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iamaparent 2013-11-13 14:53:17


I have seen dedicated thread for L.KG/ Std-I for academic session 2014-2015 for schools in Hyderabad, but I could not find any such thread for PP-II, though there are few discreet threads running. So, I thought of starting this one, with my observations till now & feel free to add your notes/feedback/suggestions..

My son is currently in L.KG, he will be around 4 yrs 6 months by Apr'2014 & so I am looking for U.KG admission. I stay near Reithibowli/Attapur but I am fine relocating for my son school. So keeping a close eye for schools around Attapur, Banjara Hills, Gachibowli/Kondapur etc.

Following are the schools I have already visited

- DSE Attapur:
A reasonable size play ground, don't know whether people will call it big/small, depends on individual. Have talked to the admin, to the primary school co-ordinator & also talked to the principal. The class rooms are large enough, spacious, enough light, 20-25 students per class. During our visit the 6-8th std students were preparing for their annual day & I was impressed. Not going to the fee details (admission free 50K, tution fee around 40-50k/annum + transportation separate, no food available in the school), but it is not very expensive, does not fall into the top category. Their current batch is in class IX, they will have X from next year onwards. So, no historical data on CBSE results available yet. Overall impressed, I don't know whether it is like love at first sight or not, but both me & my wife have liked it very much..

- Sanskriti School:
Then we visited Sanskriti School in Kondapur. Have read good feedback from parents in this same forum from last year, so visited the school, though not hearing the same name very much this year. A little inside from the main road, but very calm, open space, the field is larger than DSE-Attapur. They have a HR, who showed us a presentation followed by Q&A. Fee wise little more expensive than DSE, I guess. Class rooms are large, spacious, but can't explain logically but felt DSE had more discipline, rooms were neatly maintained, even the teachers were also impressive in DSE. DSE admin mentioned & also mickey mentioned to me that many teachers in DSE are from Meridian

- Nasr Boys, Gachibowli:
Admission starts from Std. I, the school premise is awesome, fee structure is much reasonable (I think their tuition fee is around 50K )compared to the campus they had, could not visit the rooms/labs as I think that is not possible with old/renowned schools. But I have a concern about the b/g of the students that go there, don't know whether they have a mix culture in terms of students from all religious b/g, all financial b/g. Can someone please share some feedback. I will at least try next year for Std I

- Kalpa School, Banjara Hills:
Admission forms distribution will start from Dec'2nd week, and the admission procedure is around Jan end. Liked the building, don't have play ground, but have reasonable size concrete area where saw children playing. Could not visit the rooms. One incident worth noting, while we were entering the school, children were playing & one cricket ball went outside the campus. One boy went outside the campus ignoring the warning from security. Immediately within 5 mins,  that boy along with the teacher was brought to principal, was given punishment. I liked this kind of environment, reminds me of old days, where you have freedom but within the rules & regulations. I was instantaneously impressed. Will go there in Dec.

- DSE Banjara Hills:
It only started from last year. Big campus, again concrete play area. Visited the rooms, labs. Not bad, but somehow found DSE Attapur better. One important thing to note, the PP co-ordinator explained us everything, they don't give the books/bags during weekdays. only the work-sheet in the weekends for homework & she explicitly mentioned this method is useful as both parents are working nowadays. Personally I would prefer to be aware of what my son is doing day-to-day in the school, not to pressurise him but just to ensure that we are on top of things. And I was not comfortable with this concept. And if I remember correctly, I asked her explicitly if she takes the class by herself. She said yes & later I found she is kind of co-ordinator, someone else is taking PP-II class. I did not like this & also did not like the fact that which ever room we were going, she was going before us & kind of trying to showcase, e.g. when she heard in 1st floor that we wanted to visit music class, she kind of ran away & as we reached music class, though there was no student in the class, she already had started playing one song & showing us that they are doing this. It is not fair & too early to judge, but instinctively I am feeling DSE-Attapur was more natural, more transparent e.g. the PP co-ordinator clearly said there are separate class teachers & she is just coordinator.

iamaparent 2013-11-13 15:17:25


Here are some more observations

- BVB(both Jubilee Hills & Atmakuri):
Called them, but they said no fresh admission for PP-II. It seems they take fresh admission for L.KG or Std-I. I have been asked to contact them after March, in case they have any vacancy. But that would be too late, I guess. I have to get my son admitted before that, otherwise there will no vacancy by that time if I wait till that far.

One of my ex-manager's daughter is studying in Atmakuri & I was talking to him yesterday. He is satisfied, it's not very good, not very bad as well. More of a traditional method of teaching, not very frequent PTM, fee is reasonable & not like very much pressure on studies like I have heard for some other school (Vikas/Chaitanya). My take is if anyone is very specific about all extra curricular activities & wants the best of everything, this may not be the right choice. Otherwise, for a reasonable good education in reasonable cost, this is a good choice.

- Scholar International School, Manikonda:
I saw their buses in my locality, so visited them. Overall did not like much, though they have a big building, reasonable size play ground, swimming pool, 25 students per class. Found the rooms to be dark, not very well maintained, felt kind of lack of discipline thought it is a more of a gut feeling based on observations & I might be wrong as well. Distance wise very far from my house, this is no more being considered.

- Meridian, Banjara Hills:
As soon as we met the admin co-ordinator, the first thing she did was giving the fee structure, when we were enquiring about food after seeing they have mess facility, without even listening to us, she was more focussed to ensure that we understand mess is mandatory. So, it was more of a commercial joint, attitude was "we are so & so, fees are high, please understand the cost before you proceed". And if I extrapolate that, tomorrow if I have any concern for my son, I don't think there will be anyone listening, It is more of a "take it or leave it"

The worst part was we also visited the section, where primary till Std-2 classes are. Each class have 5 section!!, the class rooms are at the back side of the building, dark, have a damp feeling, I was feeling like to get out of it ASAP. The typical impressive pic that everyone sees of Meridian, classed from Std-3 & above are conducted there, the locations for the primary sections are not at all good. Out of question..

- Chinmaya, Begumpet:
Had called them but it seems no admission for PP-II. Also one drawback is they don't have transportation. Was also reading some negative feedback in mouthshut about the same school, where the overall impression was it was a very good school in the past, but might have lost its sheen of late..

kiran4hari 2013-11-13 16:38:55


Thanks for the details related to each school. Do you have DPS/Phoenix Greens in your list. My daughter will turn end of Feb Next year and she is currently in LKG in OI Play school. These schools have age criteria 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 for LKG and 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 for UKG. So we are confusion whether to join her in LKG or UKG. For BVB, Chinmaya,MVM, Obul Reddy, JHPS, she is not eligible for LKG and these schools will have very limited seats for UKG. They would only know UKG seats availability end of March or April, by that time it would be too late to try other schools. 

amitsandhu 2013-11-13 16:45:42



I met with TIME school mangement from Jubilee Hills branch. They are having very big campus (4 acre, school premise is built on 1 acre) coming-up at Bandlaguda which is 8.5 kms from Attapur pillar # 143. They are having almost all the activity grounds & fees is very economical jus 50k for std1 + transportation. I am looking admission in 1std for my Daughter. If we check the same activities are provided at Glendale & fees is almost 2 lakh. So i am just thinking between DSE & TIME

iamaparent 2013-11-13 17:09:44


@amitsandhu, I will call you tonight to discuss more on this. I think I am almost on the same boat as you are. Need to have some feedback on TIME school which I am unable to find, neither in this forum nor in the web, too :(

PhoenixGreen is not in my list. Initially DPS was not, then I was kind of considering DPS but after reading some feedback on this forum & the overall impression that I have, I would not go for DPS. Coming to the problem you are facing, same is here, too. I was fine putting my son again in LKG to any of these good school, but don't know why they limit the band itself that 3.5-4.5 only for L.KG. I thought there is only a minimum age limit restriction, no idea whether they are doing the right practice.

And yes, waiting till March(even waiting till Jan-end for Kalpa sounding risky to me, I picked DSE Attapur form last week, and today only they are calling to pressurize me ). I am almost feeling like at least one school's admission fee I have to let go, i.e. get admission now to one school & try again in March for the other good school :(

kiran4hari 2013-11-13 17:51:15


You are right, need to take admission in one school and wait till march/april to try our luck in schools that we liked most. 

amitsandhu 2013-11-13 18:51:57



What you said is absolutely right for DSE Attapur. I also bought admission form and they said the admission will close on first come first pay basis. Now they call and scaring me that admissions are filling fast I have to decide at the earliest... I am just wating for other schools to start selling their admission forms but coming into dilemma... That's why stick with DSE(Attapur) & TIME (Being a new school, having no reviews on the web).

rupa21 2013-11-25 14:48:37


@ amit
We are also looking for good school near attapur for our kid getting into 1st std.We have also visited DSE, TIME jublihills branch. We are also interested in TIME, but i am little bit hessitated that it is a new school and we did not get any reviews. Please share if you get any info on these schools. How about lotus national lotus school. Did you find any reviews. Please share info if you find any other best school near attapur.

amitsandhu 2013-11-25 17:10:35


Hi Rupa,

I have visited all the three schools that you mentioned above. Lotus National school is having good infrastructure @ very economical price but quality of education is not upto the mark.

Coming to DSE, it is just two yrs old school at improving stage. I have visited them today for written test of my Daughter, she did will in her written test. After examination they informed me dat both Parents should meet the Principal in-person. So I will meet the Principal on Saturday hopefully.

And regarding TIME school I got reviews of der Vikrampuri branch (Started in 2010) as one my colleague's child studies der. According to him dat school is at-par with various other good schools in and around. So Time is three years old in schooling.

rupa21 2013-11-26 11:12:22


Thanks for the info. So are you planning for DSE or TIME? If possible, Could you please share your colleague contact number.

iamaparent 2013-12-02 16:49:18


Some more update from my side...

TIME- I visited their Bandlaguda campuss, it is almost 10-12km from NanalNagar. Only the piller/ground work has started, not sure how they are claiming that it would be finished by June next year. They are also claiming that they would finish the ground floor where the school will begin & then they will continue construction for upper floors in night time etc. But we all know in reality that in such circumstances, there will be dust, noise & not sure how they would get good teachers so soon. I even asked for their layout plan where I wanted to see their proposed layout for building, pool, sports area etc. They said they would mail me in 2 days, but more than 1 week gone, no response. This year, I will probably give this a miss..

Hillside Academy - I visited their campuss last week, likes the ambience. Talked to admin & vice-principal, did not find anything very impressive nor anything utterly disliking, too. But seeing very good reviews about this school in this forum. Have requested some of the existing parents to share their feedback how thei kids are growing up in this school..

DSE Attapur: Took my son for written test last Sat, all went well, met the principal too. Only have time till 7th Dec to decide, still undecided..

@AmitSandhu, have you decided anything yet?

QueenRadha 2013-12-07 11:58:31


Hi all,
My daughter is attending Sanskriti and am very happy with the School (Near Kondapur Hi-tech city). They offer limited class strength (20-25 max per class) to provide individual attention to each and every student. They offer many activities like Karate, Skating, Chess, Arts and crafts, Dance and Music etc.. as a Part of the Regular Curriculum. School website sanskritieducation[dot]com.


iamaparent 2013-12-07 21:12:52


Hi QueenRadha,

Could you please provide some details like what kind of improvement you have seen in your daughter over period of time? which class she is studying? And are you planning to continue with that school till std X or planning to change in future?

PriyaKasina 2013-12-08 14:59:19


Hi Kiran,

How's OI playshcool?? in which area your kid is going?? what is the fee structure,, pls share me as we are planning to join my son in PP!..

kiran4hari 2013-12-09 11:17:30


We are in Kukatpally, my daughter goes to OI Play school in Vivekananda Nagar. We are very happy with the school. Teachers are good, they maintain the campus very clean, take kids to out door activities (visited old age home, railway station, church etc.,). We went through all the schools in that area and finally joined in OI. 

vikramvaishnavs 2013-12-16 14:39:37


Hey what happened did you took admission in DSE or some other school? I went to TIME still that building is under construction not sure how they ll be startting that school from next year onwards


QueenRadha 2013-12-24 17:44:53



Sorry for my delayed response.

My daughter is studying in PP-II and loves to go school, especially the field trips. I think no other school takes the children to trips more than Sanskriti. More importantly for me that she is learning many behavioural skills like eating manners, extra curricular activities etc.

Yeah I would like to continue with the school. They do not offer classes for Std X at the moment but may add in the near future.

sanjeetmaharana 2015-02-24 06:07:16


Hi Radha,
Could you please let me know the exact school address of Sanskrit... You can send mail to me on
Can we discuss.....


jill1109 2015-07-06 13:24:25


Hi iamaparent
Which school did you select for your child? Please share your feedback. I have a 5 year old daughter. I am planning to put her in Std. 1 next year.



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