

ajooni 2018-09-09 17:31:05



Can someone please help me with the reviews of Sloka School (Jubilee Hills)? Most of the reviews which are there on this page are dated. How is the school staff and management?



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