Niraj Public School Vs Niraj Kindergaten. Please suggest.

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nitishreddyk 2013-11-17 09:48:47


I want my kid to get into Niraj Public school for nursery in 2014-15 and inquired about it. During my inquiry I got to know that there is another wing that's run by the school management under the name Niraj Kindergarten from where the students after graduating from UKG will go to Niraj Public School from 1st standard onward. They say they have the same curriculum for NPS and NK but the duration of school time is 4 hours in NPS while it's only 3 hours in NK. Just not this but there are variation in fee structure. NPS charges higher than NK. Asmission process is NPS is little difficult while in NK you just go get your seat. I'm utterly confused which one to choose. 

I request parents or any one who has any clarity over this issue to help me choose a better choice for my child. Thank you.


neenad 2016-11-02 19:35:20


Hi Nitish,
Did u join ur kid in NK?



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